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80th Birthday Cake Ideas

80th birthday cake ideas will put the WOW factor in your birthday celebration with the best cake ever! All eyes are on the cake as the Honoree blows out the candles and the guests sing Happy Birthday. Your 80th birthday cake must be as exciting and unique as the occasion, so take some extra time to plan.

80th Birthday Cake

Personalize the cake to your Honoree!
Your job as the host is to be sure this special cake is a reflection of the guest of honor. Consider putting the Honoree's picture on top of the cake, a favorite flower, hobby or cake topper should put the biggest smile on everyone's face. To further ensure the success of the cake, use a great color combination that extends the color scheme of the party to the cake.

Customize the taste of the cake!
Customize the taste of the cake! The first choice would be the favorite cake of the birthday Honoree. For instance, if the Honoree loves chocolate cake, then order or prepare a chocolate lover's dream cake.

Cupcakes are the new big deal!
Cupcakes are the new BIG deal! Make several different flavors of cupcakes so everyone gets their favorite as well. 80 cupcakes grouped together looks very impressive and is an easy alternative if you would like to make your own. Be creative! Try different kinds of cupcakes and use various colors complimentary to your party theme.

Pull out all the stops!
Make 8 different cakes and display as a group to impress your guests. Have the great cooks in the family make their signature cake or order cakes of different flavors and colors to steal the show.

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Perfect Cake Recipe

Combine unselfishness, patience, wisdom and humor. Stir in great 80th birthday party ideas. Add forgiveness and good nature for flavor. Sprinkle with memories and smiles. Bake with love. Serve often with complete faith in God. Success guaranteed. . .

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