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Christmas Favor Wedding

Think Christmas favor wedding.
Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. Christmas is one of the most joyful times of the year.
Now think about both wedding and Christmas, and you have the unique opportunity to make all your Christmas wedding ideas a reality. Wedding bliss and Christmas excitement together provides endless ideas for wedding favors.

Favor your guests with a keepsake that embodies both wedding and Christmas, and does not break the bank. Set a budget first and then begin your search. Buying in bulk and the close out specials available on line will keep your favors cost effective and memorable.

The 12 Favors of Christmas

1. Chocolate Candy. A partridge in a pear tree could logistically become a problem.

2. Silver Bells. Two turtle doves could become a cleanup nightmare.

3. CD Favor Wedding. Three French hens, where would you find those?

4. Wine Bottle Stoppers. Four calling birds could drown out the band. .

5. Candy. Five golden rings could get expensive.

6. Favor Ornament Wedding. Six geese a-laying could traumatize the guests.

7. Christmas Cookies. Seven swans a-swimming would be out of season.

8. Christmas Candles. Eight maids a-milking. If you can find eight women who would milk a cow, go for it.

9. Lip Balm. Nine ladies dancing would be a very small wedding.

10. Snow Globes. Ten lords a-leaping sounds like aerobics.

11. Bookmarks. Eleven pipers piping would be too noisy.

12. Charity Wedding Favors. Twelve drummers drumming might be nice.

In the spirit of giving, make a donation to benefit your favorite charity. With a placecard at each table setting, let everyone know of the donation you have made in their honor.

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