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50th Birthday Party Theme

A FABULOUS 50th birthday party theme is an excellent opportunity to bring on the color!

Bring on the decorations and party supplies! Select the Fabulous 50 mix and match tableware. Wrap silverware in napkins and tie with colorful ribbons.

Bring on the flowers! Use seasonal flowers from the nursery, such as gerber daisies, petunias or begonias. Use the same vases in various colors and plant for an inexpensive centerpiece. When the party is over, present the 50th birthday flowers to the Honoree.

For a special touch to the Guest of Honor's chair, drape a few yards of fabric over the chair. Tie with colorful ribbon that echoes this colorful birthday theme.

Bring on the beverages! Purchase colorful plastic tubs and ice down canned beverages.

Set up a table or serving cart featuring a beverage dispenser. Guests can easily serve themselves. In the south, we enjoy iced sweet tea or lemonade with lemon slices. But, any beverage will do. Have cups of ice available. Remember to keep the beverages and color flowing.

Bring on the menu! Present the menu in a colorful, unique fashion. Use sand pails, flower pots or ice buckets as serving pieces. Remember presentation over preparation.

Set up a buffet! Start the buffet line with tableware followed by salad, main course and sides.

Bring on the dessert! Bring on the 50th birthday fun with an ice cream sundae station with sprinkles, nuts, fruits, chocolate syrup and whipped cream makes a colorful and tasty dessert.

Display fifty cupcakes on a tiered stand. Add garland around bottom of stand for a festive look.

Bring on the gifts! The gift table is an excellent opportunity to bring on the color with a bouquet of fifty balloons. This leaves plenty of space to place the presents under the balloons.

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