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Making Your Own Wedding Favors

Making your own wedding favors is a good way to get your friends and family involved and a great excuse for a party. Invite all your bridesmaids and family to your home. Try not to leave anyone out, because the more the merrier. Plan a meal or have finger foods for your guests to enjoy. Feed them, and then put them all to work! Plan a great day of eating, socializing, and getting your wedding favors finished for the big day. Your loved ones will be happy to help and this party can be a fun way to complete hundreds of wedding favors in a short amount of time.

Bridesmaids Favors

Favor Wedding Invite

If purchasing your wedding favors, your guests can help you with all the gift wrapping. Make sure you have your wedding favor ribbons, bags or boxes, and gift tags. Your guests may have some great homemade wedding favor ideas, special wedding favor phrases, or other suggestions to create a unique favor package. Form an assembly line to get the favors wrapped as quickly as possible.


If you are making your own wedding favors, make sure you have all your wedding favor supplies. Favor handmade wedding gifts will take more time so this party can give you helping hands to create special, unique favors. Your guests can help you bake cookies, make soaps, chocolates, or candles. This wedding favor party will take some stress off the bride and become a fun, special memory for all involved.

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