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Kindergarten Halloween Crafts

Kindergarten Halloween crafts require no magic. The secret ingredients are props, patience, and planning. The right games and activities will liven up your party and ensure a fun time for all. Kids have no expectations, so here is your chance to create magical memories as hair raising or as good natured as you wish.

Kindergarten Halloween Door
Photo courtsey of Pinterest

I want my mummy.
The most successful kindergarten Halloween activities involve action. Nothing could be more fun than a bunch of five year olds wrapping a classmate in toilet tissue.

Divide the class into groups and give each group rolls of toilet tissue. Designate one student to be the mummy. At the signal, the groups begin to wrap toilet paper around the designated student. The first group to complete their mummy wins.

Kindergarten Halloween Mummy
Photo courtesy of Google

Say cheese.
Fill the room with laughter using kindergarten Halloween crafts that involve everyone. A picture is worth a thousand words, so capture the moment with photos. Photograph each student in their Halloween costume.

If costumes are not allowed, take a picture of each student making a scary face. Maybe have their hair standing on ends by rubbing a balloon on top of their hair. These photos can be displayed on a bulletin board and later sent home for parents to enjoy.

Kindergarten Halloween Pictures
Photo courtesy of Ms. Liebel's Classroom

Body Parts.
This spine tingling activity has been used at kids Halloween parties for years. Yucky!

Guess the internal organs. Prepare bowls of eyeballs (peeled grapes), brains (cooked spaghetti noodles), blood (ketchup) and so on. Blindfold students and place their hand in each bowl informing them of each internal organ.

Photo courtesy of B Is For Becky

Kid tested and teacher approved. Mommy Guru gives step-by-step instructions as to how to make these egg carton pumpkins.

Kindergarten Halloween Pumpkin Egg Carton
Photo courtesy of Mommy Guru

Bag of fun.
We love this crafting idea using bags. Think outside the bag using different sizes and fillers to fit any purpose.

Kindergarten Halloween Bag
Photo courtesy of Cathie Filian

One Stop Party Ideas Tip

Kindergarten Halloween party ideas always include the classroom favorite, cupcakes. Turn this food treat into an activity by allowing the children to decorate their own. Provide sprinkles, gummy candy, miniature pumpkin candy or gel icing.

Photo courtesy of The Bump

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