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Lingerie Wedding Shower

A lingerie wedding shower is a great theme to build your party around. The purpose of this shower is to provide the bride-to-be with nightwear to spice up the honeymoon. That concept opens the door for a bridal lingerie shower to be remembered. Go wild with a lingerie shower idea that enhances the decorations, food, or gifts. Lingerie bridal showers are probably the most fun showers of all. Sometimes this celebration is saved for the bride and her closest friends held closer to the wedding day. So, combine your best lingerie bridal shower idea with good natured fun to throw the most relaxing, fun time for all.

Lingerie Wedding Shower

Planning a lingerie bridal shower is much like planning any other shower. Set a date, time, and location of your party. Most lingerie showers take place at the home of the hostess. Next, get the word out. Once you have received a guest list, the invitations should be ordered to allow ample time to receive and mail them in a timely manner.

Lingerie Bridal Shower Idea

Good food is the key for most successful parties. The party menu depends mainly on the time of day your celebration occurs. A lingerie wedding shower is usually held in the evening. With this in mind, you may want to consider serving a dinner or a variety of appetizers. With the casual atmosphere of a lingerie shower, appetizers are probably the all-time favorite menu. Bridal Lingerie Shower

A dessert will also be needed for either choice you make. The dessert is a perfect opportunity to incorporate your lingerie theme. Lingerie-shaped cookies or decorated cakes can be served to top off a wonderful evening. Make your own cookies by turning a heart shaped cookie cutter upside down. Decorate to look like bras or panties for an amazing treat. Another dessert idea is to bake your own cupcakes and serve them in decorative wrappers. These cupcake wrappers give the professional look without the professional cost. Placing your cupcakes on a stand or tower will not only enhance their beauty but also double as a centerpiece for your table.

Lingerie Shower Ideas

Your shower decorations can be as simple as you desire. Simple decorations such as fresh-picked flowers, candles, and colorful balloons create a festive party atmosphere. Include feathered boas, satin ribbons, and lace in your decorations to tie in the lingerie theme. Lingerie Shower Ideas

Have fun with your lingerie wedding shower party favors. End your shower by presenting each attendee with a keepsake that will show your appreciation for sharing in this special time. Appropriate favors for a lingerie shower could include items such as sachets, lip gloss, cosmetic mirrors, manicure sets, or candies. These useful tokens can be easily placed in cellophane bags or any other interesting packages. Lingerie Shower Ideas

One Stop Party Ideas Tip

With all the shower planning, remember to purchase your own gift for the bride-to-be. If the party is being hosted by more than one hostess, consider a more expensive item from all of you. If you are on your own, present the bride with stamped thank you notes. Have the guests write their addresses on the notes while at the shower. What an appreciated gift and a time saver for your bride-to-be.

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