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Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding Favors Welcome

Something old, something new! Wedding favors have never before been so creative. While tradition is still a huge part of a wedding, the most popular choices today reflect the uniqueness of the bridal couple and stay within the budget. To keep favorite favors cost effective, make choices that serve more than one purpose. For example, the wildly popular wedding candy buffets serve as guest favors and make an impressive decoration.

Here you will find unforgettable wedding favor ideas that are perfect choices for your big day. . .

Wedding Candy Favors
The thought of using candy as a wedding favor is not a new one. For centuries, couples have given sweets and chocolate to symbolize their union and to celebrate this joyous occasion. .

Wedding Cookie Favors
Be one smart cookie! Give your guests wedding cookie favors on your special day. A huge concern for today's bride is choosing a favor that will be used and enjoyed. So why not choose a personalized, scrumptious, dazzling cookie! What is a wedding without cookies. . .

Cheap Wedding Favor Ideas
These days weddings can be so expensive, but we know the majority of brides are on a budget so we have found some inexpensive, cheap wholesale wedding favors that your guests will love. The cost might be small, but we assure you the quality is not. .

DIY Wedding Favors
Brides, are you looking for a great wedding favor without breaking the bank? Well, we may have your answer! Show your sincere thankfulness and appreciation for each guest by hand making a unique wedding favor. . .

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