50th Birthday Party Games

50th birthday party games are a great time filler and a great way to ease the stress of age.  There is still great enthusiasm for indulging in birthday games that most of us remember fondly from our childhood.  Staging your own activities allows the Honoree and age to be the center of attention, while the guests relax, unwind, and have a good time.  Judging the greatness of 50th birthday games is often determined by the size of the laughs or the memories recalled.  We hope you celebrate the big 5-0 with fun and games that get even better with age.

The key to 50th birthday party games is not how much you spend, but that you approach it creatively and thoughtfully, with the Honoree in the center of it.  The main game components can remain the same, but the 50th birthday elements should clearly be the focus.  

Just for fun, here are 50th birthday party
games to keep the big kids entertained.

Guess my age.
There is a whole host of fun to be had with old photographs.  Display photos of the Honoree at different times of life.  Guests must guess the age of Honoree for each photo.

50th Birthday Party Games Guess My Age

Photo courtesy of Meghan Elizabeth Photography

Pin the glasses on the Honoree.
Have a picture of your Honoree made into a poster.  Purchase a sheet of poster paper and cut out a pair of bifocal eyeglasses.  Play pin the glasses on your guest of honor.

Python printable games.
Choose your favorite 50th birthday party games, download, and print.  Feel free to get everyone participating and laughing out loud.

50th Birthday Party Games Pack

My how times have changed.
Fifty things that have changed since the Honoree was born.  Allow guests to make a list that includes everything from the price of bread to hair styles through the years.  It's a great way to see how far we have come, both good and improved.

How well do you know the Honoree?
Before your guests arrive, have your Honoree answer a list of questions about themselves.  Hand out those same questions to your guests.  After the questions are all answered, call out each question to see who knows the most about the Honoree.  The person with the most matches to the Honoreee's answers wins.

50th Birthday Party Games Idea