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Bridal Shower Party Ideas

Bridal shower ideas are to have and
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Bridal Shower Party Ideas

From this beautiful tale comes the bridal shower as we know it today. Once upon a time . . .

Legend has it that once long ago in Holland, a young Dutch girl fell in love with a poor miller. Her rich father opposed the marriage and threatened to withhold her dowry if his daughter went through with the wedding. So much in love, the couple married anyway, but her lack of dowry left them practically penniless. The townspeople took pity on the miller and his young bride, and showered them with gifts for the couple's household. The girl's father was so ashamed when he saw the kindness and generosity shown that his heart melted. He bought a house for them and threw a feast so that everyone could celebrate. Everyone lived happily ever after. . .

Bridal Shower Cakes
Bridal shower cakes or cupcakes are sugar and spice and everything nice! Often times the cake becomes the focus, so allow this sweet confection to pull the shower together. Whether you do it yourself or opt for the bakery, take the cake with a unique design . . .

Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas
Bridal shower decoration ideas will set the tone of the shower and make the bride feel special. After all, this is one of the most special times in a girl's life. Choose bridal shower decor that will be sure to make a blissful party statement. . .

Bridal Shower Etiquette
Bridal shower etiquette educates you on the dos and don'ts of your upcoming event! Although these bridal shower guidelines are a blueprint, times have changed and rules are sometimes broken or at least bent. . .

Bridal Shower Games To Play
Bridal shower games to play can be very unique, exciting, and geared towards your Honoree. These activities are a fun way for all of your guests to become better acquainted and enjoy time together. Your game decisions should be based on your shower theme, your own personal preferences, your guests, and the formality of your party. So, let the games begin. . .

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas
Bridal shower gift ideas for making your gift spectacular are provided here. The highlight of the shower is opening all those beautifully wrapped presents, so make yours the best bridal shower gift ever. Selecting a gift should be a pleasure, so have fun with it. The best bridal shower gifts will shower your bride with love, support, and thoughtfulness. . .

Bridal Shower Invitation
A bridal shower invitation can be as unique as the party to come! The wide variety of invitations currently available can insure you the opportunity to kick off your celebration in style. Whether you choose custom printed, do-it-yourself, or blank invitations, you are sure to find one that reflects the style and theme of your bridal shower. . .

Bridal Shower Punch
Bridal shower punch has become a popular tradition at wedding celebrations. It is quick, easy and delicious. Shower punch can be prepared ahead in quantity making it a favorite for hostesses. Guests also can easily serve themselves which is an additional advantage. When it comes to bridal shower menus, punch is a mainstay. . .

Wedding Shower Themes
Wedding shower themes offer fun ways to personalize your celebration! Themed showers determine the kinds of presents the guests will give, so choose an event that fits the bride and her needs. Tie it all together with invitations, decorations, gifts, and favor ideas that enhance the theme. . .

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