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Bridal Shower Cake Ideas

Bridal shower cake ideas are sugar
and spice and everything nice!

Bridal Shower Cake Ideas

Bridal shower cake designs should always complement the bride's chosen theme or personality. Often times the cake becomes the focus, so allow these wedding shower cake ideas to tie the rest of the shower together. Whether you do it yourself or opt for the bakery, try your best to make it as reflective of the bride and her big day as possible.

Probably the most popular choice today is the stacked gifts cake. If you are expecting a large crowd, simply increase the number of gifts. For a smaller group, one small package or two small cake packages would be the right amount.

Bridal Shower Cake Designs Bridal Shower Cake Idea Bridal Shower Presents

Bring on the ahs with two cakes! Using a heart shaped cake pan, decorate one cake like a bride and one like a groom. Serving side by side makes a cute couple.

Bridal Shower Party

A doll cake decorated to look like a bride is a tried and true classic. For a big impression and more cake for a crowd, include doll cakes of the bridesmaids.

Bridal Shower Cake Decorating Ideas Wedding Shower Cake Ideas Bridal Shower Bridal Party

A wedding shower umbrella cake is always a safe choice. This traditional symbol for bridal showers can be modernized with fondant, color, and personalized to enhance the theme of the party.

Wedding Shower Umbrella

For the avid sport enthusiasts, consider a cake honoring a favorite team or college. But if the bride is crazy about playing golf, by all means a golf themed cake would be appropriate. Bring the love of the game to the cake!

Bridal Shower Golf Bridal Shower Racing Cake Bridal Shower Tennis

A book cake decorated to look like a wedding album would be an interesting choice. Get a second look with a favorite photograph or the wedding invitation added as decorations.

Bridal Shower Book Cake

If you know of a favorite flower of the bride, bring it to the cake. With the bride's permission, consider a sugar replica of the flowers to be used in the wedding atop the shower cake.

Bridal Shower Flower Cake Bridal Shower Flower Purple Bridal Shower Flower Yellow

Depending upon the time of the year, savor the season! You may wish to pick a cake true to the season of year. Fall, winter, spring, and summer all offer unique opportunities for special sweet treats.

Bridal Shower Cake Fall Bridal Shower Cake Winter

Destination weddings make choosing the shower cake easy. For instance for a beach wedding, choose a cake that incorporates the sand, ocean, and possibly flip flops.

Amazing Bridal Shower Cakes

Sheet cakes have certainly stood the test of time. Creative and easy to serve, your cake will be the center of attention. For larger gatherings, simply add a layer of cake.

Cakes For Bridal Shower Bridal Shower Cake Decorations Bridal Cake Shower

One Stop Party Ideas Tip

Keep it simple! Do it yourself bridal shower cake decorating ideas should stay within your comfort zone. A simple sheet cake, iced with a favorite frosting, and topped with chocolate dipped strawberries is an easy, elegant addition to any party.

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