Bridal Shower Ideas

The bridal shower ideas featured here are stylish and simple, designed to celebrate this joyous event in a way that is perfect for you.  Whether following tradition or embracing new trends, the main purpose of a bridal shower is to shower the couple with gifts.  The bridal showers of today achieve just that in an entertaining and fun way.  We hope you find the bridal shower ideas here inspiration for hosting an unforgettable celebration.  

It's important to remember that throwing a bridal shower is a labor of love and supposed to be fun, so plan early.  So where do you start?  Discuss the shower with the bride or couple, and choose a theme that best fits their specific needs or desires.  Although a theme is not necessary, it's easier to plan a shower within the structure of a theme.  

Celebrate Bridal Shower Party Ideas

Bridal shower ideas to help show off your bride and entertaining skills in the very best light.

Bridal shower decorations set the scene of a party like nothing else can.  A collection of simple decorations plus a few stand out elements can provide a basis for almost any bridal shower--no matter how casual or formal.  Here you will find a multitude of imaginative bridal shower decoration ideas that are easy to recreate or serve as inspiration in trying something new.

Rustic burlap decorations for a Bridal Shower.

Bridal shower favors are small gifts given to guests at a bridal shower as a token of appreciation for their attendance and support. These gifts are typically personalized and carefully chosen to reflect the theme or style of the bridal shower. They serve as a lasting reminder of the special occasion and are a thoughtful way to thank guests for celebrating with the bride-to-be. Bridal shower favors can range from practical items like candles or mini succulents to edible options like personalized chocolates or cookies. No matter the choice, these favors are a delightful way to show gratitude to loved ones for their presence on such a joyous occasion.

Bridal Shower Coffee Favors:  Great things start over a cup of coffee.

Today, bridal shower ideas have become far more relaxed, tailored to fit the style and personalities of the happy couple. While times have certainly changed, there are some traditions that are expected and still perfectly fit the way we entertain now.  We have assembled some FAQs and answers that will give you the confidence you need to know which rules can be slightly bent and those that are important to the Bride and the occasion.

Bridal Shower table of flowers, photos, and snacks.

Choosing appropriate, enjoyable entertainment is key to a successful celebration.  When selecting games, factor in the theme, who and how many will attend, the venue, and the length of the shower. Awarding prizes adds to the excitement and the competitive spirit.  Make choices that extend the theme and the look of the party.  Browse our simple bridal shower game ideas to quickly find the right entertainment for your upcoming bridal shower.

Kissing Booth:  Bridal Shower Guess How Many Kisses Game.

Showering the bride or couple with gifts to help them start their life together has been a tradition for many years.  Often times, the highlight of the bridal shower is the opening of the gifts.  Beautifully wrapped gifts should be celebrated with a gift table or special area for guests to place them as they arrive. 

Bridal Shower Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue Gifts.

You're invited!  Browse through our bridal shower invitation ideas to find the one that reflects the style and theme of your celebration.  Bridal shower invitations can range from formal and elegant to fun and playful. Whether you are hosting a traditional bridal shower or a modern and unique celebration, the invitation sets the stage for a memorable and special occasion celebrating the bride-to-be.

Beautifully decorated Bridal Shower tables with hanging umbrellas overhead.

Punch has long been associated as a beverage of choice at bridal showers.  It can easily be customized by color or fruits of the season to become part of the party decor.  Whether your bridal shower ideas call for a vintage punch bowl or decorative beverage dispenser, guests will appreciate the ease of serving themselves.  And when the drinking vessel is rather deliciously designed, guests will drink it all in.  Of course, the bridal shower punch deserves the best possible presentation, and you will find it here.

Bridal Shower punch presentation with beverage dispenser and bottles.

Give them cake.
Bridal shower cakes are the perfect chance for you to get as creative as you like.  Whether influenced by a theme, experience, favorite color or fascinating people, cake designs can be customized to perfection.

Give them choices.
Today, there is a vast array of choices for sweets to offer at a bridal shower.  Consider delicately decorated cake pops, cupcakes in lacy cupcake wrappers, or a variety of cakes served from heirloom cake plates.

Give them a show.
How you present the cake is up to you, but the more creative you are, the more impact the presentation will have on your bridal shower ideas.  

Bridal Shower chevron cake display on a table.

Choosing a theme or direction for your bridal shower is one of easiest ways to start planning.  It encourages you to focus on a look or style that can assist you in making other selections.  The pictures in this section show off bridal shower ideas that clearly revolve around a variety of themes.

Bridal Shower Love You  A Brunch themed celebration featuring fruit and pastries.

There's one more important party to plan for
your bride-to-be before the wedding,
and it's all about fun...

From an out-of-town getaway to a fun night at home, plan a bachelorette party that is fun for everyone.  Go all out with party ideas that take the bride from Miss to Mrs. with just the right amount of excitement.  Take a look at some of our favorites that are sassy, yet tasteful, and guarantee memories for years to come.

Guests at a Bachelorette Party.

Once upon a time.
From this beautiful tale comes the bridal shower as we know it today. . .Legend has it that once long ago in Holland, a young Dutch girl fell in love with a poor miller.  Her rich father opposed the marriage and threatened to withhold her dowry if his daughter went through with the wedding.  So much in love, the couple married anyway, but her lack of dowry left them practically penniless.  The townspeople took pity on the miller and his young bride, and showered them with gifts for the couple's household.  The girl's father was so ashamed when he saw the kindness and generosity shown that his heart melted. He bought a house for them and threw a feast so that everyone could celebrate.  And they all lived happily ever after. 

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