Princess Peach Birthday Party Ideas

Let's explore a multitude of Princess Peach birthday party ideas all themed around this iconic video game character.  Whether your child is a toddler, tween, or teenager, we've got something that could turn their special day into a royal celebration straight out of the magical Mushroom Kingdom.

Princess Peach Birthday Party Ideas

Welcome to the magical world of Princess Peach!  Here you will find delightful decorations, captivating costumes, fun-filled games, and whimsical favor bags that stick to the theme.  There's plenty of Princess Peach inspiration here, so get ready to be inspired... 

Princess Peach birthday invitations.

The first step in planning a Princess Peach themed birthday party is choosing the perfect invites. The invitations are a sneak peek of the party's theme and help set the tone, so be sure to use elements reminiscent of Princess Peach and her adventures.

Princess Peach party supplies.

From tableware adorned with images of the beloved character, Princess Peach, to decorations that bring the party theme to life, these kits have everything you need.  Whether you're planning an intimate gathering or a large bash, these Princess Peach birthday party supply kits make party planning as enjoyable as the celebration itself.

Princess Peach Birthday Decorations


Balloon decorations set a cheerful tone and instantly make your birthday party feel more special.  And if that wasn't enough, a colorful spectacle of balloons also provides countless fun photo opportunities, making every moment instagrammable.

Create a gateway to birthday fun
with a balloon arch...

Centerpiece ideas.

The right centerpieces will make everyone feel like they're celebrating right in the heart of Peach's Castle!  From honeycomb standups to stick table toppers, these Princess Peach birthday party ideas are straight out of the Mushroom Kingdom...


Deciding where to place banners at a kid's birthday party is as important as choosing the design and color.  A well-placed banner can make a room look festive, help direct party guests, and forge a memorable visual impact on everyone present. 


A photo booth offers a chance for kids to unleash their inner stars, don silly props, and strike their wackiest poses, resulting in a treasure trove of memorable snapshots.  Take a look at these backdrops that will help you create a vibrant, interactive experience that will leave everyone smiling from ear to ear.

Strike a pose with photo props...


Take the party decor to new heights with paper lanterns.  Mix and match different sizes and colors to create an eye-catching display that sets the tone for the party.

Princess Peach plush.

Add royalty to your party by having stuffed celebrities in attendance.  From adorning tables and chairs to creating themed centerpieces, and magical photo opportunities, the possibilities are endless.

A Princess Peach poster will make a big statement...

Princess Peach birthday shirt.

Making the birthday girl the center of attention is as easy as presenting her with a personalized Princess Peach birthday shirt.  Customized with her name or age, this shirt is a symbol of the day's festivities and a treasure that she can cherish long after the party ends.

Family, fun, and forever celebrating together...

Princess Peach Games and Activities

Princess Peach adult costume.

The wide-eyed wonder on the children's faces are a testament to the pure magic that unfolds when fantasy meets reality.  All you really need is a Princess peach costume and a good friend that is willing to wear it...

Rescue Princess Peach.

Hide a Princess Peach stuffed toy and allow kids to search and find her.  The lucky child who finds her wins a special prize.

Pin the crown or brooch on Princess Peach...

Coin collecting contest.

  1. Set Up the Play Area:
    Choose a specific area or room where the coin collecting contest will take place. Make sure it's safe and clear of any obstacles.
  2. Explain the Rules:
    Gather all the children and explain the rules of the contest. Let them know that they are "adventurers" on a quest to collect as many gold coins as they can within a set time limit.
  3. Distribute Baskets or Bags:
    Provide each child with a basket or bag to hold their collected coins. You can decorate these baskets to fit the Princess Peach theme.
  4. Hide the Coins:
    Before the children arrive, hide the gold coins throughout the play area. Make sure to hide them in both easy-to-find and more challenging locations, ensuring that no one can gather them all too quickly.
  5. Set a Time Limit:
    Decide on a reasonable time limit for the contest. Depending on the age of the children and the number of coins hidden, 15-20 minutes is often a good starting point.
  6. Go on a Coin Hunt:
    Let the kids explore and hunt for the gold coins. Encourage them to work together, just like Mario and his friends in the games, and to use their problem-solving skills to find the hidden treasures.

  7. Announce the Winner:
    When the time limit is up, gather the children and count the coins in each of their baskets. The child with the most coins wins a special prize, such as a Princess Peach-themed toy or a small crown.
  8. Prizes for Everyone:
    To ensure all the children feel like winners, consider giving out small Mario-themed prizes to each participant, such as stickers or temporary tattoos.

Bags for coin collecting...

Yoshi egg hunt.

The thrill of the hunt can be accomplished in many different ways.  Searching for Yoshi eggs adds an element of adventure that ties in perfectly with the Super Mario world.

Mario bingo anyone?

Activity table.

From crafting royal crowns and decorating magical wands to engaging in Mario-themed puzzles and games, an activity table can be a fun source of entertainment.  Take a look at these creative options...

Princess Peach birthday cake.

Interested in diy Princess Peach birthday party ideas for decorating your own birthday cake?  Consider an edible cake image topper that will have you looking like a pro...     


From adorable character themed cupcake toppers to creating a magical presentation, cupcakes can be a feast for the eyes and the taste buds.  Who care's if they're homemade or not?  Simply dress up some store-bought cupcakes...

How to make sweet cupcakes stand tall...

Sip, sip hooray!
It's silly straw day...

Themed labels.

We believe that the magic is in the details, and what could be more exciting than sipping from a bottle that is clearly from Mario's world?  It's a small touch that adds an extra layer of excitement to the celebration.  

Pink candy buffet.

  1. Princess Peach's Pink Paradise:
    Start by choosing a designated area or table for your candy buffet. Decorate it with pink tablecloths, fairy lights, and Princess Peach-themed decorations, such as crowns, magic wands, and mushrooms.
  2. Pink Candy Selection:
    Fill the candy buffet with a variety of pink candies and treats. Some options include pink gummy candies, pink jelly beans, pink rock candy, pink taffy, pink cotton candy, and pink chocolate coins. You can also include pink-frosted cupcakes and cake pops.
  3. Candy Containers:
    See below.  C
    onsider adding labels with Princess Peach themed graphics and descriptions for each candy.
  4. Princess Peach Centerpiece:
    Place a Princess Peach figurine or a cardboard cutout of Princess Peach at the center of the candy buffet to tie in with the theme.
  5. Candy Bags and Scoops:
    Provide pink candy bags or boxes along with scoops for guests to fill with their favorite candies. You can personalize the bags with the party date and a thank-you message.
  6. Signage and Labels:
    Create candy labels and signage with Princess Peach graphics and quotes. Label each candy container to let guests know what's inside.
  7. Take-Home Treats:
    Offer small favor bags or boxes for guests to take home some of their favorite candies as party favors.

Use glass jars, bowls, and containers of
various shapes and sizes to display the candy

Princess Peach birthday party ideas for food.

Choose paper food containers that are kid friendly and visually appealing.  It's another way to reinforce the theme and clean up is a breeze.

Party favors.

When you're throwing a birthday party fit for a princess, the party favors must be perfect.  From tiaras and magic wands to delicious treats and enchanting trinkets, these favors will have guests leaving with the royal treatment.

Choose a bag or box that makes the outside
as appealing as what's inside...

Party favors galore that kids will adore...

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