Bridal Shower Punch

Bridal shower punch needn't be dull.  Take advantage of every opportunity to give guests something new and unexpected.  Create a colorful, delicious punch and dream up innovative ways of serving it. From pretty beverage dispensers to Mason jars, even the most simple concoction will look and feel exceptional.  It is surprising sometimes at how much easier creative decisions can be with a little inspiration--we hope you find it here.

The presence of a compelling punch presentation tells your guests that you have gone to great effort to make them feel special.  The use of color, fruit garnishes, and unique containers add a decorative element that's easy to do and very effective.

Create an award worthy presentation to make bridal shower punch look as good as it tastes.

Pretty special.
A bridal shower is the perfect occasion for making the most of a beautiful vintage punch bowl filled with delicious punch.  The pewter riser adds height and the clear bottles filled with color coordinated drinking straws adds interest.  Originally designed for a baby shower, it could easily be adapted to a bridal shower by simply removing the rubber duckies.

Color coordinated.
Punch up the presentation by coordinating decorative elements to match the wedding colors.  This pretty in pink bridal shower punch paired up with festive drinking straws and fruit garnish are artfully presented together.

Photo courtesy of Brittany and Devin Photo Co.

Seasonal punch display.
Coordinating the punch presentation to the season of the year is a good idea.  Fresh and simple, this punch display is appealing without much fuss.  Scattered apples around the base makes an immediate impression of autumn.

Photo courtesy of Polyvore

Make it casual.
Galvanized tubs make fun, casual punch bowls as long as caution is exercised.  Be sure to line the tub with a clear container to ensure punch doesn't taste metallic.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Rizzo

Elevate it.
Using boxes to elevate the beverages adds another element of layering.  Here, sweet tea and lemonade become the center of attention, while supporting layers complete an inviting look.

Photo courtesy of Culinary Eye Catering & Events

Chalk it up.
A clever, customizable way to keep track of your glass.  The chalkboard surface allows guests to label their drink in a chic manner.  Looks good and serves a purpose.

Photo courtesy of Lauren Conrad

Surprising display.
Somehow the punch seems more enjoyable when served in a surprising way.  Here, the watermelon becomes both punch bowl and fruity bridal shower punch.  This simple gesture is so easy to create, you won't want to wait for a party to try it out.

Contemporary look.
Let the garnish provide the color and keep your punch palette relatively neutral, fresh and clean.  The wooden box adds rustic appeal to this otherwise contemporary look.   

Photo courtesy of Fete/Magazine

Southern sweet tea.
If you are lucky enough to be from the south as we are, show off your southern roots by offering guests a jar filled with iced tea.  Here, guests are instructed to help themselves to sweet tea garnished with mint and lemon slices.  The southern influence is continued by serving from distressed boxes surrounded by baby's breath.

Photo courtesy of Memory Keeper Photography

Pack a punch.
A vintage suitcase makes a quirky way to serve beverages, and adds to the old-fashioned aesthetic. Here, delicate stemware is elegantly understated and subtle touches of color lift the neutral tones to demonstrate vintage elegance at its best.

Photo courtesy of Justin & Mary

Dress up the containers.
Just because you are drinking from Mason jars does not mean you can't make an occasion of it.  A pretty bow and decorative drinking straw instantly dresses up these jars.

Photo courtesy of Colby Elizabeth Photography

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Lemonade time.
Serve refreshing jars of lemonade from a tub filled with ice.  However you choose to serve it, lemonade always feels like a treat garnished with lemon slices, all jarred up and ready to go.

Photo courtesy of Liz Marie Blog

With this ring.
Float an ice ring in your punch bowl to add a festive touch.  Making an ice ring is easy, but must be made ahead so plan accordingly.  Layer fruits at the bottom of your mold.  Fruits may include cherries, citrus slices, or any fruit that coordinates with your punch.  Pour approximately one inch of water or punch over the fruit.  Completely freeze this layer.  Continue layering fruit and punch being sure to freeze each layer before adding another.  (Punch works best for your ice ring because it doesn't dilute the punch as the ice melts.)

Photo courtesy of Taste of Home

Fruit garnishes.
Fresh fruit slices add a visually appealing look to the punch.  Fruits like these lemon slices pop against the red punch providing a striking contrast.  Or choose fruits whose juices are present in the punch to give guests a hint of the flavor.

Photo courtesy of Our Reflection

Berry pretty punch.
Decorating your punch bowl can be as simple as a walk outdoors.  Be creative using things found right in your own backyard.  Dress up the bottom of the bowl using greenery.  Tuck in fresh picked flowers, ribbon, wedding bells, or fruit to complete your bridal shower punch bowl.

Photo courtesy of Tea Time Magazine

Label it.
Guest really appreciate when bridal shower punch is labeled.  Not only is it a stylish detail, it also takes the guesswork out of what's inside.  Those with food allergies will find the signage beneficial as well.

Photo courtesy of New Orleans Moms Blog

Stylish twist.
Pretty drinking straws have become a practical accessory that doubles as decor.  Select from the wide array of colors and present in a blissful way.

Photo courtesy of Brienne Michele Photography

Photo courtesy of Perpetually Daydreaming

Personalized drink of water.
Affix a personalized label to a water bottle to instantly transform into a little oasis.  Match your shower theme with the many designs available.

It's all about the details.
Have fun with the ice cubes for your bridal shower punch.  Ice cube molds turn water into a frozen work of art.  Or place sliced or small whole fruits in the bottom of ice trays.  Add filtered water and freeze.  Simple details that add simple style to any beverage.

Photo courtesy of Funny Food Recipes

Favorite Punch Recipes

Punch for a bunch.
How much bridal shower punch do I need to prepare?  A good estimation is a gallon of punch for every ten people. Of course take into consideration the length and time of day of your party.  It's always a good idea to plan a little more for extra thirsty guests.

Photo courtesy of Food Network

Here is our favorite Lime Sherbet Punch recipe, but Moms Who Think has a different version without pineapple juice.

Lime Sherbet Punch

1 Large (46 0z.) Pineapple Juice
1 (2-Liter) Ginger Ale
1/2 Gallon Lime Sherbet

Mix the pineapple juice
and ginger ale.

Add sherbet when ready to serve.

This non-alcoholic punch couldn't be simpler to make.  Our favorite Mock Champagne has only two ingredients.  We found a similar recipe at Oh So Delicioso that adds raspberries to the festivity.

Mock Champagne

1 Quart White Grape Juice
1 Quart Ginger Ale

Chill ingredients before mixing in equal parts.

Bridal Shower Punch

2 Boxes Jello
1 (8-oz.) Bottle Lemon Concentrate
4 Cups Boiling Water
1 Large Can Pineapple Juice
1 1/2 Cups Sugar
1 Quart Ginger Ale
2 Cups Cold Water

Mix all ingredients together and chill.

Cinnamon Hearts Shower Punch

3 Quarts Water
2 Cups Sugar
6 Ounces Frozen Lemonade
1/4 Cup Cinnamon Hearts
48 Ounce Cranberry Juice
6 Ounces Frozen Orange Juice

Beat water and sugar together.
Add cinnamon hearts. Stir in orange
juice, lemonade, and cranberry juice.
Mix together and serve hot or cold.

One Stop Party Ideas Tip

Before pouring hot or cold beverages into a serving container, temper it with hot or cold water.  This process will  decrease the chance of breaking a glass container, and also helps your beverage to stay hot or cold much longer.

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