Image Disclaimer

The images included in this website are provided as a source of inspiration to the at home party planner.  Sharing beautiful images and unique party ideas on the subject at hand has proven to be a powerful educational/teaching method for beginners looking for a place to start.  All images are descriptive in nature and not used in promoting the sale of products.  While relevant ads are visible, One Stop Party Ideas is not selling what is seen in the photograph, merely offering ideas to spark one's own creativity.

We respect the rights of others and attempt to find the original source for all images to give credit where credit is due.  Unfortunately, this is not always possible.  If you find an image that is not credited properly or would like a photograph removed, please contact us. The image will be removed promptly.  

This website is based solely on sharing party ideas.  While many photos are our own, we also gather ideas from other sources.  We are here to share and not, nor has it ever been our intent to cause any harm.

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