Best Ideas For Family Reunion

The best ideas for family reunion are a mixture of the ones that everyone has come to expect and new surprises that no one saw coming.  While the main goal is to bring the family together, make every effort to make every detail special.  Open the door to suggestions early in the planning process and throw a family reunion that will become the gold standard.

Family Reunion Ideas

Best Ideas For Family Reunion

How do I plan a celebration that appeals to all ages?  Entertaining a wide range of ages may seem like a daunting task, but there are decorations, food ideas, and games that appeal to everyone.  The best ideas for family reunion shared here could become expected family traditions.

Family reunion invitations.

The moment the invitation arrives, the anticipation begins.  When?  What time?  Where?  What should I bring?  It's all right here in these stylish invitations that are perfect for a family reunion...

Family Tree Reunion Invitation
Family Tree Teal Green Family Reunion Invitation
Green & White Tablecloth Picnic Family Reunion Invitation Postcard

Family reunion photo invitations.

Invitations are much more personal when photographs are included.  Whether you choose to share history with a vintage photograph or a meaningful family picture, the right photo can make all the difference.

Your Vintage Photo Family Reunion Gathering Party Invitation
2 Photo Family Reunion Party Gathering BBQ Picnic Save The Date
Your Vintage Photo Family Reunion Invitation

Funny family reunion invitations.

If your family is known for their sense of humor, consider sending funny invitations.  Here are 3 hilarious options that made us laugh.  We especially got a kick out of the invitation that has thought bubbles over their heads with text templates that can be customized to fit your own family humor.  Best ideas for family reunion invitations ever!

Personalized Family Reunion Funny Cartoon Invitation Postcard
Family Reunion | Funny Ancestral Photograph Invitation
I Shook My Family Tree  Family Reunion Invitations

Best places for a family reunion.

Planning a family reunion and can't decide on the location?  Consider state parks, the beach, mountains, or a family farm.  Look for ample space and be considerate of travel time for family members that live far away.

Food ideas for a family reunion.

The best ideas for family reunion always find their way to the food.  It's like a Super Bowl of comfort foods...everyone knows what they are famous for and what best family reunion dishes must be included.  Be sure to make food safety part of your plans by providing coolers, serving items that keep food cold or hot, and check with your venue to see if refrigeration is available.   

Amazon Shop Prodyne Platters

Desserts for family reunion.

If your claim to fame is cupcakes, make them extra special with wrappers and picks that show off the reason for the gathering.  A quick, easy way to make your cupcakes a family affair.

Amazon Shop Family Reunion Cupcake Ideas

Edible frosting rounds.

Make your cupcakes picture perfect with personalized frosting rounds.  All the text is customizable, so you can add text, remove text, pick the font style and color that shows off your family name in the sweetest way.

Family Reunion Family Tree Personalized Edible Frosting Rounds
Family Reunion Trees Personalized Edible Frosting Rounds
Hands Up Tree Leaves Family Reunion Party  Edible  Edible Frosting Rounds

Cake ideas for family reunion.

Let them have their cake and eat it too.  When setting up tables, designate one table for cakes and desserts.  Arrange the desserts at different heights as the eclectic mix of sweet treats makes an artful display.  Cake plates that have a cover are ideal and you'll need cake knives to slice the cakes.  And for those who had to travel, provide cake boxes or bags so they can take home a slice of cake to enjoy on the trip home.

Welcome for family reunion.

Greeting guests is an important part of a family reunion.  Appoint a welcoming committee to greet guests as they arrive and guide them to where they need to be.  Place a sign near the entrance, hand out name tags, and a program of events...  

Family Reunion Welcome with beach and palm tree Foam Board
Modern Family Reunion Welcome Sign Tree Quote
Red State of Texas Family Reunion Foam Board
Simple Modern Family Reunion Name Tag
Modern Art Gold Tree Family Reunion Paper Name Tag
Family Reunion Name Tag Hello Family Tree Custom

Create Flat

Family Reunion Program
Standard, 5

Create Folded

Christmas family reunion.

Christmas naturally evokes thoughts of family, so this is perfect time to bring everyone together.  Our best ideas for family reunion at Christmas time include decorating a tree with diy photo ornaments.  Allow guests to take home their ornaments as a wonderful memory of a special day.

Best ideas for family reunion banners.

These personalized banners are a great addition to your family reunion.  Whether you choose to hang in a prominent place or use as a backdrop for photographs, everyone will see the importance of family.

Memory board ideas.

Family reunions are the perfect setting for reminiscing and reflecting.  So why not show off your past with a collage of family pictures?  Take a look at these boards that are fully customizable from the photos to the text and you can also select your own colors.

Family Reunion Photo Collage with your photos Foam Foam Board
Large Photo Collage with your photos for any event Foam Board

Family reunion shirts.

Customized t-shirts have become a popular addition to family reunions.  Whether you're tracing the family tree or focusing on the family surname, choose a design that fits your group.  Check out these t-shirts that can be worn with pride at the reunion and later...

Personalized Big Family Tree (20 names) T-Shirt
Personalized Family Reunion Tree Heart T-Shirt
Black Silhouette Tree Family Reunion Gift Souvenir T-Shirt
Amazon Shop Family Reunion Shirts

Best ideas for family reunion signs.

Mark the entrance to the family reunion with a yard sign.  People love direction and these signs make it easy to guide guests to the right place.

Guest book for family reunion.

Who wouldn't want to look back and see who attended the family reunion and a written message they may have shared?  A guest book is an easy way to document names, e-mail addresses, birthdays, phone numbers, and physical addresses to rely on in planning the next celebration.

Personalized reunion guest books... 

Four Photo Grid Blue and White Family Reunion Notebook
Antique Look Guest Book 3 Ring Binder
Fingerprint Tree Family Reunion Guestbook
Best Ideas For Family Reunion Welcome

Personalized family reunion water bottle labels.

Even something as basic as a bottle of water can become part of the decor when a style element is added.  Customized water bottle labels are the perfect example.  Make your labels personal with a name, date, and message or keep it simple with a stock design.

Amazon Shop Family Reunion Water Bottle Labels

Festive straws and plastic cups...

Family reunion canned coolers.

The best ideas for family reunion are the ones with purpose that carry the theme.  These can coolers are just added pleasure and everyone will want one.  It's a keepsake from the party that will last and be used time and time again.

Customized hand fans.

Hand fans are a cool idea for summertime family reunions.  Customizing with your family name and year makes them special enough that guests will want to keep them as a souvenir.

Family Reunion Black Badge Hand Fan
Family Reunion Red Heart Hand Fan
Simple Modern Family Reunion - Keep It Cool Hand Fan

Family Reunion Fun Ideas

Things to do for family reunion.

Hold an awards ceremony and surprise family members with a certificate.  Expect a fun time as you recognize the oldest, youngest, person that traveled the farthest, best cook, etc.  Choose categories that best fit your family.

Ribbon Youngest Family Reunion Awards Template
Oldest Member Elegant Family Reunion Awards
Traveled Farthest Family Reunion Awards Template

Funny ideas for family reunion...

Family reunion photo.

Family pictures are an essential part of a family reunion.  These photo frames are a great way to have fun while capturing wonderful memories.  Share the photos later so that everyone has a chance to see.

Disposable cameras.

Place disposable cameras throughout the party space and let guests know that they are free to snap away.  It's a wonderful way to capture candid moments that couldn't be planned.

Amazon Shop Family Reunion Disposable Cameras

Honor the past.

Display family photos of previous reunions or family members that are no longer with us.  As time marches on, this tradition will become more and more meaningful.  Take a look at these family tree photo frames that allow pictures to be displayed together.

Inexpensive table decorations for family reunion.

Put forth your best ideas for family reunion when styling the tables.  Accent the tables with vases filled with reunion themed centerpiece sticks and photos attached to dowel sticks.  Both are available on Amazon and work well indoors or outdoors.  Remember the kiddos...set up a kids table especially for them that exudes fun with activity placemats.

Add a themed table runner over
a plastic tablecloth for added flair...

Family reunion icebreaker games.

Let's face it, some of these people you have not seen in years.  Break the ice with a fun game all about family and watch the awkwardness melts away.  Take a look at these games that are perfect for a family reunion.

Family name Bingo.

Family Name Bingo and Reunion Sunset Photo
Family Bingo Card White Blossoming Tree Photo
Family Reunion Photo Bingo Sunset Photo

What's on your phone?

Family Reunion What's on Your Phone Game Notepad
Family Reunion Ice Breaker 2 in 1 Games
Family Reunion Ice Breaker 2 in 1 Games

Fact or fiction trivia game.

This trivia game revolves around whether or not the names listed are really siblings or if they are fiction siblings.  These 40 page notepads can be customized with a family name or image, and think of the fun you could have with the editable text.

Family Reunion True or False Trivia Game Notepad
Family Reunion True or False Trivia Game Notepad
Family Reunion True or False Trivia Game Notepad

Scavenger hunt.

Family Reunion Scavenger Hunt Game 3
Family Reunion Custom Scavenger Hunt Game | Notepad
Family Reunion Scavenger Hunt Game 2

Scratch off dare cards.

Ideas for family talent show.

Throw a family talent show to prove what a talented group you have.  Send an email requesting participation, the talent to be performed, and any special requirements.  You can take this idea as far as you would like...designate a special spot for performances, make a program, put up signs, decorate, etc.  It's an unforgettable way to get to know your family better and see how talented they are.

Family recipe.

Celebrate a taste of home cooking by handing out copies of family recipes.  Check out these creative ideas for sharing a family reunion recipe that are as special as the people who made them favorites...

Happiness Is Homemade Family Baking Recipe Photo Foil Card
Grandmas Kitchen Checkered Yellow Accent Recipe
Card Postcard Recipe

Make a family cookbook.

Preserving family recipes that have been handed down for generations is important.  With that sentiment, a family recipe deserves a special place to be kept.  Take a look at these binders that can be customized with images and text.  The best ideas for family reunion are the ones that become family keepsakes.

Grandma's Best Recipes Photo Cookbook Notebook
Rustic Country Kitchen Family Cookbook 3 Ring Binder
Chalkboard | Family Recipe Collection Binder

Favors for family reunion.

Family reunion themed boxes and bags are a noticeable way to add creativity to your favors.  Take a look...  

The family tie that binds these gift bags is personalization.  The more personal the packaging, the more intriguing what's inside becomes.

Black Silhouette Tree Family Reunion Souvenir Gift Favor Bag
Family Tree and Name | Family Reunion Favor Bag
Custom Family Reunion Genealogy Matching Favor Bag

Family reunion candy.

Just when you thought candy couldn't get any sweeter, you find that it can.  These personalized stickers are easy to apply and make a big impression.  From chocolate kisses and candy bars to breath savers mints, somehow the best ideas for family reunion are worth the effort.

Family Reunion Vivid Tie Dye Swirl Abstract Event Breath Savers® Mints
cute add personalization Family Reunion ant Hershey Bar Favors
Personalized greenery theme family reunion  hershey's miniatures

Bible verses for family reunion.

If faith is an important part of your family, make inspirational Bible verses part of your plan.  These keychains and bracelets are appealing to all ages and celebrate faith in an uplifting way.

Favor ideas or game prizes.

Check out this assortment of trinkets that fit in perfectly at a family reunion.  Family is everything here with personalized details that show the love.

Golf reunion tournament custom printed golf balls
Navy & White Family Reunion Playing Cards

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