33 Ideas For Easter Party

Ideas for Easter party!  From chocolate bunnies to spiritual expressions of hope, there are so many special ways to celebrate Easter.  It's only natural to have your favorites, so commit to your vision and let us guide you through the planning process with the party ideas that inspired us.

Egg-celent Ideas for Easter party!

As with any major holiday, there are some traditions that family and friends look forward to year after year that quite simply should not be changed.  However, a new twist here and there will keep your party exciting without losing the comfort of tradition.  Take a look at the ideas for Easter party here that are the perfect balance of both.

1.  Easter party invitation ideas.

We've hatched up a creative way to invite everyone to come.  Personalization is more popular than ever and the templates are easy to edit.  And while you have their attention, let them know exactly what is expected of them.  For example, if Easter baskets are needed, now would be the time to tell them. 

Cute White Bunny Easter Egg Hunt Invitation
Chalkboard Pastel Bunny Rabbit Easter Egg Hunt Invitation
Easter Bunny Egg Hunt Invitation

2.  Easter party kit.

Get everything you need in one kit   Celebrate the Easter season with the pastel colors of spring, full of fun and enjoyment.  

3.  Easter holiday banner.

An Easter banner on full display is a nice welcome for guests.  And any time the greeting is personalized, it instantly becomes more special.  Take a look at these banners that are right at home in a variety of places.

Bunnies, Eggs, Tulips and Happy Easter Bunting Banner
Holiday Banner: Colorful Easter Eggs Banner
Jesus is Risen, Colorful Easter Christian Church Banner

4.  Easter egg hunt tradition.

The highlight of most Easter parties is the egg hunt.  And since the focus is on eggs, consider hiding a variety of shapes and sizes.  It's up to you as to whether or not the different colors mean anything.  We love making the gold eggs a prize egg and placing treats inside the others.

5.  Easter placemats to color.

When planning an Easter party for kids, be sure to include some activities that offer a chance for some downtime.  Whether you're looking for a way to occupy children while all the guests arrive or slow the tempo during the party, there's no doubt that these placemats are wonderful entertainment.

6.  Easter party tableware.

Easter party platters are always filled with deliciousness, so make the serving pieces just as memorable.  It's just the thing to dress up the food presentation in a not so complicated way.

7.  Easter party crafts.

Kids love to make things and use their imagination, so include simple crafts with your ideas for Easter party.  Take a look at these craft kits that are fun to make and full of the theme.

8.  Happy Easter He is risen.

Want to celebrate the true meaning of Easter?  Consider religious Easter party supplies that proclaim Happy Easter He Is Risen.  Take a look at the party ideas here that are just right for a Christian Easter party.

9.  Easter bunny ears.

Bunny ears are pretty great on their own, but when everyone is wearing them it goes to a whole new level of fun.  They're the perfect Easter accessory.

10.  Easter party balloons.

Any decoration for Easter party can become more festive when balloons are included.  Mix and match shapes and colors or just spell it out, Happy Easter! 

11.  Paper lanterns.

These paper Easter egg lanterns are adorable.  Choose from an array of Easter symbols and hang throughout the party space.  They are easy to assemble and are a creative way to decorate indoors or out.

12.  Easter party decor ideas. 

Show off your creative side with an Easter party centerpiece that is easy to make.  Simply fill a clear vase with jelly beans or gumballs and pop in some centerpiece sticks.  That's it, the center of attention is ready to display.  (These sticks also make great photo props.) 

13.  Easter outdoor yard decorations.

Blow up the theme with charming Easter inflatables.  Based on the familiar symbols of Easter, these colorful inflatables are an ideal greeting for guests.

Games for Easter party.

14.  Easter peep game. 

You'll need:
A shower cap for each child, shaving cream, timer, and peeps.

Place a shower cap on player's head and cover with shaving cream.  Standing about 6 feet away, another player attempts to toss peeps onto the shaving cream covered cap, trying to get as many peeps as possible to stick.  Set a timer and when the times up, count the peeps.  The player with the most wins.

15.  Ideas for Easter party pinata.

One of the easiest ways to get guests involved in party games is with a pinata.  Consider the height of most of your guests and hang the pinata accordingly.  And then enjoy watching guests hit it with their best shot.

Easter pinata fillers.

16.  Easter party activities.

Running sack races, egg and spoon relays, along with three-legged races is as much fun for the players as it is for the spectators.  The more ambitious and enthusiastic that the participants are, the more fun it will be to watch.  Take a look at these kits that make Easter party activities a cinch to pull off.

17.  Easter bunny ring toss.
A bunny ring toss will liven up your ideas for Easter party games.  Take a look at the kits below that include everything needed to play.

18.  Easter party prizes.

It's simple...kids love prizes.  Whether you choose to award one prize to each participant, offer small baskets filled with trinkets, or allow kids to dive into one big basket and pick their favorite, game players want their reward.

Activities for Easter party.

19.  Easter bubbles.

It's no surprise that kids love to blow bubbles.  Whether you're looking for egg-tra special bubble containers or all the fun that a bubble machine brings, we've got you covered.

20.  Good ideas for Easter egg decorating.

Looking for a great Easter craft project for kids?  Consider an egg decorating station packed with crafty supplies.  Remember to cover your table with a cheap plastic tablecloth.  When the fun is done, gather up the mess and all that is left are happy memories. 

21.  Motorized Easter egg decorating kit.  

No mess Easter egg decorating!  It's not very often that we recommend a product, but we tried an egg spinner decorator and loved it.  The results were amazing!

22.  Cookie or cupcake decorating station.  

Turn your Easter party foods into an activity.  Set up a cookie or cupcake decorating station with everything needed to decorate your own sweet treats.  Include colorful sprinkles, icing tinted in spring colors, Easter themed picks, and wrappers to make the experience extra special.

Simple Easter cupcake decorating ideas.

Easter inspired cookies.

23.  Ideas for Easter party tattoos.

Put Easter on full display with temporary tattoos.  It's easy to see why they are so popular with kids and there is no such thing as too many...

24.  Easter party snacks ideas.

Make snacks as memorable as the rest of the party.  These snack cups are an egg-citing way to serve snacks with a touch of whimsy.  

25.  Easter party cake.

With a little help from Easter cake toppers, picks, and bunny ears, you too can make your own Easter party cake.  Take a look...

26.  Appetizers for Easter party.

Adding creativity to your Easter party appetizers can make all the difference.  These mini appetizer picks are the perfect solution.

27.  Easter bunny visit.

Nothing will make your Easter party more egg-citing than a visit from the Easter bunny.  Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to include the Easter bunny in your photos.

28.  Easter party drinks.

Have the grandest drinks in the Easter parade.  Festive straws make any beverage look more fun and taste better too.

Easter party cups.

 29.  Easter scratch off cards.

Add to the Easter fun with these scratch-to-win cards.

30.  Easter party photo booth.

Make photographs part of your ideas for Easter party.  Set up a photo booth complete with Easter themed selfie frames and props. 

31.  Decoration ideas for Easter party.

Easter is the perfect opportunity to go all out with the decorations.  Celebrate springs arrival with a decorated Easter tree for your holiday table.  This decoration can be used throughout the Easter season.

32.  Easter basket name tags.

Add name tags to your kid Easter party ideas.  It's a great way to identify Easter baskets in a large group.

33.  Easter party favors for kids.

Choose a festive container and fill with trinkets and treats.  Here are some of our favorite ideas for Easter party...

Easter basket party favors.

Favor boxes.

Easter party goodie bags.

Easter party treats.

Easter candy and chocolate.

34.  Personalized Easter basket.

Get your kids ready for the party and the hunt with these adorable personalized Easter baskets.  Pretty enough to use again and again.

Easter Banner

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