Birthday Parties For Kids

Birthday parties for kids should be happy celebrations, full of fun and excitement.  The key to success lies in keeping the party centered around the birthday boy or girl and the chosen theme.  The theme is such an important part of a kids birthday party, because it serves as the main inspiration for all the other decisions.  Birthdays are really important to children, so we hope you find party ideas here that will turn into happy memories.

The birthday parties for kids shared here
are popular favorites.  Each theme has
suggestions to help in the party planning. 

Kids are naturally drawn to games, decorations, cakes, and party favors, so make sure each detail is true to the theme.  Fill your party to the brim with design elements of their favorite character or fantasy. 

Team up with Lightning and Mater for a winning party combination.  We've captured the thrill of preparing for race day from start to finish.  There are scores of pictures of unbelievably creative party ideas from the jaw dropping main event to how to wrap the gifts in a revved up way.  Let's take some practice laps together, we want you celebrating in the Winner's Circle when the party's over.  

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Barbie birthday parties are a classic favorite among girls, and there are plenty of ideas to make the celebration special.  From playing dress-up to hosting a fashion show, think pink and dream big.  Come on Barbie, let's go party...

Barbie Birthday Party Ideas Photo Box

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Welcome to the magical world of Super Mario, where birthday adventure, fun, and excitement await.  From transforming your venue into a whimsical Mushroom Kingdom to incorporating beloved characters like Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach into your decorations and activities, we have a plethora of imaginative ideas. 

Kids Birthday Party Ideas Super Mario

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Old Mac Donald had a farm and you can too--a farm party that is. Birthday parties for kids are most often centered around a child's favorite fascination.  When that adoration is directed at animals, a down on the farm birthday party is the perfect solution.  With a pig here, and a cow there, here a chick, there a horse, everywhere kids birthday party ideas. 

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Fun llama birthday party ideas, with no drama llama.  The llama theme has everything going for it-it's colorful, festive, and adored by kids.  Take a look at the many ways to make your favorite birthday kid and llamas the star of your next birthday celebration.

Llama Birthday Party Ideas

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Baseball themed birthday celebrations are always in season when you know the birthday boy or girl is obsessed with America's favorite pastime.  All you really need is a game plan to bring decorations, food, party favors, and games together.  Browse through these kids birthday party ideas that will have you ready to celebrate the love of baseball.

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Spa for birthday?  Why not!  The pampering and attention appeals to many kids.  Celebrate with manicures, pedicures and facials along with spa themed crafts, decorations, favors, games and food.  Take a look at these fabulous spa birthday party ideas that are all about pampering and are easy enough to do at home.

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Are you looking for a fun and creative way to celebrate your child's birthday?  Look no further than a Lego themed party!  With endless possibilities for decorations, activities, and party favors, a Lego party is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages.

Lego Birthday Party Ideas

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Princess Themed Birthday Party

You want to throw a princess themed birthday party that will wow your guests, but don't know where to begin?  The guiding principle for planning this birthday party is the theme itself.  Tiaras, wands, dress-up, and themed party games all add up to a magical birthday fit for royals.

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Plow through these tractor and farm inspired kids birthday party ideas. It's all in John Deere green from the decorations to the party favors. If you're preparing to harvest a party for little folks that were born to farm, let us give you a hand.  Nothing runs like a John Deere birthday party and we can prove it.

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Pool Birthday Party Theme

It's amazing how exciting a birthday celebrated in the swimming pool can be and what kid doesn't love a day in the sun.  Hosting a pool birthday party is no different than any other, you'll need decorations, party favors, and games that are dripping with the theme.  Dive into the kids birthday party ideas here that are focused on pool fun and are sure to make a big splash. 

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If you're looking for a sporty way to mark another year, this party promises to be a touchdown of excitement.  From the moment you step onto the "field" to the final whistle, we've got a winning lineup of games, decorations, and delicious snacks to make this birthday bash a victory.

1st Birthday Football Theme

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Bring the Disney magic to your celebration with a classic theme that never goes out of style.  Party with Mickey and the whole clubhouse gang with these party ideas featuring everyone's favorite mouse. Browse through our favorite photos and create a party plan of fun at the Mickey Mouse clubhouse. Come inside, it's fun inside.

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Easy unicorn birthday party ideas are not as hard to find as you think.  From start to finish, we will guide you through the process of styling a unicorn birthday that is as enchanting as the theme.  From magical unicorn birthday supplies to ideas for party favors, believe in yourself and create a little sparkle and shine of your own. 

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Chart a course to birthday parties for kids surrounded by treats and treasures.  Pirating is risky work, so go for the gold and consider some of these clues for a thrilling pirate party.

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Planning an under-the-sea birthday party honoring your favorite mermaid?  It's easy when you focus on the beautiful color palette that the ocean naturally provides and then add in the mermaid wow factor.  Need inspiration?  That's what we're here for...

Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas Cake

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Superhero for Birthday Party

Superhero for birthday party?  If you've spent a lot of time with kids then you know the answer.  They like nothing better than pretending to be their favorite superheroes.  Discover super ways to save the day with decorations, party favors, games and food that any superhero would love.  Anyone can be a hero, and hopefully these party ideas will make a hero out of you.

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Are you ready to embark on a magical journey into the kingdom of Arendelle?  From enchanting decorations to frosty treats and exciting activities, we have gathered a flurry of ideas to help you create a winter wonderland.  So, let it go and dive into a world of snowflakes, magic, and unforgettable memories.

Ideas For Frozen Birthday Party

Make one stop here for Frozen themed birthday party ideas. 

Kids birthday party ideas come in many different forms, so why not plan a dino-mite event that would thrill any dinosaur fanatic.  Make your kids birthday party a prehistoric adventure with decorations, games, and party favors that roar.  

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Make one stop here for dinosaur themed party ideas.

If you're looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate a birthday, a circus themed party can be a great option.  From carnival games to colorful decorations, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the excitement and energy of the circus into your celebration.

Circus Themed Party Ideas

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With a mix of cowboy spirit, space-age excitement, and heartwarming friendships, a Toy Story birthday party is sure to be a memorable experience for all the little cowboys and space rangers in attendance.  So, buckle up your seatbelts, because "you've got a friend in us" to help you plan a Toy Story-themed bash that will leave everyone shouting, "To infinity and beyond!"

Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas

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Embark on a journey of creativity and fun with our collection of ideas for a construction themed birthday party. From interactive activities that mimic real construction sites to delectable treats adorned with tools and trucks, these suggestions will help you get your birthday celebration under construction.

Ideas For Construction Birthday Party Under Construction

Make one stop here for construction themed birthday party ideas.

Gather young astronauts together to celebrate another journey around the sun.  With thrilling activities, extraterrestrial treats, and out-of-this-world fun, prepare to host a birthday filled with cosmic delights.

Outer Space Birthday Cake

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From party setups to crafting a battlefield, let's dive into a trove of fresh ideas.  So, lock and load your imagination as we explore how to throw the ultimate Nerf birthday party, where foam warfare and laughter collide into an explosion of birthday fun!

Nerf Themed Party Ideas

Make one stop here for Nerf themed party ideas.

Lace up those skates, crank up the music, and get ready to embark on a journey through a whirlwind of roller skating birthday party concepts.  From retro-inspired disco themes to glow-in-the-dark extravaganzas that will light up the night, let's roll...

Kids Birthday Party Ideas Roller Skating Birthday Party Ideas

Make one stop here for roller skating kids birthday party ideas.

Discover enchanting Peppa Pig birthday party ideas that will delight your child and their friends.  Jump into unique decorations, exciting games, and creative party favors, all inspired by the beloved TV show.  Planning a memorable Peppa Pig-themed party has never been easier.

Peppa Pig Birthday Cake

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Everything about an Elmo birthday party should be full of enthusiasm and birthday cheer.  Here you will find inspiring ways to keep this lovable red character noticeably in attendance.

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Elmo Inspired Snacks

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Birthday parties for kids are always fun, but when two themes are celebrated together the results can be thrilling.  Host a Halloween birthday party tricked out with Halloween themed party favors, spooky games and gory food.  Keep the magic and masquerade high with Halloween themed birthday decorations and a spirited backdrop to record the fun.  Take a look at the Halloween birthday party ideas here that will have kids howling at the moon.

Make one stop here for Halloween birthday ideas.

Entertaining kids is easy with creative ideas and a well thought-out plan.  And having everything you need organized in advance is the key to making the party a little easier for Mom.  Playing comes natural to kids, so browse through entertainment for kids birthday that perfectly celebrate the occasion for any age.

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