DIY Wedding Favors

DIY wedding favors, on any scale, are huge fun and giving them is as good as receiving, if not better. But the whole process must be as easy and pleasurable as possible.  It's no fun if it is stressful and difficult - this takes all the pleasure out of the preparation, which is so special.  Making wedding favors is such a creative thing to do, apart from being the ultimate personal touch, a way to make guests feel really special.  We hope you enjoy some of these homemade wedding favor ideas that are wonderful for everyone involved.

Making your own wedding favors is so creative and satisfying.  Good presentation is vital, it simply makes the wedding favor.  Any handmade thank you gift deserves to be displayed in the perfect setting that composes an overall picture of warmth, celebration, enjoyment, and appreciation.  

Celebrate DIY wedding favors that are guaranteed to inspire happiness.

Candles are deeply romantic, create drama, illusion, and deep beauty.  What better way to warm the hearts of your guests than a diy candle wedding favor?  Choosing the right vessel is key, whether it be a Mason jar, tea cup, lantern, wine bottle, votive or tin can.  And best of all, candle favors can be handmade well in advance.  

DIY Candle Wedding Favor Idea

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Filling a Mason jar with your favorite cookie ingredients as a take home gift for wedding guests is so sweet.  Your guests will thoroughly enjoy the prospect of enjoying delicious homemade cookies later. There is so much you can do with this diy wedding favor idea to make it special.  Attaching the recipe, customized labels, and decorative ribbon to name a few. 

DIY Cookie Jar Mix

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Gel candles are easy to make and a shining way to express your thankfulness to guests.  Clear containers look most effective as there are a wide variety from which to choose and are easy to decorate to fit any theme.  Embellishments such as shells flowers, marbles, crystals, or just about anything that won't burn add to the stylish effect. 

DIY Gel Candle Wedding Favor

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Handmade chocolates are the perfect finish to a wonderful day. They look so pretty and taste divine, so give your guests a decadent piece of chocolate decorated with wedded bliss.  Be prepared for the sweet smiles than ensue.  

DIY Handmade Chocolate Wedding Favors

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Beautiful edible roses can be made out of the most recognizable candy of all time, a Hershey Kiss. While flowers are considered a necessary component of any celebratory event, it is quite unique that you can make them yourself, use as wedding decor, and then send them home as thank you gifts. 

DIY Hershey Kiss Rose Favor

A rose is a rose.  Whether expressed with bold colors or subtle hues, traditional arrangements or trendy, the bride's taste and style are on display.  Create your own edible floral fantasy that is deceptively simple to make.

Few things capture the imagination and love of a family more than getting together to make homemade wedding favors, so why not turn it into a party?  Gathering together all the supplies needed to complete the chosen wedding favor and working out a plan of attack will pay off with big results.  Before the party begins, do a practice run to be sure everything works out as planned.  Spending quality time with loved ones, while accomplishing a goal is satisfaction guaranteed.   

DIY Making Wedding Favor Party

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A homemade soap wedding favor crafted with love and presented with style can be just enough to make a guest feel extra special.  And while the guests are impressed with a gift made by you, a wonderful sense of pride and individuality belongs to the bride.  Presenting your luxurious diy spa gift in an unexpected way is another opportunity to show off your personal style.  Consider adding something extra.  Tuck in lavender or a favorite herb to add another charming dimension to your homemade gift.

DIY Soap Wedding Favors

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The soap presentations featured here are practical, others decorative, but all give your diy wedding favors that little something extra that makes them memorable.

Some ideas for diy wedding favors well worth celebrating. . .

Jam & Jelly
BBQ Sauce

Dessert In A Jar
Spice Rub
Hot Sauce

Olive Oil

Coke & Peanuts

DIY Wedding Favors Ideas

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