Ideas For First Birthday Party Food

Ideas for first birthday party food should spark your imagination with the ultimate goal of providing delicious food that shows off the theme in a stylish way.  Approach the food as you would for any other birthday party by serving snacks that are proven favorites.  This age group is not known to be great at trying new things, so serve those familiar favorites in an eye-catching way.  Once you have the little ones taken care of, make sure you offer the adults a treat of their own.

Ideas for first birthday party food
that are worth celebrating.

The ingredients for a first birthday party are, fun and fellowship.  Whether you choose to go all out with homemade treats or simply serve cake and ice cream, make the presentation count.  You will be surprised what you can accomplish using these ideas for first birthday party food as inspiration.


Healthy 1st Birthday Party Food

Vegetable train.
Chew!  Chew!  This vegetable train is just the ticket if you're determined to serve healthy 1st birthday party food.  Loaded up with a variety of tasty vegetables, there's something for all ages.  When the presentation is this much fun, getting kids to eat their vegetables will be a cinch.


Chugging along in a bell pepper train.


Train fruit snacks.
Snacks that are tasty and safe for tiny partygoers to eat is all you really need.  Stay on the right track by offering fruit to satisfy hungry appetites and it is pretty enough to serve double duty as a centerpiece.  If you intend for guests to serve themselves, place toothpicks nearby or arrange skewered fruit on a separate plate.


What if there was a way to deliver party food on a train?  Turns out, there is.

Fruit kabob.
Children love fruit and Moms love a healthy alternative.  Slide blueberries on a skewer and top it off with delicious watermelon cut into star shapes.  Serve on a platter or drill holes in a watermelon and insert skewers.  It's a clever way to serve the fruit and adds beauty to the food table.


Jello for birthday party.
Kids make their food choices based solely on how it looks.  The vivid color of the jello grabs their attention and the fresh fruit makes them dive right in.


1st birthday finger food ideas.

Cookie cutter sandwich ideas.
Cookie cutters are an easy way to turn an ordinary sandwich into something special.  Prepare sandwiches as close to party time as possible and serve condiments on the side to preserve the integrity of the sandwich.  For best results, test how you plan to store sandwiches in advance to avoid any mishaps.


Shaped sandwiches.
If you prefer an artful approach to food, bring that skill to your ideas for first birthday party food.  This shaped sandwich idea may look complicated, but if you look closely each piece is familiar.  From the blue plate to the little fish made from grapes, each detail has purpose and contributes to the overall look.


Party food cones.
Food served in paper cones makes serving easy.  Fill paper cones with Cheerios, animal crackers or goldfish and watch their eyes light up when they see them.  Plan a creative presentation and that's it...simple and age appropriate.


Chicken nugget on a stick.
Successful ideas for first birthday party food always begin with something you know your guests will love.  And there's no denying that kids love chicken nuggets.  Serving a chicken nugget on a stick in a disposable container is a genius idea.  Dress the chicken nuggets up anyway you like to please both the kids and adults in attendance.


Sweet ideas for first birthday party food.

Ice cream birthday treats.
It's hard to describe the love between kids and ice lasts a lifetime.  This classic birthday party treat is perfect and of course the smiles are worth the dribbles. 

Ice cream tip: 
Scoop ice cream in advance and freeze in cupcake liners to save time on party day.


Elevate the fun with inspired ice cream serving ideas.

Frozen treats on a stick.
When it's hot outside, keep guests cool with diy frozen treats.  Simply choose your favorite flavor and create an inviting presentation that makes it easy for guests to help themselves.


First birthday cake pops.
These first birthday cake pops are an art form within themselves.  The theme is clearly represented in the decorative elements from the colors to the delicate ribbon accents.  Cake pops are perfect for small appetites and serving couldn't be easier.


1st Birthday Cupcake Ideas

Ideas for first birthday party food should accomplish two things...taste delicious and recognize the reason for the celebration.  Cupcakes are an easy way to expand on the theme in that you can offer a variety of flavors, frostings and toppings.  They are a feast for the eyes and the taste buds, even though it all started with a basic cupcake.  


First Birthday Cookie Ideas

Milk with cookies.
Simplifying the serving process is always a good idea, especially when the guests have a short attention span.  Here, milk and cookies make the perfect pairing and when served together pouring drinks is one less thing to do.  Put it all together ahead of time so you will have time to dress them up with ribbon and striped straws that match your color theme.


Plastic bottles and toddlers are a good match.

Cookie ideas for first birthday party food.
First birthday cookies are sure to be a big hit.  Mix and match designs to add variety, but be sure that the #1 is part of the mix.  Serve at the party or wrap in clear cellophane and send home as party favors.  


Make it easy on yourself with
a birthday cookie decorating kit.

Refreshing beverages.

Personalized water bottles.
Little party animals get thirsty!  Serve up water bottles that have been creatively personalized to celebrate the birthday child and turning ONE.  Order in advance and plan a unique presentation that allows guests the convenience of serving themselves. 

First birthday party punch.
Adding something special that guests may not expect will be noticed.  Whether you choose to serve punch for the adults or the kids or both, be sure that it's clearly marked to avoid any food allergies.  Festive straws make the perfect accessory.  


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