80th Birthday Cake Ideas

80th birthday cake ideas put the icing on your celebration in a sweet way.  The cake for this milestone birthday must be as exciting and unique as the occasion, so take some extra time to plan.  All eyes are on the cake as the Honoree blows out the candles and the guests sing Happy Birthday.  This grand moment becomes even more special with a delicious combination of taste and attention to the theme. 

Some Of Our Favorite
80th Birthday Cake Ideas

Personalize the cake to your Honoree.
Your job as the host is to be sure this special cake is a reflection of the guest of honor. Consider putting the Honoree's picture on top of the cake, a favorite flower, hobby or cake topper should put the biggest smile on everyone's face.  

Customize the taste of the cake.
The first choice would be the favorite cake of the birthday Honoree.  For instance, if the Honoree loves chocolate cake, make a special effort to order or prepare a chocolate lover's dream cake.  Or consider using different flavored layers to make an incredibly impressive cake presentation.

Let's Eat Cake!
Pink Happy 80th birthday cake with roses.

For the handyman.
Eighty years of tinkering.  Tools of the trade make this an ideal cake for the handyman.

A cake in the shape of the number 80, decorated with various tools.

Photo courtesy of  Cake Chooser

For the carpenter.
The cutest cake I ever saw.  This cake really nailed the Honoree's personality.

80th birthday carpenter cake with saw, hammer, tape measure...

For the family.
Cake genealogy.  Display your family tree for all to see for this milestone birthday.

Personalized family tree birthday cake.

Photo courtesy of Cake Central

For the golfer.
Fore the golf lover.  This cake is right on the green for your 80th birthday celebration.

Green 80th birthday golfing cake.

Photo courtesy of Big Fat Cook

For the tailor.
Have your guests in stitches.  Sew unique and sew nostalgic.

Happy 80th Birthday Grandma Sewing Machine Cake.

Photo courtesy of AJ's Moon Light Bakery

For the bookworm.
This open book is full of precious memories.  No matter how you slice it your guests will leave smiling.

80th Birthday Memory Book Cake.

For the thinker.
What's a four letter word that means Happy Birthday?  Answer:  Cake.

Puzzle Book Birthday Cake with pencil.

Photo courtesy of Say It With Cake

For the milestones.
"Road of Life" chronicled in cake.  A delicious way to tell the Honoree's life in pictures.

80th Birthday Road of Life Cake with photos.

Photo courtesy of Cakes Decor

For the farmer.
Nothing runs like a Deere and Grampa on his eightieth birthday.  Your guests will enjoy plowing into this cake.

80th Birthday Tractor Cake for Grampa.

Photo courtesy of Meghan's Cakes And Cookies

For eighty years.
Some birthday cakes are most successful when built around the theme.  This one does just that. 

80 shaped birthday cake with pink frosting.

Photo courtesy of The Thermo Queen

For the undecided.
Pull out all the stops.  Make 8 different cakes and display as a group to impress your guests.  Have the great cooks in the family make their signature cake or order cakes of different flavors and colors to steal the show.

Display of colorful frosted cakes.

Photo courtesy of Magnolia Bakery

One Stop Party Ideas Cake Recipe

Combine unselfishness, patience, wisdom and humor.  Stir in great 80th birthday cake ideas.  Add forgiveness and good nature for flavor.  Sprinkle with memories and smiles.  Bake with love.  Serve often with complete faith in God.  Success guaranteed.

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