80th Birthday Party Favors

80th birthday party favors are a great way to thank your guests for attending this milestone celebration.  You may wonder if your 80th birthday party ideas should include favors.  Are they really necessary?  Your guests are a very important part of your celebration.  What's a party if no one shows up?  Guests clear their busy schedules to attend and shop for the perfect gift for the Honoree.  So yes, they deserve a thank you gift letting them know how special they are.  The gifts do not have to be extravagant, just a small gift with a big thank you.  It really is the thought that counts.

80th Party Favor Ideas

It's time to celebrate  
80th birthday party favors.

Plan ahead!  Allow ample time to select and receive your favors.  If any additional preparation is needed, take care of it as soon as possible.  Usually, 80th birthday party favors are a part of the party that can be completed well in advance.  

Pretty presentation!  Fundamental to the idea of thank you gifts is a successful presentation.  A compelling presentation invites guests to admire as well as to partake of the party favors.  The favor may be of star quality but it is the presentation that make it seem important and special.  

80th Birthday Party Favors

Photo courtesy of Decrenew Interiors

A personalized hand sanitizer has become a very popular favor for any celebration.  While it is very practical, the design options make it a fun gift as well.

80th Birthday Modern Black Gold Stars Favor Gift Hand Sanitizer
Burgundy Pink Country Rose Floral Birthday Favor Hand Sanitizer
Birthday Party Favor Set of 12 Hand Sanitizer

Perfect time for candy favors.

Everyone loves candy and your honoree will love seeing candies that bring back sweet memories from the past.  Retro candy buffets are unique and easy party ideas that truly fit the theme.  Inspiring conversations will ensue as guests remember when. . .

Building a retro candy buffet is simple.  First, pick five to ten different candies to be in your buffet.  Include your honoree's favorites.  You may want to include Bit O Honey, Candy Cigarettes, Boston Baked Beans, Coconut Bars, M&M's, B B Bats, Candy Buttons, Mary Janes or Licorice Pipes.

Select clear containers to fill with candy.  Your containers should be various heights and sizes, some tall, some short, some round, and some square.  Filled with candy, this beautiful display will bring your 80th birthday party favors to life.  Remember to include scoops so your guests can serve themselves.  Have boxes, tins, or bags available for your guests to take their candies home.  A retro candy buffet will make your guests feel like kids again and allow them to leave with sweet memories.

The right combination of impressive dishes, colorful candy, and flowers are all essential to pulling off a memorable candy buffet.  This candy celebration includes personal photos to give special recognition to the Guest of Honor and stir up old memories.

Candy Buffet for 80th Birthday Party Favors

Sweet memories from the past.  Guests will enjoy remembering way back when a candy bar cost pennies and they were bigger.  Those were the days.  

Sweet memories 80th Birthday Party Favors

This candy buffet revisits the whimsy of childhood, with everything from yesteryear's candy shop. Which candy do you remember most?

Candy you ate as a kid®... Wax Lips, Candy Cigarettes, Sugar Daddies, Candy Buttons on paper tape, Kits, Wax Syrup Bottles, Now and Laters, BB Bats and many more fresh candies from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s... still available after all these years!
Candy Shop 80th Birthday Party Favors

Photo courtesy of A Sweet Spot: Home

We love these candy tins that can be customized with text, photos, and designs.  Available in different sizes with mint or Jelly Belly options or no filling at all.  Click on the photos below to get started.

Personalize:  80th Birthday Party Favor Jelly Belly Tin
Jelly Belly Blue Floral Party Favor 80th Birthday Candy Tin

Mint ideas.

Candy meets design in this table setting.  Pick your favorite lollipop and accent with decorative details that work with your party decor.  It's no wonder candy is a popular choice for 80th birthday party favors.

80th Birthday Party Favors

Sweeten your celebration with everyone's favorite - chocolate.  Delight guests with little takeaways that everyone will look forward to devouring.  

Make it even sweeter with a photo.

Personalized favor bags to hold your sweets.

Birthday rose gold glitter pink monogram name favor bag
Elegant Birthday Thank You Favor Bag
Blue Personalized Birthday Thank You Favor Bag

Perfect time for memories.

A milestone birthday, good food, a crowd of close friends and family-what more do you need to celebrate?  Pictures of course.  The history of a person or family is often best told through old photographs.  This is the perfect time to bring out old photos and reminisce of days gone by with the people you love.  

Tie one on.  These unique photo tags truly honor this milestone birthday and are sure to elicit oohs and aahs from your guests.

80th Birthday Party Favors Photo Tags

Give the gift of memories.  Pictures speak volumes, so consider a party favor ready to be filled with personal photos.  There are several options available that are sure to become treasured keepsakes.

Photo Frame 80th Birthday Party Favors

Coasters are another way to incorporate photos into your celebration.  A special memory from an unforgettable 80th birthday party.

Happy birthday 80 name and photo paper coasters
80th birthday party photo collage black square paper coaster
Happy birthday 80th name and photo paper coasters

Photo frames could be filled with pictures of the Honoree at various times of life, displayed on a table, and given to each departing guest.  The attention to detail on this table is undeniable.

Photo Centerpiece 80th Birthday Party Favors

If you favor sophistication, consider staging gourmet chocolates and a meaningful photo tied with beautiful ribbon for an upscale look.  All you need is a little creativity and a meaningful personal touch.  

80th Birthday Party Favors Photo Presentation

Perfect time to share your cookies.

Celebrate one of life's biggest events with edible 80th birthday party favors.  Taking time to customize favors with names, dates, photos, or text will make a lasting impression.  Favors should also reflect your Honoree's interests and personality.  These delectable birthday favors are always a favorite and will make the celebration a little sweeter.

One smart cookie.  These cookies will help you become the hostess who takes unique 80th birthday party favors to the next level.  These custom cookies are so original and so yummy.  

Zazzle 80th Birthday Party Favors Cookies
Zazzle 80th Birthday Party Favors Photo Cookies
Zazzle 80th Birthday Party Favors Personalized Cookies

The perfect showcase for your baked goods.  This rustic 3-tiered stand presents your favorite cookies with style.  The simple pink ribbon is a great accessory.

80th Birthday Party Favors Cookies

Photo courtesy of the knot

Bag up your home-made or favorite cookies and share them with friends and family.

This cookie favor is sure to score a hole in one with your favorite golfer.  These treats will have you on par for tee-rific 80th birthday party favors.

Golf 80th Birthday Party Favors

It's all very simple.  This diy presentation captures the magic of simplicity with a delicious chocolate chip cookie.

Cookie Display 80th Birthday Party Favors

A sign of the times.  All roads lead to a happy guest with these sweet treats.

Cookie on a Stick 80th Birthday Party Favors

Our favorite 80th birthday party favors.

Your celebration is all about the guest-of-honor so the favors are no exception.  If your 80-year-old loves to read, consider giving your guests a bookmark.  For the coffee-lover, specialty coffee packets make an excellent choice.  If you are unsure, consider one of these clever ideas.

Honey, I'm home.  Bee a good hostess and send your guests home with a little jar of honey.  This three-tiered rustic display will have your guests a-buzz.

Honey 80th Birthday Party Favors

Grandpa's favorites.  This is a great example of keeping it all about the Honoree.  Each place setting has a copy of the Honoree's favorite song, "Great Is Thy Faithfulness", and a bag of salt water taffy with a note thanking guests.

Favorite Things 80th Birthday Party Favors

Small favors with a big thank you for celebrating.

Give your guests a favor they will use and enjoy for years to come.  Create this one of a kind recipe box filled with Grandma's favorite recipes.  Your guests will think of Grandma every time they prepare one of these good old fashioned home cooked recipes.

Recipe Box 80th Birthday Party Favors

Share the family's favorite recipes.

Grandma's Best Recipes Photo Cookbook Notebook
Family Tree Traditional Recipe Spiral Notebook
Vintage Chalkboard Family Cookbook Recipe Notebook

Dress up any favor with thank you stickers.

Burlap sacks were once a familiar sight.  Filled with nostalgic treats makes fanciful and decidedly 80th birthday party favors. 

Burlap 80th Birthday Party Favors

Send guests home with special treats in stylish favor boxes.

These thank you gifts could not be missed.  We love how the 80th birthday theme is echoed in the way the party favors are wrapped.  

Colorful 80th Birthday Party Favors

Pass it on.  Share Grandma's favorite recipes with the entire family.  What a treat for guests to take home a collection of Grandma's best dishes.

Recipe Cards 80th Birthday Party Favors

Photo courtesy of Smitten Photography Blog

Good things in small packages allow guests to have their cake and eat it later, too.  Give your guests the favor of sending home a sweet treat in a cupcake box dressed to the nines. 

Cupcake 80th Birthday Party Favors

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