Barnyard Birthday Party

A barnyard birthday party is one of the most popular themes for younger children.  There are unlimited possibilities from invitations and cakes to games and favor choices.  Along with some creative party ideas that caught our eye, we would like to share our own grandson's barnyard themed party.  We hope you find a barnyard bash here that you can crow about and your farmhands will be talking about til the cows come home.

The farm or barnyard birthday party theme can be expressed in the simplest of things; essentials for us are farm animals and of course a barn. Subtle changes to the food and packaging of the party favors are small details that are achievable and help make the party theme special and memorable. 

A birthday comes only once a year!  
Find barnyard birthday party ideas here that
are something to crow about.

Sprucing up the entrance to the farmhouse is the best way to get a day at the farm off to a perfect start. We love this wreath idea that makes it clear that a future farmer lives here.  All you need is a straw wreath, a few large packs of balloons, and floral pins.

Photo courtesy of Duct Tape and Hot Glue

Farm Birthday Invitations

Get ready for bushels of fun.
Set the mooooo-d and the theme with barnyard birthday party invitations that celebrate a special birthday down on the farm.

Farm Birthday Party Decorations

These barn doors became the focal point of our barnyard birthday party.  We used a box from a furniture store, cut it to the desired size, and spray painted red.  White butcher paper was then applied to resemble boards.  Bales of hay were placed in front of the barn doors to create the perfect setting for photos.

E - I - E - I - O.
A balloon tower is truly a magical work of art that makes a big statement at a child's birthday party.  We thought this decoration was much too difficult to tackle ourselves, but decided to give it a whirl.  Not only was it easier than we thought, the end result was fabulous.

First we attached a flange into a square piece of wood.  We then screwed our pipe into the flange to form the base of the balloon tower.

Next, we inflated two red balloons and two yellow balloons and tied the end of each one. For best results, all balloons should be uniform in size.  Tie the two red balloons together at the ends, and tie the two yellow balloons together at the ends.  Then twist the four balloons together, so that the red balloons are directly opposing each other. Slide these four balloons onto the base of the column.  Repeat this process with four more balloons to create a spiral pattern.  Continue until the pipe is covered.  

We then topped it all off with a bouquet of balloons.  Other fun options to consider could include large animal balloons or tractors.

More balloon ideas...

Quack-quack here & oink-oink there.
With the barnyard birthday party theme, animals play an important role.  So we turned paper lanterns into party animals using craft foam.  We used glue to adhere the animal features onto the lanterns.  Ribbon was attached to the top of the lanterns for hanging.

Cut & paste.

This centerpiece would be a welcome addition to any barnyard birthday party tablescape and is so easy to do.  The numbers, animals and features were cut from craft foam.

First, glue the facial features to each animal cut-out.  Then glue two of the same animal faces together to make them two sided so they will be pretty from both sides of the table. We also glued in wooden dowels of various heights in between the animal faces.

A Mason jar covered with burlap tucked inside the mouth of the jar served as the vase.  We then tied red rafia around the jar and inserted a cow, pig, and the number 2.

More Ideas...

Bloom where you are planted.
Bring bursts of color to your farm theme with beautiful sunflowers and a red bandanna.  If your celebration is held outdoors, hang similarly filled jars from trees or shepherd's hooks.

Farmer's table.
We used a square piece of cardstock paper that looked like burlap as a charger to make each place setting special.  It added another element to the table as well as complementing the barnyard birthday theme.

Reaping the rewards of a birthday.
Every birthday party needs a place where guests can place and display their gifts.  This gift table is the perfect solution featuring a barn table cover and a sign that states the table's purpose.

Photo courtesy of Home on the Range Exchange

Barnyard Birthday Cake

Old MacDonald had a cupcake.
We wanted this whole party to look like it just spilled out of Old MacDonald's farm.  And on that farm there had to be a chicken, pig, and cow cupcake.

Down on the farm.
This cake is a great illustration of life on the farm.  Every bit of it is edible with fondant animals and a Rice Krispie silo.

Photo courtesy of Crazy About Cakes

Udderly delicious.
Moo-ve over cake and make room for cupcakes.  Place cupcakes in the shape of a cow and decorate.  Serving is easy with pull apart cupcakes.

Pent up goodness.
These cake pops are a visual spectacle.  Kids will plow right into these piglet and chick cake pops smothered in icing and corralled in a pen.

Farm Food

Feeding time.
A fun cow printed tablecloth covered the surface for easy clean up.  Small bales of hay provided elevation for our farm home cooking.  The animal cupcakes became the focal point of the table.  The rest of the table was filled in with other snacks for easy grazing.

Practical & pretty.
Nothing will do more to liven up your barnyard birthday party refreshments than miniature hay bales and colorful bandannas.  The key is to make your table look inviting with plenty of self-serve elements.

Hog wild.
This little piggy went to the watermelon patch and came back full of fruit.  

The new look was accomplished with pink accents, dancing eyes, and the cutest pink tail.

The skill level of this diy task is easy and a clever way to attract kids to a healthy snack.     

Fresh from the farm.
We covered a styrofoam ball with burlap fabric and placed it in a bowl covered with a farmers handkerchief.  The skewers of fruit were added symmetrically for easy serving.  Apples, grapes, and strawberries were not only enjoyed by the kids, but the adults too.

Squash the sweets, serve veggies.
Rows of cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, and cherry tomatoes are ready for picking.  A yellow sweet pepper filled with vegetable dip completes the garden.

Photo courtesy of Across The Branch

Sweet corn.
Make your own ears of sweet corn.  Iced cookies hold the M&M's or Skittles in place to form the kernels of corn, while fruit roll-ups serve as husks.  

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Lynn

How does your garden grow?
Here, patches of carrots (clear bags of goldfish) have taken root and are ready to harvest.  The clear container filled with brown tissue paper gives young children a picture of how carrots grow.

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Designs On Line

You may be seated.
We set two 8 foot tables with red tablecloths in the shape of a V.  The guest of honor was seated safely in his high chair at the head of the tables.

Barnyard power.
Perfectly suited for farmhouse entertaining.  The layers of various textures is the key to this successful tablescape.  Burlap, hay, shiny metal pails, wooden boxes, and animal balloons work beautifully together to create a warm and comfortable table.

Farm Themed Birthday Party Activities

Life on the farm.
There is always something to do on a farm.  Plan enough activities to keep the farmhands happy, but not so many that they become overwhelmed.

Award prizes to all participants.  Pick out items that relate to the barnyard birthday party theme and appropriate for boys or girls.

Duck pond.
This game continues the farm theme and is age appropriate.  Catch a duck and win a prize.

Photo courtesy of Life is a Party


Photo Booth Ideas

More Fun & Games. . .

Hay ride.
Invite little guests to hop aboard a wagon filled with hay for a ride in the country.  Good old fashioned fun that even the smallest guest would enjoy.

Pony rides.
Allow children to ride off into the sunset on a real or fake pony.

Barnyard animal sounds contest.
Organize a contest to determine who can make the most realistic barnyard animal sounds.

Egg hunt.
Children will be thrilled at another chance to hunt eggs, but this time use pails instead of baskets.

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Farm Birthday Party Favors

Barnburning favor idea.
Children will go hog wild over these party favors.  We filled a clear cellophane bag with a barnyard coloring book, crayons, and candy.  The bag was tied with red raffia and placed in a basket lined with a red farmers handkerchief.  The burlap bow was a big hit with the Moms and the red barn was a big hit with the kids.

Lollipop arrangement.
We love this red barn tin can filled with delicious animal lollipops.  Shaped lollipops are always a favorite barnyard birthday party treat for kids of all ages.

Unique favor presentation.
This corral is simply bursting with farm animals to be petted and carried home.  The cow print sign adds the finishing touch while also thanking guests for coming.

Barn red bandanna.
Red paisley print bandannas are a staple for a barnyard birthday party.  This favor idea provides a colorful gift and another opportunity to use these tried and true kerchiefs. 

Howdy partners.
Send little farmers home with eggs fresh from the henhouse.  What a surprise when they crack open the eggs to find goodies and treats.

Cowpoke treat.
Round up the cowpokes for a jarful of fun.  Fill mason jars with surprises wrapped in tissue paper, topped with squares of cow print fabric and name tags.

Photo courtesy of One Thousand+ Gifts

Farm favorite.
Finish the barnyard birthday party on a sweet note with sugar cookie favors.  These farm inspired cookies placed in cellophane bags provide a yummy take home treat.

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