Pool Birthday Party Theme

The pool birthday party theme is packed full of cool ways to celebrate.  When the theme provides the framework for the party, that's really all the inspiration you need.  Dive right into decorations, party favors and water games that will make your pool party a big splash.  And remember to look for ways to make the party unique with your own creative party ideas.  

Pool Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Safety first!  Be sure to have plenty of responsible adult supervision at poolside.  Whether the kids can swim or not, there should be plenty of eyes watching the pool at all times.  Once the safety concerns have been handled, plan a day in the sun that is fun for everyone.

Pool Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

While the purpose of birthday party invitations is practical, they get more attention when they're stylish, reflect the theme, and focus on the birthday boy or girl.  Take a look at the invitation ideas here that do it all.

Pool Party Birthday Invitation
Boys Pool Party Birthday Chalkboard Invitation
Birthday Pool Party Invitation Pink

These invitations are personal and
impactful with photographs.

Pool party birthday photo invitation for girl
Flamingo Pool Party Invitation Tropical Flamingo
Pool party invitation Flamingo Tropical Pineapple
Pool birthday invitation Pool party splash invite
Shark Infested Any Age Photo Birthday Party Invitation
Splish Splash Pool Birthday Invitation

Pool Party Birthday Supplies

Make things easy on yourself by ordering a kit packed with birthday supplies.  With one purchase, you'll get party supplies that highlight your chosen theme in colors that coordinate perfectly.  And with all that time saved, you can enjoy filling in with unexpected surprises that elevate the fun just a bit.

These personalized party supplies are next level.
Click on the picture below for details.

Cute Kids Mini Pool Birthday Party Paper Plates
Cute Girl in Unicorn Float Kids Party Supplies Paper Plate

Pool Party Sign

Decorate the front yard to welcome guests and say "Here's the party!"  Welcoming yard signs are the perfect way to give guests a glimpse of the fun to come.  The designs can vary greatly, but keeping the message short and sweet and true to theme is the best route to take.

These birthday yard signs are customizable.
Pick your favorite design and write your own message.

Birthday Pool Party Float Yard Sign
Pool Party Blue Water Red Tube Custom Sign
Cute Rainbow Unicorn Pool Birthday Party Welcome   Sign

Pool Birthday Party Theme

Many birthday party themes are a natural fit for a pool party.  Sharks, flamingos, beaches, and mermaids are easy to incorporate into a water themed birthday.  Click on the paper plates below that show off various themes to their best advantage with personalized details.

Pool Party

Pool Party Birthday Paper Plates in Primary Colors


Flamingo Pool Party Paper Tropical Pool Party Paper Plate


Blue Shark Cute Kids Sea Life Birthday Pool Party Paper Plate


Beach party paper plate

Baby Shark

Birthday Baby Shark Party Paper Plate


Cute Mermaid Girl Beach Custom Kid Birthday Party Paper Plate

Pool Birthday Party Decorations

With the carefree, festive vibe of a pool party, it only takes a few party decorations to say let's party.  So, it's important that the ones that you do choose make a big splash.  From banners to balloons, the same basic party decorations are still right at home at an outdoor party (with an unexpected twist here and there).

Birthday banners can be seen from anywhere,
even the swimming pool.

When it's time to switch from swimming to celebrating,
make sure the table decor says Happy Birthday. 

When decorating for a pool birthday party, outline the party space with balloons.  Float single balloons, spell out a message, or use bouquets...it's up to you.

Floating balloons in the pool is a fun idea
and did you know that some balloons have lights?

Along comes a balloon party idea that is so unique,
you simply cannot pass it up.  This is it...

Shark Bite Any Age Birthday Party Balloon
Pool Party Birthday Girl Cute Custom Swimming Balloon
Custom Photo Birthday Balloon - Medium

Fun Pool Birthday Party Ideas

Have you ever noticed how excited a kid gets when they see a magnificent float in the pool?  The more creative the floats are, the more excited the kids will be.  Have plenty of floats on hand of all shapes and sizes, so that everyone can join in on the fun.

Music with a pool birthday party theme.
Keep kids entertained with the favorite tunes of summer.  Music instantly establishes a party atmosphere and the kids will feel like they are a part of something exciting...so crank up the jam.

Set up a sunscreen station.
Not only do you need to be super careful about pool safety, sun protection is important too.  Set up a sunscreen station, so that parents have easy access to sunscreen for their kids.  These clever signs are ideal to remind parents that sunscreen is available for the taking.  Click on the signs below for more details...

Girls Pool Party Birthday Sign
Boys Pool Party Birthday Sign

Set up a cooling station with plenty of
umbrellas or tents for shade.

Set up a drink station.
Providing drinks in a grab and go setting makes for less hands-on time for Mom.  Mark the spot with a festive sign that lets kids and parents know that they are welcome to a refreshing beverage whenever they like.  Click on the signs below for more details...

Girls Pool Party Cooling Station Birthday Sign
Boys Pool Party Cooling Station Birthday Sign

Make a splash with personalized water bottle wraps.

One-of-a-kind water bottle wraps that you design yourself. 

Boys Pool Party Birthday Water Bottle Label
Pool Party Birthday Water Bottle Label
Pool Party Birthday Water Bottle Label

Inflatable coolers that will wow thirsty guests...

Set up an ice cream station.
Ice cream is a staple at birthday parties and kids love it.  It's the perfect treat at a pool party when a quick dip in the pool erases all the drips and sticky mess.  Whether you choose ice cream cups or cones, allowing kids to top their own with rainbow sprinkles is a sweet idea.

Click on the ice cream station signs below
that are affordable and noticeable... 

Girls Pool Party Ice Cream Station Birthday Sign
Boys Pool Party Ice Cream Station Birthday Sign

Pool party photo booth ideas.
You simply can't let the day go by without recording the memories.  Set up a photo worthy designated area or booth to snap pictures.  Since kids are no stranger to saying cheeeeese, they will love the opportunity to ham it up with selfie frames and playful props.

Party Favors for Pool Birthday Party

There is nothing more gratifying than presenting an excited kid a festively wrapped bag of treats as they head home.  As you can see here, it doesn't have to break the bank...

Click on the signs below to
thank guests for swimming by!

Girls Pool Party Birthday Favor Sign
Boys Pool Party Birthday Favor Sign

Pick a party favor container...

Add the goodies...

Looking for instant fun...water blasters.

Pool Birthday Party Games for Kids

Party games in the pool are usually loud, it's hard to keep a good time quiet!  Submerge yourself in games that reflect the pool birthday party theme and best fit your age group.  Most games designed for pool use are affordable, easy to play, and can be used again after the party is over.  Be sure to have everything you need at poolside and let the games begin. 

Pool ring toss.

Pool birthday party theme cornhole game that floats.

Battle log raft.

Pool volleyball.

Pool Birthday Party Food Ideas

With all the excitement that a pool birthday party theme offers, serving the food is a good time to stop for a moment and focus on the birthday boy or girl.  For example, hit the pause button when it's time to present the birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday.  And don't be surprised by increased appetites, when kids get out of the pool they're starved.

Swimming pool party cake ideas.

Pool party cupcakes.

Pool party cookies.

Pool party fruit ideas.

A pool birthday party theme calls for an awesome t-shirt.  It's a great way to call attention to the birthday boy or girl and every kid wants to look cool at their birthday party.  Plunge right into these personalized t-shirts that are comfortable and full of creativity.

Cute Pool Party Birthday Girl Custom Name T-Shirt
Donut Flamingo Birthday Girl Pool Party Adorable Toddler T-shirt
Cat on Flamingo with Pineapple Birthday Pool Party T-Shirt

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