Kids Baseball Birthday Party Ideas

These kids baseball birthday party ideas are all about the love of the game.  The baseball theme itself offers an instant game plan in throwing a party filled with homerun design elements.  From baseball themed birthday party supplies to fun games to keep them entertained, focus on creating a party atmosphere that shows there's no place like HOME.  Life is short, play ball.

Kids baseball birthday party ideas
that prove hustle and heart sets us apart.

Throw a birthday party that is as exciting as the World Series.  Keep the baseball theme in centerfield and make the play with decorations, games, food and party favors that are sure to be a big hit.  Whether you choose to use them just as they are or mix and match to create original ideas of your own, we hope you find all the inspiration you need here.


Kids baseball birthday party ideas for invitations.
Birthday party invitations carry a big responsibility.  They provide all the necessary information that the guests need to be well informed of the fun to come.  Take a look at these baseball themed invitations that are sure to score a grand slam.

Baseball Theme Birthday Invitation

Baseball Ticket Pass Birthday Invitation Blue Red
Baseball; Black and Dark Gray Stripes Invitation

Photo Baseball Invitations

Baseball Rookie Card Birthday Invite
ANY AGE - Baseball Birthday Photo Invitation
Red|Blue Ticket Style Baseball Birthday Party Invitation
Baseball Photo All Star Sports Party Birthday Invitation
Baseball Photo Birthday Party Invitations
Chalkboard Baseball Photo Birthday Invitation


Baseball Themed Birthday Party Supplies

Make the baseball theme work in your favor when selecting birthday party supplies.  It's an easy call when you highlight the birthday boy or girl, emphasize their favorite pastime and choose colors that complement your chosen palette.  Take a look at these kids baseball birthday party ideas that will make the winning play.

Rookie of the Year Ideas

Custom baseball banners.
Festive signage is a great way to get the word out with a unique twist.  These baseball themed banners are fully customizable with name, age, text and photographs.  From sliding into home to making an impressive catch, guests will be impressed to see a personalized birthday banner with the birthday boy or girl in action.

Baseball Ball Bunting Flags Red Photo Birthday Banner
Personalized Baseball Happy Birthday Banner
Vintage Red and Navy Baseball Scoreboard Birthday Banner

Hanging Decorations

Personalized birthday balloons.
Arrange the balloons at different heights throughout the party space using weights to hold them securely.  Lucky for you, balloons are easy on the wallet and are always noticed.

Baseball Fan Birthday Personalized Balloon
Baseball Stitching Design Balloon
Baseball Boy Birthday Balloon

Vintage baseball theme party.
For a retro baseball look, think vintage.  From personalized banners to favor boxes and bags, take a look at these inspiring ways to make everything old new again.

Personalized Super Cool Vintage Baseball Banner
Personalized Vintage Baseball Party Favors Boxes
Favor Bags

Get your party drinks ready for the big game.
Active kids get thirsty, so set up a place to serve party drinks that is convenient for the guests.  Accessorize the drinks with a festive striped straw or drink wrapper that reflects the baseball theme.  Make it easy on yourself by setting the drink station up ahead of time and keeping refills nearby, so it's as low maintenance as possible. 


Baseball Drinking Cups for Kids

Personalized Bottles of Water

Vintage Americana Navy & Red Baseball Birthday Water Bottle Label
Baseball Personalized Birthday Water Bottle Label
Baseball Birthday Water Bottle Labels

Baseball themed door decorations.
The quickest way to make a good first impression is to start with the first pitch.  Welcome guests with a baseball themed door wreath that is everything baseball.

More Welcoming Kids Baseball Birthday Party Ideas...

Best Baseball Theme Songs
Get everyone game ready with baseball party music...  

Take Me Out To The Ball Game
We Will Rock You
We Are The Champions
Eye Of The Tiger


Create your own custom baseball.
If you're looking for kids baseball birthday party ideas that will get the guests excited from the minute they arrive, these personalized baseballs are it!  Make them a lot more personal with a monogram, name, team picture or slogan.  Sure to become a treasured keepsake.

YOUR PHOTOS custom collage baseball
Custom baseball with personalizable name or slogan
Custom Baseball with Name Number Photo Kids

Baseball Birthday Party Favors

Out hustle. Out work. Out play.  The fastest way to make your baseball birthday party favors a hit is to add elements of the theme wherever you can.  From foam fingers to baseball eggs filled with candy, these kids baseball birthday party ideas will be well worth the extra effort.

Baseball Tattoo

Baseball Birthday Goodie Bags

Baseball Themed Birthday Party Food

These kids baseball birthday party ideas keep the food fun and kid friendly.  Serve favorites that the kids all know and love...and poof, they'll be gone.  Choose crowd favorites that are designed to be eaten on the go and keep portions child sized.  Hold condiments until it's time to serve, kids tend not to be flexible on what they will and will not eat.  


Take a look at these disposable containers
that make cleanup a breeze.

Hit it out of the ballpark with these mini helmets
that are ideal for serving ice cream and party snacks.

Baseball party snack ideas.
Give me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks...look for baseball themed snacks to give your birthday party an authentic ballpark vibe.  

Cracker Jacks, 1 Ounce (Pack of 24)17%

Baseball party concession stand.
Help set the ballpark theme with a concession stand.  Kids will be impressed with the idea of "ordering" what they want all on their own.  It's an easy way to satisfy picky eaters.   

Baseball birthday party games for kids.
Fun and games begins with a favorite game, staged to reflect the theme, and prizes that are age  appropriate.  Of course, the obvious choice for a kids baseball birthday party would be a friendly game of baseball.  If that is not a practical choice, consider musical chairs with the music of Take Me Out To The Ball Game playing or perhaps a scavenger hunt searching for baseball themed items.


A pinata is a kids dream...with adult permission they get to hit the pinata as hard as they can and if they hit it hard enough they are rewarded with candy and prizes.  Yes, it sounds like a dream come true.  Remember to have children stand safely away to avoid injury.

Photo props.
What better way to capture the moment than with a special baseball themed photo opt.  Add in some props and let the kids have a ball posing as the Allstar they believe they are.  Send the pictures home with each guest.  Want to take this party idea one step further?  Plan an activity time making photo frames for the pictures.  It doesn't have to be complicated, cardstock decorated with baseball embellishments is just perfect.

Baseball Sports Theme Baby Shower Backdrops

Baseball photo album scrapbook.
Celebrate the love of baseball and your little guy's birthday with a photo album scrapbook.  Available in different sizes and styles, consider making a scrapbook of your birthday party to reflect on after the party is over or years later.

Baseball Scrapbook | Sport Worart Photo Album 3 Ring Binder
Avery Mini Binder
Red, White and Black Personalized Baseball Binder

Custom baseball lineup cards.
The easiest way to make your party theme come alive is to make it personal to the guests.  There's not a successful baseball player (in their mind if nothing else) alive that would not love their very own baseball card.  Take a look at these options that will make everyone feel like an Allstar.

Personalize Basball Cards
Personalize Basball Cards
Customizable Trading Cards
Customizable Trading Cards
Custom Baseball Trading Card
Custom Baseball Trading Card

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