Football Themed Birthday Party

Get ready to score big and kick off the ultimate celebration with a football themed birthday party.  From goalpost decorations to jersey-clad guests, here you will find touchdown worthy party ideas.  Whether you're a die-hard fan of the sport or just looking for an exciting way to celebrate, this party theme is sure to kick up some fun.

Football Themed Birthday Party

From the moment guests step onto the "field" to the final whistle, the atmosphere will be charged with the excitement of the game.  So, let's huddle up and create lasting memories with a football extravaganza like no other.

Football birthday party invitations.

The party details are set, the game plan is in motion, and all that's missing is the guests.  Send out a compelling invitation that will have them doing a victory dance in anticipation of the fun to come.  

Hike, hike - a handwritten
football birthday party invitation...

Football birthday party supplies.

Introducing the ultimate game-changer for your upcoming football themed birthday party – all-inclusive football party kits!  With a winning combination of themed tableware, banners, balloons, and more, these kits take the stress out of party planning, allowing you to focus on the fun.

Personalized party supplies.

We believe that every celebration should be as unique as the guest of honor, and that's why we love customizable decorations, favors, and more.  Imagine your little MVP's name and favorite team's colors beautifully integrated into banners, cups, and even cake toppers.  Simply add personal details and choose your favorite colors, then transfer the design you created to as many party supplies as you like...

Zazzle Football Themed Birthday Party Supplies
Zazzle Football Themed Birthday Party First Year Down Supplies
Zazzle Football Themed Birthday Party Personalized Supplies

Football themed first birthday party.
First year down...

Two years down...

Football Birthday Party Decorations


These centerpieces are designed to infuse the party tables with the energetic spirit of the game. From adorable football player figurines to decorative paper lanterns, mix and match your favorites to make the theme front and center.

Table runner.

Score a touchdown of style and excitement at your party tables with football-themed table runners.  From yard lines and goalposts to football patterns that mirror the real thing, these runners provide the perfect backdrop for all your party snacks and treats.


Add a pop of fun and color to your kid's birthday celebration with a vibrant assortment of balloons.  Whether you're creating an eye-catching balloon arch, decorating with balloon bouquets, or simply scattering them around for a playful touch, let your imagination soar.

Win BIG with a balloon arch...

Paper lanterns.

Hanging decorations are the perfect way to infuse the spirit of the game into every corner of your celebration.  With their vibrant colors and iconic shapes, these paper lanterns will set a scene that's as dynamic as the game itself.

Football birthday banner.

These custom banners are designed to celebrate your child's special day in a way that's uniquely theirs, combining their name with football motifs, team colors, and vibrant graphics. It's like having their very own championship celebration.

Football birthday shirt.

Birthdays are all about celebrating the individual, and what better way to do that than with a unique shirt designed just for them.  It's not just a shirt; it's a statement of honor and a marker of their special milestone.

Football themed birthday party signs.

From directing guests to where to place their gift to identifying food stations, these signs ensure that everyone knows exactly where the fun is happening.  The modern design here features clear labeling and highlights the theme perfectly...

Yard signs.

Score extra points with personalized yard signs.  They not only welcome guests with a festive spirit, but also ensure everyone finds their way to the celebration.  Take a look at these creative options...

Football Themed Birthday Party Games

Field goal contest.

Picture a mini-football field set up in your backyard, complete with goalposts and a designated kicker's spot.  Players take turns attempting to kick a football through the uprights, just like their favorite NFL heroes. Cheers erupt with each successful field goal, and even the misses bring laughter and encouragement from the sidelines.

Looking for a trick play?
Try a giant inflatable football...

Inflatable ring toss.

Take the classic ring toss game to a whole new level of fun and silliness.  Have a player sport a larger-than-life inflatable hat shaped like goal posts.  The mission? To become the ultimate target for their friends' not so perfectly thrown rings.  It's a hilarious sight to see as everyone tries their best to land the rings on the oversized target's inflatable hat.

What's the pinata forecast?
100% chance of raining candy and treats,
while laughter fills the air.

Flag football.

Get ready to hit the "gridiron" in your own backyard or a nearby park.  As the game kicks off, the kids sprint, dodge, and strategize, all while trying to score touchdowns by capturing their opponents' flags.  Designate a couple of referees (parents) to call the game and the chatter will last long after the final whistle blows.

Pin the football on the goalpost...

Toss game.

Young partygoers take turns trying to throw a football through these targets, aiming for that perfect bullseye. Laughter and cheers erupt with each successful throw, as players compete to rack up the highest score.


When planning crafts for a kids' birthday party, consider the age group, theme of the party, and the materials you'll need.  Whether it's decorating picture frames, painting rocks, creating friendship bracelets, or designing their own masks, the options are endless.

Photo opt.

Set up a designated area for photos and encourage young football enthusiasts to strike their best game day poses. They can pretend to throw a touchdown pass, make a victory dance, or act out their favorite football player's moves.  Consider awarding prizes for the most creative, funniest, or toughest look.

Life size cut-outs.

Position the cut-outs strategically throughout the party area. They can be placed near the entrance to welcome guests, by the food table, or even near the activities area.   If the birthday child has a favorite football player or team, try to find life-size cut-outs of those players.  Encourage kids and guests to take photos with the football player cut-outs.  Offer props like jerseys, footballs, or pom-poms for added fun.


Cupcakes are a fantastic choice for a kids' birthday party because they're easy to serve, come in various flavors, and can be creatively decorated.  Take a look at these toppers, wrappers, and picks that will have your cupcakes in victory formation.

Serve cupcakes like they are
making an appearance at the Super Bowl!


Water bottle labels come in various designs, colors, and themes, making them a versatile choice for personalizing bottled drinks.  They are easy to apply and are designed to fit around standard-sized water bottles.  During the game, consider appointing a water boy to keep players hydrated.

Football themed kits.

From cupcake wrappers and gift tags to decorative straws and water bottle labels, these kits are packed with everything needed to transform your party venue into a miniature football stadium.  And it's all perfectly coordinated for a football themed birthday party.

Inflatable coolers.

Score big with this innovative way of keeping your beverages refreshingly cold while celebrating your favorite team's victories.  They're functional and most of all FUN!

Huddle up to decide.
Reusable or disposable cups...

Snack containers.

These snack containers, decked out in football motifs and colors, are a practical way to serve a variety of game day snacks.  Choose the container that best fits your menu, without the hassle of cleanup.

Football birthday party food ideas.

Creative serving pieces not only enhance the football theme, but also make the food and snacks part of the entertainment.  Start your collection of football themed birthday party serving pieces now and use them later at snack time or during football season.

Are you ready for some football
themed favor boxes and bags?

Football birthday party favors.

Just as in the world of sports, these party favors serve as tokens of gratitude to the little MVPs in attendance. From football-shaped whistles and sports-themed stickers to team-colored goodies and personalized keepsakes, these favors will have kids leaving with smiles as big as their favorite football heroes.

When you're a fan of football and candy...

It's a wrap...

Go for extra points with personalization...

Zazzle Football Themed Birthday Party Photo Wrapping Paper
Zazzle Football Themed Birthday Party Name Wrapping Paper
Zazzle Football Themed Birthday Party Wrapping Paper

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