DIY Candle Wedding Favor

A DIY candle wedding favor couldn't be simpler to achieve, so think about the details.  Small touches make a huge difference in the look of a candle and needn't take up much time or effort.  Candles look good displayed in everything from recycled tin cans to china cups.  While plain white candles work with any decor, color adds an extra decorative dimension.  Keep the overall look delightfully pretty and stick to stylish accessories.  Making candle wedding favors is a personal way to give of yourself a token gift with glowing results.

Make it yours.  DIY Candle Wedding Favors.

Candle wedding favors can be displayed in all manner of ways, so choose something that works with your wedding decor.  While tealight wedding favors are the cheapest and humblest candles of them all, they can be the most effective when displayed in mass.  Wine bottles filled with taper candles is a relatively new idea that favors recycling that guests will love to take home.  Whatever pretty elements you choose, thanking guests with a diy candle wedding favor will cast a magical glow and fit perfectly with any wedding theme.

Bright idea.
The candlelight gives a warm, ambient glow to this rustic tablescape.  Dressing up Mason jars with burlap, buttons, jute, and ribbons only adds to the centerpiece and makes a pretty wedding favor.

DIY Candle Wedding Favor Jars

Photo courtesy of Brinton Studios

Mason jar lanterns.
This diy candle wedding favor idea keeps everything naturally burning brightly.  Mason jar lanterns are a good way to share candlelight with all your wedding guests, while the tag adds a personal touch. 

DIY Candle Wedding FAvor Lanterns

Photo courtesy of Faithdesired Photography

Something old, something new.
Recycle empty wine bottles into candle wedding favors.  Repurposing something old into something fresh and new is a nice thing to do. 

DIY Candle Wedding Favor Wine Bottles

Photo courtesy of Kat Branam Photography

Add labels for a personal touch.

Candles and lace.
Lace continues to be a timeless, elegant, and classic choice, especially for brides who are looking for a vintage look.  Light up these lace wrapped Mason jars with votive candles or battery operated candles.

DIY Candle Wedding Favor Lace

Tin can candles.
These tin can candles scattered randomly around the table, bring an extra pop of color-great for this eye catching tabletop.  With very little cost involved, this diy project is as about as easy as it gets.

DIY Candle Wedding Favor Tin Cans

Photo courtesy of Katherine O'Brien Photography

Please be seated.
The purpose of this candle idea is two-fold.  One, it indicates the table where a guest is to be seated, and secondly, a take home wedding favor.  The clarity is evident, clear candle holders all tied up with a clear tag attached.             

Photo courtesy of Mango Studios

Candlelit thank you.
There are plenty of ways to say thank you.  This heartfelt message enhanced with diy candle wedding favors, as here, effectively express the overall sentiment in a rustic sort of way.

DIY Candle Wedding Favor Thank You

Photo courtesy of Bonfires And Wine

Personalized candlelight.
Brighten up your table setting with candlelight.  Here, personalized votive candles cast a lovely glow and create instant atmosphere.  Thoughtful touches like this are always noticed.

DIY Candle Wedding Favor Votives

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

Please light your candle.
Getting the setting right is crucial when it comes to creating a welcoming atmosphere.  This diy wedding candle favor display gets it all right.

DIY Candle Wedding Favor Table

Photo courtesy of Matthew Moore Photography

Wedding favor thank you.
Beautifully presented wedding favors provide the perfect finishing touch to making your big day complete.  So, decorate your homemade candles with personalized tags and attention grabbing decorative details.  

DIY Candle Wedding Favor Tag

Photo courtesy of Garden Therapy

Creative candlelight.
Here, candle filled cans have been suspended from branches as a pretty and practical way to bring candlelight to the reception.  Punching out creative designs on the cans adds an extra spark to this bright idea.

DIY Candle Wedding Favor Heart

Photo courtesy of The Bridal District

Candle inspiration.
Making wedding favors is easy to do and very appealing with this idea.  A vintage teacup is the perfect occasion for making the most of this diy candle wedding favor.   It doesn't matter if all the cup patterns match, that's all part of the vintage appeal.  Keep the color of the candles cohesive though.

DIY Candle Wedding Favor Teacups

Photo courtesy of Miss Renaissance

Simple steps to making candle wedding favors.

Design. . .
Choose your candle design.  Individual votive candles are probably the most popular, but shaped candles are a unique choice-hearts, pears, etc.  You are the creative force here, so be spectacular.   

Melt. . .
Soy wax is a popular choice when hand making candles.  The wax is melted in a double boiler on the stovetop, using the lowest setting on your stove.  Do not heat the wax on high heat because it will burn or possibly cause a fire.  When the wax is liquid, take off the heat and stir in candle dyes and fragrances.

Pour. . .
First of all, cut a wick and secure it with a dot of hot wax in the bottom of the container.  Slowly pour the melted wax into the votive of your choice making sure the wick stands straight up.  Let it cool and solidify.  Before burning, trim all the wicks to ┬╝ inch.  

Accessorize. . .
Wedding charms, personalized gift tags, color coordinated ribbon, or monogrammed votive candle holders, for example.  Or consider personal messages..."The light of our love will always burn bright" or "He is the flip to my flop" for a beach wedding favor.

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