Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas

Mermaid birthday party ideas should be shellebrated with magic and wonder.  Make a splash with themed birthday party supplies, games, and favors that any mermaid obsessed child would love.  Focus on the beauty under the sea with its colorful palette to transport kids to where the mermaids are. 

Mermaid Birthday Ideas

Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas

Channel your inner mermaid with a celebration filled with fantasy and surprise.  Imagine a world with plant life, fish, shells, and creatures where nothing is real and anything is possible.  Let's dive right into an ocean of fresh, new mermaid birthday party ideas...

Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas Cake

Mermaid birthday invitations.

The excitement begins when the invitation arrives.  As you can see here, there are a variety of ways to express the theme and personalization makes all the difference.

Fill in birthday party invites.

A hand-written invitation is timeless.  In today's modern world, taking the time to write in needed party details is a more personal approach in our fast-paced world.

Mermaid birthday party supplies.

From the plates and cups to the tablecloth and decorations, it all comes together here.  Each kit is different, so take a look at the descriptions to see exactly what is included.  It's an affordable and time saving solution to perfectly coordinated birthday party supplies.

The Little Mermaid birthday party.

Bring your child's Little Mermaid fantasy to life with an ocean of purple, teal, ocean blue, and pink.  It may all sound a little fishy, but these party supplies feature beloved characters of the movie and are color coordinated into one fintastic kit.

"Will you get your head out of the clouds and
back in the water where it belongs?" -- Sebastian

"Look at this stuff.  Isn't it neat?"" -- Ariel
Personalized party supplies...

Zazzle Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas Ariel

"What's that word again?" -- Ariel
Fill-in Little Mermaid invitations...

Pool mermaid themed birthday party.

What better place to embrace the theme than with a pool party?  Get the word out that some splishing and splashing is being planned with a personalized invitation.  Then repeat that same design throughout the rest of the party supplies to reinforce the theme.

Zazzle Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas Pool Party
Zazzle Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas Pool Splash
Zazzle Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas Pool Bash

Everything will go swimmingly with
beach balls, floats, and swim gear.

Mermaid swim suits.

Be a mermaid and make waves.  This swimwear complete with mermaid tails and accessories will help.

Mermaid themed tablescape.
In the picture below, notice how all the mermaid birthday party ideas work together to create a grand focal point.  The birthday cake anchors the table and serves as the centerpiece, while treats, beverages, and party favors make use of every inch of the table.  Different heights add interest and a common color theme unifies the tablescape.

Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas

Paper lanterns.

Get in over your head with festive hanging decorations.  We love these jellyfish lanterns that lend a festive vibe and make the ceiling part of the party decor.

Mermaid decorations for birthday party...


Small details can have a big impact.  Scatter starfish, sand dollars, and shells throughout the tablescape to continue the theme.

Balloon decor.

In the grand scheme of things, balloons have come a long way.  Take these impressive balloon displays for example, they are show stoppers and can be used in a variety of ways...behind a table, around a door, photo opt, etc.  Everything comes in a kit and you simply follow the instructions provided.

Balloon stand ups...


When it comes to arranging centerpieces, there is strength in numbers and variety.  Kids love to see things they are familiar with, so be sure to incorporate their favorite sea creatures.  Not all tables have to be decorated exactly the same, but keep the ocean vibe going throughout. 

Fish nets.

Layering in fishy design elements should make some waves.  Take fish nets for example, draped over tables or hung on a wall, they are especially fitting as mermaid decor for birthday party.


When it comes to kids birthday parties, garlands are a must.  Take a look at these unique garlands that demand to be seen wherever they're placed...backdrop for gift or food tables, part of a photo scene, or hung up just because they're pretty.

Yard signs.

Never under estimate the power of a playful yard sign.  As soon as the kids see it, their excitement soars and Moms love knowing they're in the right place.

Mermaid birthday party games.

Games and activities are a big part of our mermaid birthday party ideas.  And when entertaining kids, plan a combination of lively and quiet games.  Here are some our favorite game ideas to get you started...

Instant fun.

Mermaid tail sack race.

Looking for an outdoor birthday party game?  A sack race is as much fun to play as it is for the spectators to watch.  All you really need to play is a start line, finish line, and sacks or bags.  Take a look at these mermaid themed bags that keep the theme front and center.

A game of chance.
Scratch offs...

Toss game.

Mermaids will find a toss game far more appealing with a decorative target.  Adjusting the start line for younger players is a good way to keep the game fair for everyone.  

What's your mermaid name?

Seashell hunt.

This hide-and-seek game takes a bit of preparation, but it all pays off when guests arrive and it's time to play.  On your "go" command, players search for the seashells you hid before they arrived and the one who finds the most wins.

Looking for adventure?
Scavenger hunt games...

How many fish are in the sea?

For this game, you'll need a jar or fishbowl to fill with gummy fish, goldfish crackers, etc.  Count how many fish you put into the jar or fishbowl and write it down.  To play:  each player writes down their name and best guess as to how many fish are in the bowl.  The closest to the correct number wins.  These adorable cards and folding sign are the way to go...

Pin the tail on the mermaid...

Activity table.

Offer an assortment of arts and crafts and the kids and their imagination will do the rest...

Make mermaid jewelry.

Little mermaids will love this idea.  And you will love the convenience of these mermaid themed jewelry making kits.  There are gadgets and gizmos a-plenty...  

Beauty stations.

Go be a mermaid...the first step is to look like one.  Set up beauty stations to pamper guests with salon treatments.  What little girl doesn't want her hair and nails done?

Mermaid nail stickers...

Hair accessories.
Have you ever seen something so wonderful
in your entire life?...Ariel

Dress up.

Kids love to dress up and pretend.  These mermaid costumes caught our eye and we wanted to share them with you...


Anytime kids are given the opportunity to have their picture made and have a little fun, they are all in.  These mermaid themed backdrops and props may just be the encouragement they need...

Mermaid birthday outfit.

Celebrate the birthday girl with a special outfit.  Whether your little mermaid is a t-shirt girl or if fancy is her style, these cute ideas are trending.

Favor ideas.

Thank you for being a friend.  Send kids home with mermaid themed party favors.  It's a big deal for the kids and you will have fun mixing and matching your favorites..

Make candy part of your
mermaid birthday party ideas...

Favor boxes.

These pretty favor boxes are irresistible.  The smallest parting gift will look like a million bucks with any one of them and wrapping paper is out of the picture...


These showstopper embellishments make decorating cupcakes easier than it looks.  And who wouldn't love that?  

Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas Cupcake

Eye-catching cupcake stands...

Tent cards to label food or place cards at the table...

Serving pieces.

Themed serving pieces is probably the only way kids will notice how the food is served.  But once they see it, expect to use it again and again...

Here's a smart serving idea...

Think outside the juice box..
Kids like pretty drinks too...

You can't go wrong with a shell punch bowl...

Water bottle labels.

Who appreciates water more than a mermaid?  These water bottle labels are so wrapped up in the mermaid theme that a simple bottle of water becomes part of the experience.

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