Spa for Birthday

Spa for birthday?  Of course.  Kids really enjoy pretending to be adults, so give them a chance to be pampered and experience glam first hand.  This birthday party theme works great at home, so create your own sanctuary.  Set up beauty stations that girls can rotate through or place baskets in each girl's chair filed with everything needed.  Consider enlisting responsible teenagers to help make sure every guest gets the attention they deserve.

A spa for birthday calls for one-on-one
attention that is special and feels luxurious.

There are plenty of affordable ways to make your spa birthday memorable.  From manicures to facials, make sure each spa service is well planned.  Shop in advance to take advantage of special offers and sales.  It is quite likely that this will be their first spa experience, so they have no expectations.  Any pampering provided will be exciting and new.  


Spa Birthday Party Invitations for Kids

From the moment the invitation is opened, the anticipation of the fun to come begins.  Send invitations out two to three weeks prior to the party, so that guests have time to plan and anticipate.  Since a spa party is so personal, it's a good idea to include RSVP contact information to help you to be as prepared as possible.

Spa Party Kids Birthday Photo Invitation
Spa birthday invitation Manicures Salon Pink
Spa Manicure Pedicure Birthday Party invitations
Spa Nail Polish Birthday Invitations
Cute Spa Party Birthday Invitation
Girls Spa Invitation Pamper party Invite

Spa robes and slippers.
Make a great first impression by presenting each girl with a robe and flip flops (slippers).  Girls will enjoy wearing them while at the party and they make great take-home party favors, too.

Warning:  Excessive pampering may create little divas.

Manicure Party Ideas

One of the highlights of a kids spa party is the manicures.  Little girls adore the opportunity to pick their own nail color or decal.  Amp up the glam with choices of bold, glittery, shiny and pastel nail colors.  Remember to have nail care tools available (clippers, files, buffers) and hand lotion to provide the ultimate spa experience.   

Make your spa for birthday manicures
more fun with special nail accessories...

Nail perfection in a set...

Pedicure Birthday Party Ideas

Did we mention foot pampering?  Treat guest's feet to a soothing warm soak to cleanse the feet and add in a hint of bubble bath and fruit slices.  Scatter rose petals on a rug or towel to create a mood of serenity.  After all, part of the spa experience is how it makes you feel.

Put your best foot forward with toe nails painted in your favorite polish color.  Toe separators make it easy and it's just one more way to ensure the perfect pedi.

What better way to pamper the skin that with peel off masks, cucumber slices for eyes, and face cloth headbands.  Kids aren't as concerned about the results as they are in enjoying the process.

Take a look at these spa headbands that keep hair pulled away from the face for spa treatments and make adorable take-home favors to be worn long after the party is over.

Makeup and beauty area.
A make-over and the spa theme are made for each other.  Whether you choose to allow guests to do each others makeup or have someone do it for them, this will be so much fun.  To complete their look, offer temporary hair chalk or extensions as yet other ways for them to express their inner diva.

Spa Birthday Party Craft Ideas

Continue celebrating with spa themed crafts.  It's easy with make your own kits that include everything needed in one place.  From lip balm to jewelry, girls will have an absolute blast making and designing their own.

Flip flops.
If the shoe fits, make it.  Inexpensive flip flops decorated with ribbon are a clever spa for birthday craft idea.  Guests will love wearing them at the party and even more when they get to take them home.

Depending on the age of the party goers, a flip flops coloring page will take the theme one step further.

Jewelry making.
Accessories can be a girl's best friend.  And when girls are allowed to make their own jewelry, it becomes a lot more personal.  So simple and easy to do, each piece is as unique as the girl who designed it.  You provide everything needed and the girls bring their imagination and style...take a look at the jewelry making kits shown below.

More make your own kits...

Spa Birthday Party Decorations Ideas

It's best when the spa decorations focus on the theme and emphasize that someone special is having a birthday.  Select one or two colors and repeat throughout the party space.  Start from the moment guests arrive with a welcoming sign and then take the spa for birthday theme one step further with lipstick shaped balloons and party supplies.

Spa Party Welcome

Spa For Birthday Balloons And Supplies

Spa Birthday Party Food

You want spa birthday party food that will wow your guests, but not sure where to start?  From personalized water bottles to spa day cupcake toppers, these party food ideas will make an immediate impression.

Thanks to these out-of-the-box containers,
snacks take on a whole new vibe.

Take a look at these creative ways to sip.

Spa birthday party cupcake ideas.

Spa Birthday Party Favor Ideas

There are many different ways to say thank you to guests for being a part of your special day.  Finding something that the guests can use and really want is always the goal.  Fill treat bags with party favors that play up the spa theme and make a winning combination when gifted together.  We could all use a little more glamour in our lives, so get your spa for birthday inspiration here.

Cool and Girly Spa Party Lip Balm
Purple| Blue & Sparks| Nail Polish Custom Spa Lip Balm
Spa Party Colorful Birthday Girl Lip Balm

Spa Themed Birthday Party Games

Girls just wanna have fun and almost any game can be adapted to fit in with the spa for birthday theme.  Take a look at these spa themed games that are fun for all ages and easy to play.

Pin the cucumbers on the girl...

Who knows the birthday girl best quiz?

Girls birthday party photo shoot.
When guests have been pampered and are feeling their best, it's time for pictures.  All you need is a few props and some giggly girls to capture memories that will last forever.  Ready-made frames and props make it super simple.

Take a look at these birthday party photo shoot ideas.

Consider a fashion show to end the party on a high note.  A bedazzled curtain, exciting music and high fashion accessories are really all you need.  The girls will bring all the personality and attitude needed to rock the supermodel inside.  After the fashion show, keep the energy high by allowing the guests to pose for individual glamour shots.  These are great ways to entertain guests, capture the fun and celebrate an unforgettable day.

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