Bridal Shower Themes

Bridal shower themes combined with a careful selection of party details can establish a mood that captures your guests imagination and gives your party a life of its own.  Choosing a theme for the bridal shower can add an extra element of excitement and cohesiveness to the event.  

The theme gives clear direction for the decorations and entertainment,  and even the type of gifts needed.  Whether you are looking for a flirty and fun theme or ideas filled with tradition, there are countless bridal shower themes and ideas that will brighten your party and make everyone feel special. 

Bridal Shower Themes

Bridal shower themes as unique
as the people they celebrate.

Everyone loves a party.  There are as many kinds of bridal shower themes as there are people, so focusing on the bride or couple is the best inspiration in choosing a theme that captures a personality or style. 

Rustic Bridal Shower

Kitchen Theme.
Ideal for the bride whose gift registry consists mainly of kitchen gadgets.  Guests are asked to help stock the bride's kitchen.  Gifts can range from small appliances to measuring spoons.  Decorate with playful use of kitchen d├ęcor.  

Kitchen Bridal Shower Themed Centerpiece

Let's create a collection of memories.  Include recipe cards in the invitations for guests to share their favorite recipes.  Whether it's a secret family recipe or a dish that holds a special place in their heart, each contribution will be woven into a personalized cookbook for the bride.  As guests arrive, they place their favorite recipe in a personalized recipe book which is presented to the bride.

Retro Kitchen Theme.
Add a vintage flair to the traditional kitchen shower.  This housewife-themed shower takes its inspiration from the 1950's.  Vintage aprons, soda bottles, old-school cookbooks, milk glass vases, and housewares are a must to carry out this blast from the past theme.  Snap photos of each happy housewife behind an ironing board.  Say thanks with wooden spoon favors.

50's Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower
Retro Bridal Shower Photo Props

Photo courtesy of My Twin Lens Photography

Kitchen Apron and Utensils Paper Napkins
Stock the Kitchen Shower Party Napkins
Stock the Kitchen Bridal Shower Personalized Napkins

Bridal Brunch.
 A table of girlie foods that look good and taste great will complement this morning theme.  Most of the food selections are simple and easy to do it yourself for this laid-back affair.  It's always nice to bring a pretty and unexpected look to the serving of even the simplest food with plenty of serve yourself elements.

Bridal Shower Brunch Theme

Photo courtesy of Ceremony Magazine

Tiffany & Co Theme. 
This classy, glamorous theme is for the girly girl who loves all things pretty.  Taking its inspiration from the iconic jeweler and blue box, the logo is replaced with a Bride & Co logo.  Pour on the blue and the classic elegance to bring this theme to life.  Continue the sophistication by sending each guest home with a little blue box filled with sweets.

Tiffany Themed Bridal Shower Table
Tiffany Theme Bridal Shower Tablescape

Photos courtesy of Christine Johnson Photography

Garden Party Bridal Shower Theme.
Beautiful and simple.  This gorgeous garden setting is perfect for an outdoor bridal shower.  Flowers hanging by the dozens provide a romantic, feminine feel.  The tables are dressed with simple floral arrangements that echo the hanging decorations.

Garden Themed Bridal Shower

Kate Spade Theme.
Pink glam and luxury stripes are the signature of this fashion designer, so what better theme for a stylish, classy shower.  The splashes of gold compliment the polished, sophisticated look.   

Kate Spade Themed Bridal Shower

Photo courtesy of So Eventful

Around The Clock Theme.
The beauty of this shower is two fold--you have a great theme to build your party around with the versatility of a miscellaneous shower.  The purpose of an Around The Clock shower theme is to shower the bride or happy couple with gifts to be used for every hour.  It is important to indicate on the shower invitation each guests specific time of day from which to make their gift choice.  If you prefer a broader range of time, specify morning, noon or evening.  For brides or couples who already have the basics, consider themed or holiday around the clock gifts.

Around The Clock Bridal Shower Theme

Around The Clock shower refreshments served in a timely manner.

Around the Clock Bridal Shower Table

Tea Party Theme Bridal Shower.
Looking for a proper and dainty bridal shower idea with a fun, girly element?  Fancy the idea of tons of fun and delicious food with the simplicity of a tea party.  Get the girls together for a spot of tea featuring a romantic color palette of soft pinks and a vintage collection of tea cups and saucers.

Tea Party Themed Bridal Shower

Fall Theme Bridal Shower.
Bring the beauty of the fall season to your bridal shower.  Celebrate the happy couple and the season with the Fall In Love theme.  Include nature's bounty with festive decorations of leaves, pumpkins, gourds, pinecones, and mums. 

Fall In Love Bridal Shower Sign
Fall Bridal Shower Centerpiece

Photo courtesy of Bella Pictures

Travel Theme Bridal Shower. 
Celebrate her approaching big day and her title change from Miss To Mrs.  Bridal shower themes that embrace the occasion are the key to success and especially appreciated by the bride.  Here, a simple burlap banner says it all.

Traveling From Miss to Mrs. Bridal Shower Theme

Love Is A Journey. 
A travel theme is a perfect choice for a couple as they begin their journey of love.  Especially appropriate for the couple who loves to travel or are planning a destination wedding or honeymoon.  Decorate with maps, globes, suitcases, and posters related to the destination spot or favorite travels.  Use photos that highlight the landmarks of the couple's relationship.

Love Is A Journey Bridal Shower Theme

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Mint To Be.
This "Mint To Be" shower theme is built around America's favorite food group--sweets.  The use of a delicate color palette shows off the delicious treats to their best advantage making them look as good as they taste.  Such a sweet way for guests to indulge themselves that is mint to be.  

Mint-To-Be Bridal Shower Theme

Bridal Shower Beach Theme.
Perfect for couples planning a destination wedding on a sandy beach or for couples who just love the beach.  Bring the beach party to your bridal shower with an abundance of simple seashells and tables decorated in soothing ocean blue.

Beach Themed Bridal Shower

Photo courtesy of Michael L'Heureux Photography

Summer Bridal Shower Theme.
Refreshing bridal shower themes can show up anywhere--what better way to celebrate taking the plunge than with a pool party.  Here, a banner makes a big splash by counting down the days along with a sign that dives in with the specific date of the plunge.               

The Plunge Pool Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower Fiesta Theme.
A fiesta themed bridal shower is the perfect chance to indulge in bright colors and southwest flavor. Here, the colorful table is spiced up with small clay pots sprouting mini plants, candlelight, and maracas placed at each setting.  Whether your fiesta is indoors or outdoors, gather your amigos to a hot-hot-hot party scene.

Bridal Shower Fiesta Theme

Ice Cream Theme Bridal Shower.
We all scream for ice cream.  An assortment of candy, nuts, and toppings--what could be easier than an ice cream party?  The chalkboard centerpiece serves as a menu and puts the cherry on top of this unique presentation.

Bridal Shower Ice Cream Social

Ooh La La.
This one can be as tame or as racy as you like.  The key is to set an edgy tone that achieves the kind of mischievous energy you are trying to create.  How wiiiild and far you go is up to you.

Lingerie Bridal Shower Theme

Pancakes And Panties.
Trying something new is a good way to push beyond the expected and above all have fun.  This lingerie themed bridal shower idea honors the future Mrs. in a way that she wouldn't have imagined.

Pancakes and Panties Bridal Shower Theme

Photo courtesy of Whittaker Portraits

Couples Bridal Shower Themes

Bridal shower themes that bring together good friends and good food are sometimes the most enjoyable.  A barbecue is a fabulous choice for a large group and for those desiring an informal shower.  Here, the decorative elements are as vibrant as the occasion.

I Do BBQ Bridal Shower Theme

Hawaiian Bridal Shower Theme.
Presentation plays a major role in this informal yet exotic shower theme.  Flamboyant, tropical flowers bring the essence of the luau theme directly to the centerpieces, along with a flicker of light.  The fruit is presented with a flair for the tropics by creating an eye-catching palm tree surrounded by mounds of delicious fresh fruit.

Luau Bridal Shower Centerpiece
Luau Bridal Shower Fruit Idea

Two Less Fish In The Sea.
Bridal shower themes that keep the happy couple the center of attention are focused and full of personal details.  From the personalized banner to the photographs, all the decorative details work together as a romantic expression of love.  

Two Less Fish In the Sea Bridal Shower Theme

Stock The Bar.
It just goes to show that when you dress party elements like the theme, you can count on a glowing reaction from guests.  The creativity continues with a chalkboard countdown till Mr. & Mrs. that lets guests know how long before they say "I do."  Stock the bar bridal shower themes tend to be groom favorites, but make everybody happy.

Stock The Bar Bridal Shower Theme

Tool Theme.
Throwing a shower that benefits both the bride and the groom is a good idea.  He will appreciate the tools and she will love the results.  Decorating with most anything found in a workshop will build the right party atmosphere.

Tool Themed Bridal Shower
Wreath for Tool Themed Bridal Shower

Sports Themed.
For couples who are passionate about a favorite sport or hobby, consider a sports themed bridal shower.  Here are two creative ways to tie their love for each other to the love of the game.  

Grab your peanuts and cracker jacks and swing for the fences.

Baseball Themed Bridal Shower

Tee up the fun and take your last swing before the ring.

Golf Themed Bridal Shower

Photo courtesy of Ashmill Photography

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