Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Bridal shower gift ideas are meant to make buying for your bride-to-be a pleasure.  Celebrate the bride-to-be and shower her with love, support, and gifts to help her start her new life. 

When choosing a gift for a bridal shower, it's important to consider the bride's personality, interests, and needs. From traditional household items to unique experiences, there are a variety of gift ideas to choose from to make the bride feel special and cherished.

Once you have chosen your own gift, what are your responsibilities as the host in showering the bride with gifts from guests?   Have a designated place for guests to place their gifts as they arrive and assign someone to hand gifts to the bride to open.  A close friend or family member should write down what the gift was and who gave it.  

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Bridal shower gifts don't have to be expensive or elaborate.  Set a budget based on your financial resources and relationship with the bride and groom.  If you have your heart set on the perfect gift that is over your budget, consider making it a joint gift with others.  

Looking for bridal shower gift ideas?

Traditional gift ideas.
Classic bridal shower gifts never go out of style and are still very much coveted today.  Kitchen, bed, and bath items are among the most popular choices.  Think outside of the box for new ways to give traditional shower gifts.  For example, add a couple of mugs and some gourmet coffee to go along with a coffee maker.   

Bridal Shower Gift Table With Photos of the Happy Couple.

Unique Bridal Shower Gifts

Personalized gifts.
The bride is changing her name, so help her proclaim it proudly with personalized gifts.  The options are endless with towels, pillowcases, trays, cookie jars, etc. that add a personal touch to the couple's new home.  Consider personalizing with just the initial of her new last name or maybe the groom's initial on the left, the bride's initial on the right, and their last name initial in the middle. 

A Personalized Wooden Tray With Handles is a Special Bridal Shower Gift.
Stylish Mr. & Mrs. Custom Last Name Coffee Mug Set
Custom Engraved His & Hers Stemless Wine Glasses
Mr. & Mrs. Bride & Groom Newlywed Custom Set Pillow Case

The classic gifts.
Give a staple on the list of classic bridal shower gifts such as a slow cooker, mixer, blender, or toaster.  For the couple that loves to cook, these gifts will get used every day.

Complete the bride's kitchen with these popular items.

Make a cookbook.
Create a cookbook of favorite family recipes for the bride-to-be.  A cookbook filled with tasty and easy-to-prepare recipes can serve as a guide at mealtime.  Bridal shower gift ideas such as this become cherished treasures for years to come.

Ask each guest to bring a favorite recipe to the shower to include in this personalized cookbook.

Rustic Vintage Country Personalized Cookbook 3 Ring Binder
Watercolor Kitchen Utensils | Bridal Shower Recipe 3 Ring Binder
Watercolor Kitchen Utensils | Bridal Shower Recipe 3 Ring Binder

Registry for wedding gifts.

Create an Amazon Wedding Registry and make gift buying easy.  Let guests know exactly what you want or need from endless products.  It's easy and affordable so get started today.

Create an Amazon Wedding Registry

Bridal Shower Gift Basket Ideas

Bridal shower baskets are as much fun for the giver as the recipient.  Thoughtfully choosing personal favorites of the bride only adds to the excitement for the gift giver.  On the receiving end, the bride has the joy of opening several gifts at once.  Assembling items that are related or totally different is entirely up to you.  

A tisket, a tasket, a bridal shower basket.
This lovely bridal shower gift basket is blissfully wrapped in tulle with flowers and ribbon providing the finishing touch.  Inside is a variety of items perfect for the Mr. & Mrs. along with a personalized bottle of wine accented with a tulle bow.

Mr. and Mrs. Bridal Shower Gift Basket.

Picnic Gift Basket.
Perfect gift for the couples who love spending time outdoors.  This gift usually comes with the essential items needed for a romantic picnic.  A picnic basket is a practical way to celebrate the newlyweds-to-be and their love for each other.

Good morning.
Bridal shower gift ideas that focus on a particular theme are sure to amuse and delight.  Here, an eye opening presentation of breakfast favorites is perfect for a Stock The Pantry Shower.

Bridal Shower Stock the Pantry Gift of Goodies.

Pretty cool gift idea.
Stash everything needed for outdoor entertaining inside a personalized cooler.  A perfect gift for a couples shower--something for Him, something for Her, and some things to enjoy together.  From His & Hers aprons to the ingredients for S'mores, this presentation is practically effortless to assemble.

A Personalized Cooler Filled With Items to Prepare The Couple For an Outing.

How will their garden grow?
Dig into this unique gift idea for the gardening couple.  Nurture their green thumbs with this garden hose basket appropriately filled with gardening items.

Water Hose Bridal Shower Gift Basket Filled with Gardening Items.

Mr. & Mrs. Clean.
Help the happy couple make a sparkling clean sweep into married life.  Consider offering this advice:

We gather together with you to celebrate the DAWN of a new ERA.  Marriage is a journey.  Some days it will be pure JOY, but let's take a moment and talk about the others.  There may come a time when you realize your big BRAWNY guy isn't necessarily MR. CLEAN.  When this and other little glitches occur, don't SHOUT or send up an SOS. Go EASY ON him.  Hopefully the TIDE will change quickly, tensions will VANISH, and things will BOUNCE back to normal.  We think you and [grooms name] are a FANTASTIC couple with a ZEST for LIFE and a sincere appreciation for each other.  We fully support you as you and [grooms name] PLEDGE to spend your lives as one.  We wish you all the best...Including love, happiness and lots of time to SNUGGLE.

Bridal Shower Gift Bucket Filled With Cleaning Products.

Money Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Today as more couples already have everything needed for their home, many consider it acceptable for the couple to request cash gifts.  Of course some guests still consider this a sticky subject, so the gift choice is still entirely up to the giver.  See below some clever ways to give money at a shower.

Money tree.
A money tree allows guests to pin gifts of cash onto the branches of a decorative tree.  Small envelopes may be provided so guests can add a note to the couple along with their gift.  Place a sign near the tree that explains the purpose of the tree for guests that may not be familiar with money trees.

Cash Attached to Branches Of a Bridal Shower Money Tree.

Made of money.
For the gift giver who wants to be more creative than a check or cash in a card, this money cake is rolling in the dough.  Simply fold crisp bills in the pattern of cake layers--whether you choose $1 or $100 dollar increments, the tighter the rolls the more money you will spend.  Decorate any way you like.

Bridal Shower Tiered Money Cake to Make the Couple's Wishes Come True.

Money bridal gown gift.
Here comes the bride and the money.  This frilly and feminine bridal gown is a stylish solution for making the simplest gift of money seem extra special.

Bridal Gown With Money Attached.

Show me the money.
Give a salad bowl filled with the best greens around--money.  You can bet your bottom dollar that including salad tongs will make the presentation more authentic.

Bridal Shower "The Best Mixed Greens Around" Salad Bowl of Money.
Bridal Shower Salad Bowl Filled with Cash.

Gift Card Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Gift card bridal showers have become more popular than ever.  Especially effective if the shower is thrown for an out-of-town bride or couple, it eliminates transporting a car full of gifts.  It is also a great idea for brides that do not have a gift registry.   

Sight to behold.
Making the collecting of gift cards part of your bridal shower gift ideas is another way to exhibit your sense of style.  While providing your guests with a specific place, you can also treat them to a visual feast.  It may seem like a subtle gesture, but the result is evident here.

Bridal Shower Tree With Gift Cards Attached to the Branches.

Perfect fit.
Gift cards are the perfect filler for a gift basket.  This basket is brimming with gifts for the Mr. & Mrs., including a variety of gift cards.  Be sure to purchase an appropriate sized basket for your gift items--so that everything fits perfectly. 

Bridal Shower Basket Filled With Gift Cards and Flowers.

Gift of love.
This metal tree becomes a gift of love.  The photo of the happy couple and the decorative embellishments are the perfect additions to your bridal shower gift ideas.

Bridal Shower Gift Card Tree With A Photo of the Happy Couple.

Lingerie Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

A lingerie shower gift idea can range from very practical to very risqué.  Anything that the bride can sleep in or on is fair game, and that leaves a lot of room for imagination.  Consider the personality of the bride in gift selection - is she adventuresome or more reserved?  Then, add to the excitement with the perfect gift, but first, naughty or nice? 

Read the signals.
Marriage is all about signals so give a gift that sends the right signal.  Fill a clear paint can with lingerie wrapped in red, yellow, and green tissue paper.  The red gift tells the groom to stop, the yellow gift to proceed with caution, and the green to go for it.

Bridal Shower Traffic Light Lingerie Gift.

Hanger for wedding dress.
To have and to hold....this personalized hanger is a stylish way to hang your wedding gown until the big event.  Afterwards, a keepsake to be treasured.

Elegant Wire Wedding Date Bridal Wooden Hanger
Elegant Satin Flower Bridal Wedding Hanger

The creative bridal shower gift ideas highlighted here make the most of giving lingerie.  The use of brilliant color and the theme makes gifting panties too sexy and you know it.

Sexy Bridal Shower Pantie Gift.

Nice gift idea.
If you are uncomfortable or unsure of buying a risqué gift, maybe a more practical gift is a better choice.  A gift basket packed with useful things for the honeymoon trip would surely be appreciated by the new Mr. & Mrs.

Bridal Shower Honeymoon Gift Basket

The gift of luxury.
Give the gift of luxury with these slippers embroidered with "Bride".  Any bride would appreciate being pampered as she gets ready for her big day.

Bridal Shower Slippers Featuring A Ring And the Word "Bride".

Lingerie gag gift.
Not sure what to give?  Try this gag gift idea.  Attach a gift tag that reads "Wear only this on your wedding night" onto an empty wrapped box. 

Bridal Shower Gag Gift:  Beautifully Wrapped Empty Gifts.

Bridal Shower Gift Table Ideas

Happy to receive.
Creating a shower gift table doesn't take a lot of time, and anyone can do it.  You can master this presentation easily with a rustic sign and decorative accessories that clearly mark the spot.

Bridal Shower Gift Table Decor of Lanterns and Flowers.

Rustic charm.
This rustic wagon is the perfect way to create a memorable outdoor gift station.  Loaded with bridal shower gifts, it's distinctively charming without being fussy.

Rustic Green Wagon Filled With Bridal Shower Gifts.

Photo courtesy of Morgan Trinker Photography

The gift table.
Make your shower gift table easily seen and noticed.  With a few simple decorative elements, you can transform it into a focal point.  Here, a chalkboard sign and colorful flowers make all the difference.

Bridal Shower The Gift Table Sign With Gifts and Flowers.

Bridal Shower Gift Wrap

Bridal shower gift ideas usually begin with the gift and end with the wrapping.  Before the gifts are opened it's what's on the outside that counts most, so make yours the one the bride wants to open first. The joy of gift wrapping is perfectly expressed here.

Personalized gift wrapping paper.
Make gifts extra special with personalized wrapping paper.  

Wrapping Paper - future Mrs.
Simple Elegant Bride & Groom Names Wedding Wrapping Paper
Wedding Gown Blue 'Bridal Shower' black Wrapping Paper

Artful gift wrap.
Taking it's cue from the bride, this creative wrap raises the art of gift wrapping to the highest level of chic.  The white fabric paint onto craft paper is a winning combination.  Complete the look with a splash of polka dots and jute string.

Bridal Shower Gift Paper

Photo courtesy of Kraft & Mint

Something inspirational.
Carry wedding tradition into your gift wrapping.  This stack of gifts allows the giver the opportunity to give something old, new, borrowed, and blue.

Stacked Bridal Shower Gifts of Something  Old New Borrowed and Blue.

Bridal Shower Gift Bags

Think lingerie.
Never underestimate the power the theme has on your bridal shower gift presentation.  Perfect for a lingerie shower, this wrapping idea has all the right things in all the right places.

Bridal Shower Lingerie Gift Bag

A well-dressed gift.
Don't be afraid to experiment a little when wrapping lingerie shower gifts.  A lace up corset is worth the creative effort here for both the wine bottle and the gift bag.

Bridal Shower Corset Gift Bag and Bottle.

Rehearsal bow-quet.
The best bridal shower gift ideas embrace tradition and purpose.  Make a bridal bouquet from discarded ribbons and bows collected as the the bride unwraps gifts at the shower.  Then, put it all to good use at the wedding rehearsal to be carried as a stand-in bouquet.   

Rehearsal Bouquet Made From Ribbons and Bows From Bridal Shower Gifts.

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