Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas

Bridal shower invitation ideas are always about what's hot or what's familiar--with an original twist of course.  The essential role of the invitation is to set the scene for the fun to come, a necessary component for any celebratory event.  From extravagant to simple, the invitations should reflect the theme, style and formality of the shower in a compelling way.  The more thought that is put into the selection of the shower invitation design, the more guests will react with greater anticipation. 

When should you send out bridal shower invitations?  Between four to six weeks before the shower.  If there are many out-of-town guests, then eight weeks would be appropriate.

Bridal shower invitation ideas that add a
touch of style to "please come". 

Browse through our bridal shower invitations for the perfect match to your planned event.  But first, there is some necessary information that must be clearly communicated. 

Basic invitation information.

  • Name of the guest of honor.
  • The date and time of the event.
  • Venue.  Include the full address of the shower's location.
  • Name of the host, hostess, or if hosted by a group--list everyone.
  • Directions.  For those unfamiliar with the location, include a map or directions.
  • List where the bride or couple are registered to make gift buying easy.
  • If there is a gift theme, be sure to let guests know.  This is especially helpful when the bride has had multiple showers.
  • RSVP.  If included, all guests are expected to notify whether or not they plan to attend.  You may also opt for a deadline for replies.  If you choose "Regrets Only", then you can expect only guests that cannot attend to respond.

Elegant Bridal Shower Invitations

For a truly special occasion, we often want an elegantly understated invitation to inspire guests to attend.  Here are bridal shower invitation ideas that express elegance with the best possible effect. From delicate foil accents to beautiful watercolor florals, we hope you find something you love.

Photo courtesy of Troy Grover Photography

Here Comes The Bride

Perfect for the bride who wants a traditional shower, these bridal shower invitations showcase the bride-to-be beautifully.  From sweet to classic, take advantage of the variety of choices and customize to bring the shower details to life.

Couples Bridal Shower Invitations

Make no mistake, he is invited too.  Today, it is just as common for men to be honored, as it is for men to make the guest list.  Here are bridal shower invitation ideas that make a fitting tribute to celebrating this momentous occasion together.  

Rustic Bridal Shower Invitations

Check out our rustic bridal shower invitation ideas.  They are fresh and welcoming by virtue of rustic yet sophisticated charm that makes everyone feel right at home.

Brunch Bridal Shower Invitations

A leisurely brunch has to be the most relaxed of all bridal shower themes, so make the invitation as much fun as Mimosas in the morning.  Whether your taste is fancy like champagne or as comforting as a vintage Mason jar, here you will find bridal shower invitations perfectly suited for your brunch party.  

Kitchen Bridal Shower Invitations

You will be surprised at how many bridal shower invitation ideas can be cooked up from a well-seasoned theme.  Armed with inspiration from the kitchen or cooking theme, the look of the pantry is well represented here.  All in all, these invitations are the perfect recipe for an unforgettable invite.  

Monogrammed Bridal Shower Invitations

With so many styles and designs, there are lots of ways that monograms can brighten your bridal shower invitations.  Whatever appeals to you, you'll find choices that show that the best way to personalize an invitation is to give it a name.

Bridal Shower Umbrella Invitations

Started years ago, the umbrella is a traditional bridal shower symbol that still resonates with brides today.  If an umbrella bridal shower invitation is in your forecast, focus on selecting the invitation that showers your bride with a sunny future.  

Fun Bridal Shower Invitations

Planning a fun relaxed bridal shower?  The right invitations will help reflect just that.  Playful use of invitation design, color, and font is sure to suit your desire for fun.  

Photo courtesy of Krista Lee Photography

Bridal Shower Tea Party

Nothing can beat the charm of a vintage tea party.  The bridal shower invitation ideas found here give a nostalgic nod to tea time with pretty teapots and delightful teacups in appealing colors.

Photo courtesy of Caitlin Turner Photography

Lingerie Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas

Here are lingerie bridal shower invitations that are as flirty and fun as they come.  With lace and frills, these revealing invitations instantly conjure up a party atmosphere--light, bright and inviting.  

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