Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

Bridal shower decoration ideas will help you dream up a look that makes your party an occasion. Whether the decor is traditional or trendy, colorful or subtle, rustic or elegant, modern brides tend to expect nothing less than magic when it comes to their bridal shower.  With that in mind, it is important to flatter the bride-to-be and guests with decorations that meet everyone's expectations.  In your search for inspiration, consider some of these captivating ideas that are fun, but a little spectacular.

Shower decorations make a huge difference in translating the brides personality into the perfect celebration.  Even if you know the bride well, it can be difficult to figure out how to make those details come to life in the decorative scheme of things.  

Bridal shower decoration ideas devoted
to honoring the bride-to-be.

Here comes the bride.
Greeting guests creatively shows how important sharing a bridal shower with friends and family can be. Here, tulle and flowers take inspiration from the wedding veil to shed light on the theme.  

Shower ahead.
Build anticipation from the start with this personalized wooden sign made from up-cycled items.  This is an especially helpful idea at outdoor bridal showers where guests will not be met at the door.         

Photo courtesy of Rachel Eagle Photography

Speaking of style.
This stylish look is accomplished with the bold, sophisticated lines of black and white dressed up with robust pops of hot pink.  Every inch of the space beams with bridal shower decoration ideas from the love-ly mantle to the hugs and kisses balloons.

Photo courtesy of Kennedy Grace Photography

Rustic pleasure.
Decorating with soothing hues and layers of natural textures sets the tone here.  To further unify the theme, airy greenery fills in the background along with a banner proclaiming "Sweets Bar".  The moss covered risers and pine cones scattered on the table add to the rustic pleasure.  

Simply hang a custom banner behind the food table for a beautiful, easy display.

White String Lights On Rustic Burlap Bridal Shower Banner
Baby's Breath Mason Jar String Light Bridal Shower Banner
Rustic Mason Jar String Lights Bridal Shower Banner

Sweetest wishes.
A pretty setting such as this one allows you to draw guests in without overwhelming them.  Like a blank canvas, the beautiful, billowing white tablecloth subtly takes charge and once the sweets cover the table, the look is complete.  

Photo courtesy of Photography By Jay C Winter

Falling in love.
Embrace the benefits of seasonal decorations.  Here, love is in the air with the rich, warm colors of fall. From the table to the outlying areas, everything is connected to the glowing radiance of autumn. 

Visual feast.
The menu can actually become part of your décor with a beautiful display.  This visual feast is much more than delicious food, it also serves as a feast for the eyes. 

Bridal Shower Centerpiece Ideas

Hearts and flowers.
Brides today love bridal shower decoration ideas that are tailored to the couple.  Here, rustic elegance is perfectly expressed with this engraved rustic box filled with the timeless beauty of white roses.  

Here come the flowers.
The more creative you are, the more impact your centerpieces will have.  Instead of the usual bouquet of flowers in a vase, consider this unique idea.  Taking inspiration from the bridal gown, this centerpiece is an appealing floral feature and adds a pop of color to the table.

Rustic simplicity.
Fresh, lavender flowers are known for their beauty and scent.  Here, these beautiful flowers become an extension of nature when placed in a burlap wrapped container tied with raffia.  Easy diy idea for a rustic themed bridal shower.

Picture this.
Looking for bridal shower decoration ideas that are unique?  Consider including photographs of the happy couple.  Here, stems of white hydrangeas add to the beauty without detracting from the photos. 

Photo courtesy of Julie Blanner 

The big day.
The fastest way to bring attention to decorations is with an unexpected element.  These recycled wine bottles get an immediate reaction when the wedding date is added.  Flowers add the perfect finishing touch, but candles would work equally well.

Photo courtesy of Fried Green Pickles

Blushing bride.
Make it all about the honoree by designing special seating just for the bride.  From the blushing bride banner to the chalkboard countdown to the big day, all of the layers here come together in sweet unison.  Your goal is to make guests comfortable with a birds eye view of the bride.

Well-dressed napkin.
A napkin presented with style can be enough to make a guest feel special.  A flashy engagement ring used as a napkin ring is a special touch, as well as a napkin that looks like a wedding gown.

Photo courtesy of Stamp That

Tulle Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

Tulle is a very lightweight, sheer woven mesh fabric that has long been part of a bride's ensemble.  But that's only the beginning of its many bridal uses.  While tulle is fancy enough to use at the wedding, its use in a more casual bridal shower setting also makes perfect sense.  Available in a rainbow of colors, tulle brings an air of romance and versatility to your bridal shower decoration ideas.  The possibilities are endless. 

Tulle table runner.
Here, the marriage of rustic and elegance is the perfect match.  The soft elegant look of tulle on the rustic wooden table is an easy and inexpensive way to dress up the table for entertaining.  Simply roll off tulle to desired length and cut.  Loosely tie the ends with ribbon to bring a even softer focus to the look. 

White tulle runner on a rustic wooden table adorned with flowers, candles, and set for an elegant dinner.

Photo courtesy of Crafty Cousins

Tulle balloons.
Incorporate tulle balloons into your bridal shower decoration ideas.  Simply wrap tulle around a balloon and secure with ribbon.  Add flowers or other decorative elements if desired.  Balloons will not float even when filled with helium due to the weight of the tulle and flowers.  Attach balloon to a pick and insert into centerpiece or use fishing line to hang from ceiling to give the illusion of floating.

Tulle centerpiece filler.
If a centerpiece appears lost by itself, it's a good idea to add glam in the decorative details.    Here, tulle anchors the centerpiece while creating a seemingly floating base for enormous diamond engagement rings.

Tulle backdrop.
Outrageously pure and simple.  This backdrop makes ample use of tulle giving the table an instant lift and adding visual interest.

Photo courtesy of Brides Magazine

The power of tulle.
The use of tulle is broadly recognized and used across the wedding scene to enhance or hide a multitude of issues.  Here, a tulle backdrop adds a romantic softness to this wall with the formal look of a wedding gown's train puddling to the floor.

Photo courtesy of Tiffany Parrott Photography & Crafty Cousins

Tulle monogram.
Monograms are a fun classic way to add a personal touch to shower decor.  Simply wrap a monogrammed letter with tulle and embellish.  Elevate this diy project for an eye-catching decoration.

Tulle chair covers.
In order to maximize your bridal shower decoration ideas, decorate everywhere you can.  Here, you can see the results of special attention to the chair covers.  

Veiled treats.
Presenting treats in true bridal fashion further enhances the blissful theme.  Use tulle of any color to romantically dress up the presentation.  Here, a wedding veil gently drapes a tiered stand filled with tasty treats.

Tulle streamers.
Pretty elements are what you want decorating the food table, so think about the details.  Here, tulle streamers gently frame the table, while lanterns and pompoms add visual texture.  White china is a safe choice-it is elegantly understated and goes with everything.

Tulle table filler.
Add ambiance and a lavish surface for displaying cupcakes with tulle and clear strands of light. Though artificial lighting is very effective here, observe fire safety by never leaving lights unattended.

Tulle table skirt.
Tulle adds flair to the table-just as it does to the bridal gown.  Simply attach tulle tightly to the table so that no gaps emerge.  Then allow color to bounce from ceiling to table.

Pompom pizzazz.
Dress up a beverage station with pretty details that add to the party atmosphere.  Pompoms are a soft, inexpensive way to add color and pizzazz.  Hung in groups, pompoms provide an impressive look with minimal effort.

More Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

Say it with balloons.
It's no secret that life's biggest moments require balloons.  So welcome balloon boxes into your bridal shower decor.  Used as a colorful display or a photo op, it's not a party until the balloons arrive.

All because two people fell in love.
This whole candy bar is as simple and timeless as its inspiration, l-o-v-e.  Vessels filled with candy add height and variety, allowing love sweet love to flourish sweetly.

Gettin' hitched.
In the build-up to the wedding, it can be fun to incorporate the countdown into your bridal shower decoration ideas.  This chalkboard sign adds an exciting sense of anticipation to how many days before gettin' hitched.

Till she's a Mrs..
Guest books are a wonderful way to preserve bridal shower memories.  Here, a pretty setting adds to the sentimental journey with flowers, photo of the happy couple, and a welcome sign that counts the days till she's a Mrs.        

Love birds.
Show off photos of the love birds while adding a decorative touch.  Easy bridal shower decoration ideas such as this are simple and personal, and most memorable for guests.

Bridal Shower Party Ideas Tip

Choose a theme for your bridal shower.  Using a theme will make decorating easier and less stressful. There are several fun themes to choose from depending on the personality and interest of the bride. Consider these bridal shower suggestions:  lingerie, kitchen, room to room, around the clock, seasonal, or a bridal shower brunch.

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