Fun Bridal Shower Games

Fun bridal shower games create a playful atmosphere and encourage guests to loosen up, mix and mingle, while providing some laughs and entertainment.  When choosing games, select ones that involve the entire group and focus more on enjoyment than skill.  Add to the fun and games by rewarding good-natured participants with prizes that make the most of the theme.  Here you will find extraordinary yet easy game ideas that will keep the party going--that's fun for everybody.  

With bridal showers so often a gathering of close friends and family, play games that are more of an experience than a contest.  Plan more than you think you'll need as some will go down better than others.  From interactive games such as "Say Yes to the Dress" to a stroll down memory lane with "Who am I", the most important thing is to have fun.  

Let the fun bridal shower games begin.

Say Yes To The Dress.
This classic game brings out the designer in all of us.  Divide guests into equal groups.  Each group is given three rolls of toilet tissue and sent to different rooms with instructions to design a wedding dress.  When completed, the bride selects the best wedding gown with the entire group winning a prize.

Game sets.
Check out these packs of bridal shower games.  Each set comes with easy to play games that guests will enjoy playing.  

Bridal shower pencils.
We love these pencils made for the occasion and perfect for guests to use with many of these shower games.  They are complete with an eraser to correct any mistakes.

The Apron Game.
Pin miscellaneous items onto an apron.  The bride-to-be puts on the apron making one lap around the party guests.  She then exits and removes the apron.  Have guests list the items they can recall from the apron.  The guest with the most correct items wins.

Bridal Shower Bingo.
Make guessing part of your fun bridal shower games.  Ask guests to fill in each square of a Bingo card with their predictions as to what the bride will be opening.  As the gifts are opened, X off each correct guess.  First one to Bingo is the winner.

Bridal Shower Game - Bridal Bingo
Classy Black Ribbon Sunflower Burlap Bridal Bingo
Bingo  english spanish Bridal shower game wedding

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Newlywed Game.
For couples.
Fun bridal shower games that encourage guest participation are often times the most successful.  This familiar game has long been associated with how well you know the love of your life.  As seen on TV, couples answer questions and try to match their partner's answer.  The couple with the most matches wins.  Here are question possibilities or consider ordering game questions online. 

Where did you first meet?
Where did you go on your first date?
Where did your first kiss occur?
What was your last quarrel about?

Favorite restaurant?
Favorite movie?
Favorite heartthrob?
Favorite food?

For girls only.
Have the future groom to secretly answer questions before the shower--videoed responses from the groom adds to the excitement.  To begin the game, distribute one card to each guest allowing them to read aloud the question from their card.  The bride is not allowed to answer until all the questions are read. After hearing all of the questions, have participants guess the number of correct answers the bride will give, writing that number in the corner of their card.  

Now it's the bride turn to answer the questions.  Each guest reads the question, waits for her response, and then reads the groom's answer.  After the bride has answered all questions, tally up her correct answers to see how well she knows her groom-to-be.  Reward a prize to the guest who comes closest to estimating the number of correct answers.

Guess The Bride's Age.
This guessing game allows everyone to step back into the past.  Prepare a poster of photos of the bride at different stages of her life.  Guests attempt to guess the age of the bride in each photo.

Hand out cards for guests to record their answers.

Scratch off game.
An easy game that everyone loves to play.  Hand each guest a scratch off card for a chance to win prizes.  Guests simply scratch and claim their prize.

Kissing Booth.
Kisses and weddings go hand in hand, so why not include them in your fun bridal shower games.  Display a container filled with Hershey Kisses and have participants attempt to guess how many kisses are in the container.  Award a prize to the closest guess.

Would She Rather Bridal Shower Game.
Want to add some spice to your shower games?  Would she rather sleep late or wake up early?  Guests fill in their answers to see how well they know the bride.  Winner is the guest with the most correct answers.  Click on the photo below to customize this bridal shower game or check out these Would You Rather game options. 

Tropical Leaf Customizable Would She Rather Game

The Ring Pop Game.
Every guest gets a ring pop that has been assigned a number.  The bride-to-be is then asked questions about the groom-to-be, which he answered prior to the shower.  Someone keeps tally of her correct answers and the guest with that number wins a prize.

Custom Pinata.

Looking for something different? We love this custom wedding couple pinata of the bride and groom. Options include hair color, wedding dress style and even facial features. A Beautiful Bride and Groom Pinata for Your Magical Day. CLICK HERE to Find Out More!

Who Am I?
Take a stroll down memory lane with fun bridal shower games that conjure up the past.  Guests are asked to jot down a personal memory they have of the bride-to-be.  These memories are read aloud and the bride tries to guess who wrote the memory. 

Photo courtesy of Erratically Elizabeth

Victoria's Secret Game.
Each bag is labeled with a letter spelling out Victoria's Secret.  Inside there is something needed for a wedding or home that begins with the letter on the bag.  The object is for participants to guess the contents of each bag.  The one with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Photo courtesy of Florida Bride Magazine

Who Has The Groom?
Be sure to include the groom in your fun bridal shower games.  Upon arrival, each guest selects a sealed envelope which contains a photo.  At the designated time, each guest opens their envelope to see if they are the lucky one with the photo of the groom.

Play Who Has the Groom or Bride with these fun scratch off cards.

Who Said It?
Prior to the party, the bridal couple individually answers a list of questions.  The question and one answer is read at the shower and guests must decide who said it.  They hold up a tiara if they think it's the bride's answer and a mustache for the groom's answer.

Mr or Mrs? | Bride Groom Photo Wedding Game Hand Fan
Mr or Mrs? | Bride Groom Pink Blue Wedding Game Hand Fan

The Clothespin Game.
This is a great icebreaker game where each guest is given a clothespin or ring upon arrival.  The host picks one to three words that you are not allowed to say.  If a guest hears another guest saying the forbidden words, they take their clothespin or ring.  The guest who has collected the most pins or rings at the end of the shower wins.

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What's In The Sock?
Fun bridal shower games require guest participation in an outrageous way.  Items that might be needed for a honeymoon are placed in knee high socks and numbered.  Using only their feet, guests attempt to guess what's in each sock.

Ring Hunt.
Childhood favorites with a bridal spin make fun bridal shower games.  Rings are hidden around the party space and guests try to find them--happy hunting. 

Pose For The Camera.
This activity has become a favorite for celebrations of all kinds.  Photo booths are a great way to entertain guests while providing memorable keepsakes for the bride.  After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Marriage Advice.
This activity gives you the opportunity to pass on good advice for a blissful marriage.  Each guest is asked to write down their own words of wisdom and drop in the box.  The bride will enjoy reading the responses that can range anywhere from serious to silly.

Personalized Advice Cards

Words of Wisdom Marriage Advice Cards Personalized
Pink Flowers  Advice for Happy Couple Shower Card
Elegant Blush Rose Greenery Wedding Well Wishes Advice Card

Date Night Fun.
Plan the perfect date night for the bridal couple.  Limited only by the writer's imagination, chances are the more outrageous the date night ideas become, the more fun everyone will have--for better or worse. 

Personalized Bridal Shower Date Night Jar
Simple Black Calligraphy Date Jar Sign
Date Night Cards for Wedding Showers

Lingerie Shower Games

Drop Your Panties Game.
On your lingerie shower invitation, ask guests to bring one pair of panties for the bride.  These panties should reflect the gift giver's personality.  The bride's task is to match the panties to the gift giver.  This game is a blast and also helps stock the bride's lingerie drawer.

Whose Nightie Is It?
Fun bridal shower games that encourage guest participation are the best form of entertainment.  Inform guests on the invitation to bring whatever they wear nightly to bed in a plain, brown paper bag to the shower.  Collect bags as guests arrive and assign a different number to each.  As the game begins, provide each player with a worksheet and pen.  This worksheet will consist of all numbers that have been assigned to the different bags.  As each bag is opened, your guests will write down the name of the attendee they think wears that particular nightie.  The guest with the most correct matches wins. Also ask guests to cast their votes for the most unique, most unbelievable, most comfortable, most predictable, or sexiest.  Award prizes to the game and category winners.

Bra Pong.
This fun, flirty game is sure to be a hit.  The goal is to toss a ping pong ball into one of the bras on the board.  Points are awarded by cup size with the smaller cups worth the most. 

Pass The Teddy.
This game's prep includes wrapping a teddy bear in a box with multiple layers of gift paper.  As the game begins, inform guests that this package contains a teddy to be modeled by the one who unwraps the last layer of wrapping paper.  At the start of the music, guests are instructed to pass the package until the music stops and then the guest holding the gift unwraps one layer of wrapping.  This continues until a player unwraps the last layer, but does not open the box.  The winner is asked to leave the room and return modeling the teddy.  Provide the winner with a full length robe which will cover the teddy. The winner is instructed to return to the party showing only a naked leg or shoulder before disrobing and revealing a teddy bear.  Fun bridal shower games such as this give the last laugh to the winner, along with a prize for being such a good sport.

Kiss The Lips Game.
Hang a poster of the bride's favorite heartthrob.  Guests are asked to apply bright red lipstick, blindfolded, and instructed to kiss the lips of the heartthrob.

Photo courtesy of eslamoda

Prizes for Fun Bridal Shower Games

Kitchen themed game prize.
Heighten the bridal shower theme with game prizes that stir up excitement.  This bouquet would be perfect for a kitchen shower featuring beautiful flowers and useful kitchen gadgets.  

Prize basket.
When fun bridal shower games are played, equally imaginative game prizes are deserved.  Why not let game winners choose for themselves from a basket filled with a variety of items?

Check out our bridal shower favor ideas that can easily be substituted for game prizes.

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