Bridal Shower Cake Ideas

Bridal shower cake ideas are all about honoring the occasion in a delicious way.  They come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors, and can be customized to suit the theme of the party or the preferences of the bride.  From an updated version of a classic look to traditional favorites that never go out of style, a bridal shower cake is sure to be a sweet and memorable part of the celebration.  .  

Once you have decided on the cake or cupcake design, you're ready to tackle some of the finer points-a spectacular presentation.  The bridal shower cake pictures provided here will serve as a guide to selecting a cake decorated to fit your needs with a practical and creative way to serve it.  

Bridal Shower Cakes

One of the highlights of a bridal shower is the cake, so make it a real cause for celebration. Whether you choose a lavishly rich cake or individual cupcakes fancy enough for company, the cake is always a must see.  

Bridal shower cake ideas
piled high with imagination.

Pretty cake presentation.
Pretty elements are what make this cake table special, so think about the details. Here, a beautiful sheer table runner tied with a satin bow lends an elegant feel, while the silver chevron print adds an updated contemporary look.  The combination of all the elements is simply stunning.

Bridal Shower Chevron Cake

Photo courtesy of La Dolce Dough

I do.
This presentation is the perfect example of highlighting the occasion to create an eye-catching cake display.  A cake replica of the bride makes quite a scene supported by a simple "I Do." 

Bridal Shower Wedding Gown Cake With The Words "I Do".

Slip into something sweet.
The best bridal shower cake ideas reflect the theme.  This frilly and feminine corset cake is well suited for a lingerie bridal shower, and is sure to be a conversation piece for the guests.    

Bridal Shower Corset Cake With Pink Flowers and Ribbon.

Photo courtesy of Anna Cakes

Rustic goodness.
Love cake?  Love each other?  This cake design is the perfect symbol of love with a burlap heart "carved" with the couple's initials.  Powerful message with minimal effort. 

Bridal Shower Rustic Cake

Dreams do come true.
Unexpected bridal shower cake ideas often make the biggest impression.  Here, a tiny banner personalizes the cake to the bride and is an easy way to make even the simplest sheet cake seem special.

Bridal Shower "Dreams Do Come True" Cake Featuring a Purple and White Color Scheme.

Cake with bling.
Use the impending nuptials to bring instant drama to the cake.  The bride and the guests will appreciate this cake design featuring sparkling diamonds, lovely flowers, and a distinctive "I do".

Bridal Shower "I Do" Ring Bling Cake.

He loves me.
If you know of a favorite flower of the bride-to-be, bring it to the cake.  With the bride's permission, consider a sugar replica of the flowers to be used in the wedding atop the shower cake.

Bridal Shower He Loves Me Cake

Photo courtesy of Cakes Decor

Date to remember.
Here's an innovative cake idea that calls attention to the upcoming big day.  Polished off with pretty flowers, this is a clean, fresh look that brings a dose of reality to the table.

Bridal Shower Date Of Wedding  Cake

Photo courtesy of Brooke Allison Photo

Showers of love.
Your guests will appreciate bridal shower cake ideas that reflect artistic beauty.  Hearts raining down on a silhouette of the bridal couple is a lovely expression of the shower theme.

Bridal Shower Bride and Groom Silhouette Cake

Photo courtesy of De Leukste Taarten

Monogrammed shower cake.
For bridal showers that call for cakes with all-out elegance, this is a beautiful idea.  The monogram makes it distinctive, with ribbon and pearls adding a delicate finishing touch.  

Bridal Shower Monogrammed Cake

Photo courtesy of Cake Central

Here comes the cake.
Presenting the bridal party in cake will make an immediate impression.  Dress the cakes to perfection with the bride's chosen colors and replicate the flowers as closely as possible.

Bridal Shower Wedding Party Cake

Photo courtesy of Wild Orchid Baking

Kitchen themed shower cake.
For the kitchen or cooking themed party, the presentation pictured here fits into your bridal shower cake ideas perfectly. The fresh, colorful decorations accented with kitchen utensils stirs up the theme in a delicious way.

Kitchen Bridal Shower Themed Cake

Photo courtesy of Sweet Cakes Boston

Happy couple.
Using a heart shaped cake pan, decorate one cake as a bride and one as a groom.  Get ready to make an impression--serving side by side makes a cute couple. 

Bridal Shower Heart Cakes Of Bride and Groom

Photo courtesy of Betty Crocker

Grand gesture.
Go for the grand gesture with hand painted or airbrushed flowers.  This cake design is a natural work of art that looks naturally fitting in a vintage setting.

Bridal Shower Inked Cake

Photo courtesy of The Wandering Gypsy Bridal Guide

For the love of the game.
Bridal shower cake ideas for the sports enthusiasts--love wins it all.  

Bridal Shower Racing Themed Cake
Bridal Shower Tennis Themed Cake

Fall in love.
Depending upon the time of the year, savor the season.  Here, the pure white wedding gown alongside the autumn colored leaves represents both the fall season and the blissful occasion.

Bridal Shower Fall Themed Cake

Photo courtesy of Photography In Style

Congrats on the cake.
Destination weddings make shower decisions easy. These bridal shower cake ideas are in keeping with the theme of the wedding location.

Bridal Shower Mexican Themed Cake

Photo courtesy of Cake Central

Bridal Shower Beach Themed Cake

Photo courtesy of Lilo Cakes

Cupcake towers, picks, and wrappers, oh my!
Some are practical, others decorative, but all give a little something extra that makes your cupcake presentation memorable.  From delicate lace cupcake wrappers to distinctive displays using cupcake towers, you are sure to find a look you love.

Wedding Shower Cupcakes

When it comes to cupcakes, there is no such thing as too many, so plan a presentation that will be sweetly sensational.  These luscious treats allow you to tempt your guests with choices.  The number of flavors is up to you but, if you decide to serve a variety, two or possibly three choices works out well.

Lace cupcake wrappers.
Dress up homemade or store bought cupcakes with real lace cupcake wrappers and picks.  Lace has long been associated with brides, and its combination with the "I do" pick is a quick, easy way to use it in the cupcake presentation.   

Bridal Shower Small Cakes with Lace Wrappers

Cupcake bouquet.
Though this bridal bouquet looks deceptively real, it's just cupcakes.  Each cupcake is creatively arranged to resemble the flowers in the bride's bouquet complete with baby's breath and ribbons--adorably perfect for a bridal shower.

Bridal Bouquet of White Frosted Cupcakes

Photo courtesy of Cake Central

Happy pair.
This traditional cupcake design takes full advantage of the sweet occasion.  Arrange each cupcake side by side when serving to get the full effect of the happy pair.

Bridal Shower Bride and Groom Cupcakes

Photo courtesy of Guardian Witness

Cake carvings.
Initials carved in a heart look completely at home on this cake log, while greenery adds a lively finishing touch.  The look is softened with uniquely decorated cupcakes in pink and white.

Cupcake Tower of Cupcakes For a Rustic Bridal Shower

Photo courtesy of A Piece of Cake & Desserts

Cupcake martini.
This cupcake served in a martini glass sparks immediate interest, lending a festive feel to the presentation.  Tying a napkin to the stem of the glass provides guests with a useful tool for enjoying this sweet temptation--overflowing with bubbly charm.

Bridal Shower Cupcake in a Martini Glass

Fine like wine.
It's as though these cupcakes just spilled out of the vineyard.  Served on recycled wine crates topped with the couple's initials, this cupcake display bottles up the spirit of wine country.  

Bridal Shower Cupcake Presentation

All you need is love.
Dressing up your cupcake display with a fun sign is an easy way to add personality to the table.  Here, a sign that reads "All you need is love and a cupcake" entices guests to choose their favorite flavor from an easy to serve cupcake tower.

All You Need Is Love and a Cupcake Sign With Bridal Shower Cupcakes
All You Need Is Love and A Cupcake Wedding Sign Plaque
Rustic Autumn Floral Wedding Have a Cupcake Wooden Box Sign
All You Need is Love and a Cupcake Rose Gold Sign

She said yes.  
We say yes to this cupcake presentation celebrating a girl's best friend.  Beautiful cupcakes in the shape of a diamond ring with some added bling will have guests saying yes also.

Bridal Shower Cupcakes in the Shape of a Ring with She Said Yes Sign

Photo courtesy of Janelle Arrighi

Cake pops.
Incorporating cake pops into your bridal shower cake ideas is a sweet thing to do.  These delicately decorated cake pops gathered up in little bouquets can easily become part of the shower decor as well as an indulgent treat.

Bridal Shower Cake Pops

Triple crown.
No matter what the shower theme or style, this is a delightful way to honor the engaged couple.  These pull apart treats are put together in perfect likeness of a bride and groom, while the ring in the middle puts the icing on the cake.

Bridal Shower Cupcakes

Pleasure in pink.
This cupcake design takes pleasure in personalized picks and pretty ribbons.  There's no reason that this idea could not accomplished with store bought cupcakes--you get all the glory without the work.

Pink Frosted Cupcakes with Personalized Cupcake Picks

Photo courtesy of Mattawa Mum

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