Plan A Bachelorette Party

Plan a bachelorette party...sounds simple enough, right?  Make it all about an activity, food, favorite destination, spa, or plan an all girls at home celebration.  Once you have a clear vision as to what the focus of the bachelorette party should be, let it drive everything from the invitations to the decorations.  We hope you find something here that wows you and perfectly reflects your bride-to-be.

Plan a bachelorette party that makes
everything happier than it already is...

The goal of a bachelorette party is to relax, take a break from wedding duties, and most importantly have fun.  It's the one wedding event that focuses solely on making sure everyone has a good time...whatever that means to you.  How to make a bachelorette party fun?  Take a look here at party ideas that are simple and memorable.  After all, it's your job to make the bride's last party as a single lady one she will never a good way of course.

Best Bachelorette Party Places

Bachelorette in Las Vegas.
What better place for a girls weekend than Las Vegas, the city of lights, smiles, and memories?  It is famous for gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment and of course the night life.  Sounds like the perfect place for a bachelorette party.  And best of all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  Take a look at the best Vegas bachelorette party ideas...

Las Vegas bachelorette ideas. 

Vegas Itinerary Invitation
Black White Casino Poker Chip Bachelorette Party Invitation
Retro Las Vegas Sign Bachelorette Party Invitation
Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Girls Weekend Trip T-Shirt
Vegas Wedding — Bride — Vegas Bachelorette Party T-Shirt
Vegas Bachelorette Party T-Shirt

Las Vegas bachelorette party favors. 

Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Favor Keychain
Vegas before Vows Survival Kit Box

New Orleans for bachelorette party.  
Best places bachelorette party?  Pack your bags for a New Orleans bachelorette weekend in the Big Easy.  From tasting the city's best food to enjoying the karaoke clubs on Bourbon Street, New Orleans is the perfect destination for bachelorette party.

New Orleans bachelorette weekend. 

Bachelorette Weekend Itinerary | New Orleans Invitation
NOLA | New Orleans Mardi Bachelorette Itinerary Invitation
New Orleans Bachelorette Party Favor Girls Trip Tote Bag
Bachelorette Party Favor New Orleans Girls Trip Tote Bag
Bachelorette Getaway New Orleans Girls Trip Nola T-Shirt
Bachelorette Party Favor New Orleans Girls Trip Shot Glass
Fleur-de-lis Bachelorette T-shirt

Looking for some fun in the sun?
Beach towns for bachelorette party...

Hilton Head Island
Miami Beach Fla

Watercolor Beach Bachelorette Weekend Itinerary Invitation
Beach Tribe Girl's Trip Bachelorette Vacation  Tote Bag
Pink Tropical Flamingo Beach Bachelorette Party Can Cooler
Bachelorette Party Favor Modern Typography Flip Flops
Watercolor Tropical Floral Bachelorette Party Wine Label
Beach Tribe Bachelorette Party Wedding Favor Shot Glass

Beach towels.
A beach bachelorette party thrown with a group of friends calls for personalized beach towels.  Take a look at these updated versions that will become wonderful keepsakes and be used over and over again.

Beach Tribe Bachelorette Party Girl's Trip Weekend Beach Towel
Tropical Flamingo Bachelorette Weekend Beach Towel

For those that prefer the view from the top...
plan a bachelorette party in the mountains.

Watercolor Mountain Bachelorette Weekend Invitation
Mountain Range Landscape Wedding Tote Bag
The Mountains Are Calling We Must Go T-Shirt
Bachelorette Party Rustic Mountain wedding Can Cooler
Food and Beverage Label Set
Chic Navy and White Hangover Relief Kit Favor Box

Fiesta bachelorette party.
Shake things up a bit with a fiesta themed bachelorette party.  Here's your chance to go wild with vibrant colors, delicious Mexican food, and mariachi music found south of the border.  From maracas to personalized koozies, be sure guests have everything they need to let loose and party till they drop.  

Fiesta bachelorette party ideas.

Fiesta Bachelorette Party Invitation Nacho Average
Fiesta Bachelorette Plate Nacho Average Party
Fiesta Bachelorette Party Napkin Nacho Average

Fiesta bachelorette koozies.

Bachelorette Party Favor Fiesta Can Cooler
Final Fiesta Can Cooler - WH
Bachelorette Party Favor Fiesta Can Cooler

Fiesta bachelorette party favors.

Fiesta Stripe Personalized Party Favor Lip Balm
BOLD Bride Tribe Fiesta Siesta Tequila Repeat Tote Bag
Shot glass

Plan a bachelorette party of pampering.
If you are looking for ideas for a low key bachelorette party, consider a spa party.  Pamper guests with pedicures, manicures, warm towels, candles, and massages to instantly wash away the wedding jitters.  Indulge guests with delicious finger foods and pretty drinks, along with soothing music playing in the background.  A pampering party can easily be held at home with spa stations manned by family and friends or hire the services of aestheticians.  Whether you choose to host at home or go to a salon, a take home favor is always a nice touch.                       

Plan a bachelorette party at home.
Places for bachelorette party?  Often times staying at home is the right answer.  In the comfort of home, a girls night in allows everyone the time and the freedom to share memories of the past, while looking to the future.  And you have the fun of choosing decorations, food, and entertainment that is simple enough that you can enjoy the party too.

Blue girly modern drinks bachelorette weekend tapestry
Girly blue drinks bachelorette weekend itinerary magnetic invitation
Blue girly modern champagne script bachelorette napkins
Blue girly modern cocktail script bachelorette can cooler
Blue girly modern cocktail script bachelorette tote bag
Blue girly modern script bachelorette mason jar

Bride tribe.
The idea of a bachelorette party is to gather together the brides closet friends that she knows will always be there for her...a bride tribe, if you will.  Take a look at this bride tribe kit that has everything needed in one purchase.  From the party decorations to the favor kit, a sense of belonging is clear.

Last Fling Before The Ring...

Last Fling Before The Ring Wild Bachelorette Party Invitation


Last Fling Before The Ring Wild Bachelorette Party Banner


Leopard Spots Pattern Bachelorette Party Thank You Favor Box

Favor Box

Flannel Fling Before The Ring...

Flannel Fling Before The Ring.Bachelorette Party Invitation


Flannel Fling Before the Ring Balloon


Flannel Fling Before the Ring Napkin - Red


Bachelorette Games To Play

Get ready for guests to fall out with laughter...

Bachelorette Party Games - Double Sided
Black Script Dirty Minds Riddle Bridal Shower Game
Gold Bachelorette Bingo, Party Game, Challenge Invitation
Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt Game Pink Tribal
Panty Game Insert Card

Photo scavenger hunt.
From kissing the head of a bald man to dancing on top of the tables, this is an adventurous game to play.  And the pictures?  Too much fun!  The customizable cards listed below make it easy to do with laughter guaranteed.

Bachelorette Part Scavenger Photo Hunt Game
Bachelorette Party Photo Scavenger Hunt Game
Bachelorette Party Photo Scavenger Hunt Game Pink

Guests can use their phones or hand out disposable cameras.

Bachelorette dare cards.
How dare you?  This fun activity could go on all night as guests are dared to do the unthinkable or  reveal a truth to save themselves or buy the bride a drink.  There are several different ways to play this game...take a look at the daring examples below.

Prizes for bachelorette games.
Winning prizes is guaranteed to amp up the party atmosphere.  So, plan a bachelorette party prize that is outrageous, funny, and that everyone will want to see.  The reaction will steal the show.

Shirtless Males Bachelorette Party Sexy Men Wine Charm
Hot Pink Stiletto High Heel Bachelorette Party Bottle Opener
Bachelorette | Modern Minimalist Script Bridesmaid Acrylic Tumbler
Bride Tribe Script Colorful Wine Charm
Personalized Shot Glasses

Plan a bachelorette party photo booth.
Set up a photo booth complete with playful props to capture this fun time.  The guests will be thoroughly entertained while taking pictures and even more fun viewing them after the party is over.

Temporary tattoos are a clever way to put your stamp on the evening.  These tattoos are fully customizable or you can choose from pre-made designs that fit your celebration perfectly.

Bridal Party Gold Bachelorette Party Tattoos
Bride Tribe bachelorette party temporary tattoos
Wedding I Do Crew Temporary Tattoos

Drink markers.
Help guests keep up with their drinks.  From speedo clad hunks to men in uniform, there is no doubt that this tiny detail will be noticed and discussed.

Fanny packs.
Pick your favorite color and phrase and design your own fanny packs.  With a throw-back vibe, these fanny packs keep hands free and valuables secure while everyone concentrates on partying.  Perfect for a destination bachelorette party.

Plan a bachelorette party can cooler.
You'll be surprised as to how much fun a koozie can add to the festivities.  Take a look below at some our favorites that bring attention to the bride and her closest party animals.  

These personalized koozies get personal.

Neon Bachelorette Can Cooler
Combo Bachelor/Bachelorette Party w/Photos Can Cooler
Vintage Cocktail Bachelorette Can Cooler

Say yes to hen party hats and headbands.

Bachelorette Party Welcome Bags

Greet guests with everything needed for a night on the town.  These tote bags are just the right size and call attention to the bride-to-be, along with a clever message of your choosing.

Bachelorette | Modern Minimalist Script Bridesmaid Tote Bag
Black Gold Bride Tribe Bachelorette Party Favor Tote Bag
Personalized Bachelorette Frame Tote Bag

Plan a bachelorette party favor.

Personalized Bachelorette Frame Favor Box
Neon Bachelorette Hangover Kit Favor Box
Bride Tribe Bachelorette Survival Kit Box

These candy tins are the perfect way to deliver sweet treats, and it's always sweeter when the theme is in full view.  Use color, photos, text or fun designs to create a look that is both festive and fun.

Personalized Bachelorette Party Mint Tin
Bright Pink Custom Photo Bachelorette Candy Tin
Blush Bachelorette Party Favor Candy Tin

Lip balm.
Take the opportunity to provide a little something extra that is useful, celebratory, and above all a delectable flavor.  Your girls will remember this last hoorah each and every time they use it.

Bridal shower lip balm party favor gift for bride
Bride Tribe Gold Script Love Heart Lip Balm
Personalized Lip Balms

To have and to ties.

To Have and To Hold Your Hair Back Bachelorette Ribbon Hair Tie
Personalized name elastic hair tie
Bachelorette party gold damask personalized hair tie

Bachelorette party hand sanitizer.

It is often times a simple act of kindness that is most remembered.  Providing hand sanitizers is appreciated more now than ever before.  The sanitizer gel helps to reduce the risk of passing germs and the personalization is hands down just the right amount of festivity.

Rose Gold Glitter Funny Bachelorette Party Favor Hand Sanitizer Packet
Bachelorette party funny pink hand sanitizer
Neon Bachelorette Party Favors Hand Sanitizer

Bachelorette hangover kit supplies.
Friends don't let friends drink without considering the morning after.  These favor boxes can be filled with remedies for the all too familiar hangover.  The box itself is adorable, and you can really put anything you want inside, whether it's remedies or party favors.

Kiss The Miss Bachelorette Hangover Kit Favor Box
Favor Box
Hangover Relief Kit Favor Tags
Bachelorette Water Bottle Label, Hangover Helper Water Bottle Label
Party Survival Kit DIY Favor Card

Frequently asked questions...

When to plan a bachelorette party? 
Most have abandoned the notion of having the bachelorette party extremely close to the wedding.  Plan the party for approximately one month prior to the wedding, so that everyone enjoys all the wedding festivities.

Who's invited to bachelorette party?
The bride-to-be, bridesmaids, and any close friends or family that the bride chooses to celebrate with.  Whether or not the bride or groom's mother is included is entirely up to the bride.

Places for bachelorette party?
Plan a bachelorette party that the bride will love.  Whether the party is held locally or a favorite destination, the best place for a bachelorette party should be a known spot that the bride loves or let her pick.

Is a bachelorette party the same as a bridal shower?
No, the bachelorette party is more of a celebratory event, the last hoorah, or the last party as a single lady.  A bridal shower is an opportunity to bestow the bride and groom with gifts to help prepare them for married life.

What happens bachelorette party?
The bachelorette party is for celebrating the bride and her last days of single life.  This is achieved by planning the bride's favorite things and no one knows her better than the hosts.  Most activities should be planned with that in mind, so that everything planned is just the right amount of naughty or nice.

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