80th Birthday Party Suggestions

80th birthday party suggestions can be a challenge.  Have you ever asked yourself at someone else's party, why didn't I think of that?  We hope you find the tried and true party ideas here just the right Inspiration to create your own unique celebration.  Capture the essence of the occasion with a creative combination of the past and the present all at the same time--it will make all the difference.

Do you need help in planning your special Honoree's party? Listed below are a few 80th birthday party suggestions you might want to consider when planning this event. 

Have you noticed?  80th birthday party suggestions make you think outside your comfort zone--just in time to celebrate.

Picture Perfect Party Ideas

Reflecting back on eighty years can become a big part of this milestone party.  Have pens and paper available for guests to share their favorite memories of the Honoree and drop in a jar.  This jar filled with amazing moments to remember is given to the Honoree to enjoy.

Memories 80th Birthday Party Suggestion

This Is Your Life.  Add milestone photos and information to create a trip through the Honoree's life.  Wonderful decoration for the party and great gift after the celebration.    

Birthday Milestones PHOTO COLLAGE Family Tree Gift Poster

Can we get your autograph?  This memory book is a great place for guests to sign and record special birthday wishes.  Look on the bright side, with years of memories to draw from there should be plenty of entertainment inside.

80th Birthday Party Suggestions Guest Book

Photo courtesy of Krissa's Creative Hands´╗┐

Display a framed picture of the Honoree and allow guests to sign with a short message.  It's so personal and makes the perfect keepsake long after the party is over.

80th Birthday Party Suggestions Autograph Frame

Photo courtesy of Heart Tree Home

Relax and be reminded of life's simple pleasures.  With a little help from your friends, this simple white chair will encourage happy thoughts long after the party is over.    

80th Birthday Party Suggestions Autograph Chair

Photo courtesy of Pearls for Paper

Having everything needed readily available defines the purpose and welcomes guests in.  Here a pencil is tucked inside a pretty card with the request of a sweet memory.

Written Memories 80th Birthday Party Suggestions

Photographic Memories

Highlight years and years of memories with photos.  The 80th birthday party suggestions found here give special attention to clever presentation ideas.  Be sure to display any photos you may have of the Honoree and attendees.  Everyone loves to see their picture included.  

80th Birthday Party Suggestions 80 in Photos

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Make your balloons stand out from the bottom up.  Fill balloons with helium and attach a photo to encourage reminiscing of days gone by--such an uplifting idea.    

80th Birthday Party Suggestions Photo Balloons

Photo courtesy of Escape Adulthood

Treat your Honoree with a bouquet of flowers that will never wilt.  This easy to make arrangement can be customized to match any color theme.  

80th Birthday Party Suggestions Photo Flowers

Photo courtesy of Mandy Douglas

Custom table card holders can be used to hold photos and scattered throughout the party area.  Click on the photos below to get started.

Table Card Holder
CUSTOM PHOTO, TEXT & COLOR table card holder
Table Card Holder

A unique take on the traditional table runner.  This handcrafted runner takes us on a journey of the Honoree's life in photos.  Guaranteed to impress both the Honoree and the guests.  

80th Birthday Party Suggestions Table Runner

Photo courtesy of Us Girls..Our Views

Scattered pictures from the way we were.  We love how this table setting incorporates color, lighting, and memories to express 80 years in a meaningful way.

80th Birthday Party Suggestions Photo Centerpiece

Photo courtesy of just what I (squeeze) in

Mix materials and elements for the perfect combination.  With a little inspiration and a minimum of fuss, you can create a party decoration that can go anywhere you like.

80th Birthday Party Suggestions Photo Tree

Photo courtesy of Heritage Books

More photo display ideas

Smile and Say Cheese

Scatter disposable cameras around and encourage your guests to take pictures at random and also have their picture taken with the birthday Honoree.  Afterward, have these picture developed and sent to Honoree.

80th Birthday Party Suggestions Disposable Cameras

Photo courtesy of Suzanne's Thoughts

The imagination and effort you put into decorating for the party will make your guests feel truly welcome.  This table is a good example.

80th Birthday Party Suggestions Guest Book Display

Photo courtesy of Serendipitous Bliss

Accentuate your party scape with interesting things placed in unexpected places.  This hanging picture frame could be the stage for a birthday photo shoot. 

80th Birthday Party Suggestions Photo Shoot

Fabulous idea for a glammed up photo shoot of the guest of honor.  It's a snap to get your whole extended clan involved by providing 80th birthday party props. 

Greetings From The White House

Take your 80th birthday party ideas straight to the top.  Request a birthday card be mailed from the President to your Honoree.  Remember to allow plenty of time for this greeting, the President is a busy man!  Click here for details.

80th Birthday Party Suggestions White House

Choose Charity

Everybody wins.  Instead of gifts, have your guests make donations to their favorite charity in honor of your 80th birthday quest.  Truly, the gift that keeps on giving.

80th Birthday Party Suggestions Charity

More 80th Birthday Party Suggestions

The news is out.
Have a picture of your Honoree put in the local newspaper with a caption such as "Extra, Extra!  Read All About It!  Name is turning 80!  Happy Birthday!"

How much do you really know.
Prepare a quiz of questions relating to the life of your Honoree.  Include questions about family, career, hobbies and other favorite things in their life.  You may want to give a prize to the person who gets the most answers correct.

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