80th Birthday Party Games

80th birthday party games are best celebrated with the people that you love.  Age appropriate games are not only fun for the guests, but will create fond memories for all involved.  Who could forget Grandma singing karaoke at her 80th birthday party?  So, gather the people you love and we'll share some of our favorites that are sure to amp up the fun.

Games to Play at an 80th birthday party

Give your guests something unexpected...games that allow them to clown around and laugh till their hearts content.  The Honoree may surprise you with their participation, but at the very least will enjoy watching guests have a really good time.  From karaoke to bingo, make sure that this milestone birthday is celebrated with vibrancy.

80th Birthday Games To Play

Karaoke party.
Let the guests become the entertainment.  Pick songs that are more in tune with the Honoree's life and to the amazement of everyone, the stars will come out.  Appoint someone to serve as the DJ and add some fun lighting effects to take the performances to the next level.  Remember to record the fun with pictures and videos.

Cool Grandma singing along with a Karaoke system.

Two truths and a lie.
80th birthday party games that allow guests to learn more about the Honoree is an enlightening party idea.  Prepare sets of three statements about the birthday person--two truths and a lie.  The object of the game is for guests to determine which statement is false.  The guest that identifies the most lies wins.

Bingo Games for 80th Birthday Party.
Bingo is a classic game for people of all ages.  Most people already know how to play, so give it an update by awarding prizes that amplify the theme.  

Bingo player with a card.

Best advice.
80th birthday party games that encourage guests to reminisce about past times spent with the Honoree fits the occasion.  Ask guests to write down the best advice the Honoree ever gave them.  Collect all the advice cards, read them aloud, and select the best advice given.

Who Am I?

Take a stroll down memory lane with 80th birthday party games that conjure up the past.  Guests are asked to jot down a personal memory they have of the Honoree.  These memories are read aloud and the Honoree tries to guess who wrote the memory. 

80th Birthday Memory Jar:  Please write a good memory of Harold down and place in the jar.

80th Birthday Party Game Wishes Cards

How well do you know quiz.
Find out just how well you know the birthday boy or girl in this fun, easy game.  Guests simply try to guess the answers to all of the questions.  After all the cards are turned in, ask the birthday person for their answers.  Of course, the guest with the most correct answers wins.

Price is right game.
This game will shed some light on how much things have changed over the birthday girl's or boy's life.  Present an everyday item and have guests write down their guesses about how much it cost the year the Honoree was born.  Whoever gets the closest to the right price wins that round.  At the end of the game, person who wins the most rounds wins a prize.

The Price Tag

Competition games.
Create a competition area by setting up tables for a variety of 80th birthday party games.  Game night might include checkers, chess, bridge, dominoes, or any favorites of the Honoree.  Allow the guests to pick the game of their choice or rotate through the tables.  Let the games begin.

Door prizes.
Hand each guest a scratch card as they arrive for a chance to win door prizes.  Be sure the number of winning cards match the number of prizes you plan to award.   Guests simply scratch and claim their prize.

Guess my age.
There is a whole host of fun to be had with old photographs.  Display photos of the Honoree at different times of life.  Guests must guess the age of Honoree for each photo.  The most correct guesses wins.

Guess My Age.

Guess Who's in the Photos.
This is another fun guessing game using old photos.  Display old photos of the Honoree with friends and family.  Supply everyone with paper and pencil.  The person who can identify the most people in the pictures is the winner.  It's a great way to reminisce and celebrate the birthday person.

Charades is a game of pantomimes for all ages.  Divide guests into teams.  Begin with a bowl of phrases and book, movie, or song titles.  Each player draws and acts out the phrase without speaking.  Your teammates try to guess the phrase within the time limit.  Team with the most correct at the end of the game wins.

Name That Tune.
Name That Tune is a classic game where players attempt to identify popular songs based on short excerpts played by the host.  This game is perfect for seniors who love music and want to reminisce the old songs.  So gather your guests and get ready to name that tune.

Birthday photo shoot.
An 80th birthday is quite a milestone shared with friends and family.  A photo frame or booth is an entertainment option to document the day.

Woman holding an 80th Birthday Selfie Frame.

We love these backdrops for photo shoots or to hang behind the food tables.  Click on the photo of the backdrop for a closer look and other creative designs.

Birthday Balloon Backdrop 80th Photo Prop
Inspirational 80th Birthday Party Backdrop

Birthday interview.
Would you like to learn more about the birthday person?  This game offers the chance to have answers to all your questions.  What is the most important life lesson that you have learned?  What is the best and worst job you have ever had?  What is your best and worst birthday memory?

Cornhole is a popular lawn game played by tossing bean bags.  The object is to score points by successfully landing your bags on the platform or in the hole.  It is a great game for all ages and all skill levels.  Customized cornhole boards make it all about celebrating 80.

Zazzle 80th Birthday Cornhole
Zazzle 80th Birthday Legendary Cornhole

Live Party Entertainment

Looking to throw a party that becomes a must attend?  Of course, all entertainment should revolve around the Honoree and what you think they would enjoy most.  Live party entertainment ideas could include a live band, DJ, comedian, ventriloquist, or perhaps someone that could recite a special reading.

Musician for birthday party.
Music stirs the soul and adding it to your party entertainment will definitely liven things up.  Consider asking a favorite vocalist from the church or a family friend that sings to perform the Honoree's favorites.

Comedian for party.
No matter how old you are, there is fun to be had with age (as long as the Honoree appreciates a good laugh).  With eighty years of inspiration, jokes are just ripe for the picking.  Either hire a comedian or enlist the help of a family member or friend that would be up for the task of joke telling.

Stand Up sign on a red brick wall.

Elvis impersonator.
Want to know how to have a rocking good time?  Hire an Elvis impersonator or have someone dress up in an Elvis costume.  Imagine the surprise when Elvis shows up.

Elvis impersonator entertaining a crowd.

Talent show.
Who knows what undiscovered talent might lie in your family and friends?  Give your guests a red carpet moment by allowing them to show off their talent.  From playing an instrument to reading a poem, this entertainment will be original and meaningful to all.  Consider informing guests in advance, so they can prepare.

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