Birthday Party Theme Princess

Looking for birthday party theme princess ideas that are excessively elegant and fit for royalty?  Get ready to be impressed by these magical party ideas featuring tiaras, wands and sparkle.  You'll discover decorations, games and party favors to make your fairytale birthday party come true.  There's so much to celebrate, so dream big and how far you want to take the theme is up to you.

Birthday Party Theme Princess

Once upon a time there was a little girl that wished to be a princess for a day, and not just any day, her birthday.  In order to grant that wish, her fairy godmother (Mom) planned the birthday party of her dreams.  From the decorations to the party favors, she rolled out the red carpet in style and they all lived happily ever after.  Take a look below at how the magic happened...

Princess Themed Birthday Party Invitations

Princess themed birthday invitations are a beautiful way to beckon guests to the castle.  Whether you prefer fill-in invitations or customized invitations, play up the theme in a noticeable way.  Here are some of our favorites.

Handwritten party invitations.

Personalized princess birthday invitations.

Princess Party Invitations | Pink & Gold Castle
Little Princess Birthday Invitation in Pink & Gold
Princess Birthday Invitation

Custom princess invitations
with photographs.

A picture is worth a thousand words and the invitations shown below are pretty enough to become treasured keepsakes.  You can customize with any photo, but when the photograph reflects the birthday party theme princess, that's next level.

Pretty Princess Birthday Photo Invitation
Pink Gold Princess Photo Birthday Party Invitation
Princess Birthday Invitation Pink & Gold

Princess Birthday Theme Party Supplies

These party supplies prove that you don't have to sacrifice style for the convenience of paper plates.  When making your selection, think of little things such as color and personal details that may seem small, but make a big statement.  Simply adding the birthday girl's name to a princess themed plate is sometimes just enough.  Click on the plate options below for more details.

Princess Party Plates
Princess Birthday Party Cute Childrens Pink Custom Paper Plate
Tiara Princess 1st Birthday Paper Plate
Princess Crown Rose Gold Blush Pink Sparkle Paper Plate
Gold Princess Castle Birthday Party Paper Plate
Cute Princess Pink Purple Girls Birthday Party Paper Plate

Princess Theme Table Decor

Make the birthday party table a treat to see with plates, napkins, and table runners that are a reflection of the theme.  There's no such thing as too much glamour and sparkle for Her Majesty.

Princess Birthday Decorations

Birthday party decorations create a magical, celebratory air, which is just the right effect for a princess party.  From the banners to the balloons, immerse the decorations in all things princess. 

Cinderella Birthday Banner
Cute Little Pink Princess Crown Birthday Party Banner
Princess birthday banner Royal Pink and Gold Girl

Princess party balloon decorations.

Birthday party theme princess personalized balloons.

Cute Princess Photo Birthday Balloon
Pink and Gold Tiara Princess Birthday Balloon
Fairy Tale Princess Balloon

Princess birthday party centerpiece ideas.

Centerpieces are often times considered the crowning glory of the table.  Decorate with anything that you think would wow the birthday girl and make her feel like a princess for a day.  For example, place a special flower arrangement in the center of the table and add interest with princess themed centerpiece sticks.  Next, add a row of colorful princesses down each end of the table to keep the theme front and center for everyone no matter where they are sitting.  Fill in any blank spaces with confetti and crystals fit for a princess.  It's best to practice dressing the table in advance to tweak your centerpieces, add more design elements if needed, and most of all avoid last minute rushing.

Welcome to princess birthday party.

Make welcoming signs worthy of the attention.  The yard decorations shown below show style and instantly reveal the cause for celebration.  From the moment guests arrive, they will notice thoughtful details like this one.

Princess Theme Party Favors

Party favors are a great way to teach kids that saying thank you to guests can be fun.  The birthday girl probably knows better than anyone what her friends would like, so get her involved.  Once the perfect token gifts have been chosen, make the packaging look important and feel like a party.  Browse through these princess themed party favors that will give guests the royal treatment.

Birthday party theme princess candy.

Coloring books.


Princess Birthday Party Entertainment

Entertainment may be the perfect place to play up the theme.  From making crowns to playing dress up, children love to use their imaginations and there are many creative ways to make every guest feel like a princess.

Princess craft projects.

Crowns make any girl feel special and these tiara craft kits are the perfect solution.

Princess wand craft kit.

Every princess needs a wand and designing her own is a dream come true.   

Princess birthday coloring pages.

Personalized princess book.

Princess theme dress up.
Birthday party theme princess is the perfect time to incorporate a little pretending.  There is northing more exciting than a trunk of princess costumes and the freedom to choose.     

Photo booth backdrop.
The princess theme naturally creates the need for photographs.  Designate someone to serve as the photographer and encourage guests to strike a pose in front of a princess themed backdrop.  Add in some pretty props for the total royal experience.  Take a look at some of our favorites below.

Princess Birthday Party Games Ideas

The key to success with kids birthday party games is organization.  Keep a list of games that you plan to play and throw in some extras.  If the party seems to be slowing down, play an extra game to liven up the party atmosphere.  Kids get even more excited when prizes are awarded, so have plenty of small prizes on hand and pass them out freely.

Kiss the Frog party game.

Bean bag toss.

Birthday party theme princess pinata.

Cinderella's Lost Slipper.

Before the party starts, hide a slipper.  Inform participants that we simply must find Cinderella's lost slipper.  Define the parameters of the area to search and let them know how much time they have.  Winner is the princess who finds the lost slipper.

Princess Birthday Party Food

Indulging in birthday party food is always a popular part of the celebration.  Feeding children is easier than you think, if it looks good they're more apt to try it.  And what princess would refuse birthday cake and a party drink so festive that she will beg to take it home with her.

Princess theme cake.

Princess themed cupcakes.

Princess party drinks.
Tip:  Fill cups when every little princess is seated to avoid messy spills.

Princess Birthday Outfit.

It's always good when you can make the birthday girl feel like the center of attention.  It's a fact that when a girl thinks she looks good, she's happy.  Can clothes really make you happy?  Of course, take a look at the special outfits below that prove it.

The look she'll love.

Princess birthday shirt personalized.
There are more princess themed t-shirts than you can shake a wand at.  Whether you prefer a stock design or wish to design a one-of-a-kind shirt, it couldn't be easier.  You have the option to choose the color, image, and whether or not you wish to add a name or date.

Tiara Princess 3rd Birthday Custom Toddler T-shirt
Birthday ideas birthday tshirts princess Personali
Personalized 2nd Birthday Crown Girl's Shirt

Birthday party theme princess
memories in the making...

Avery Mini Binder
Birthday Princess - Pink - 3 Ring Binder

It's a wrap.

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