Lego Birthday Party Ideas

Looking for Lego birthday party ideas now that your child has chosen a theme?  Lucky for you the theme itself is full of inspiration.  Lego offers a wide range of characters and colors, which makes it easy to personalize the decorations and activities for the party.  How do I get started?  We have all the tips and tricks here.

Lego Birthday Party Ideas

When the kids arrive, they're ready for a Lego party.  Be sure that the theme is well represented everywhere they look.  Take a look at these Lego birthday party ideas that take take it to the next level.  Everything is awesome in Legoland, so build a celebration that is too.

Lego Birthday Party Ideas

Lego birthday party invitations.

When a birthday invitation arrives in the mail, it's a big deal.  Take a look at these personalized invitations that make it easy to see who is being honored and what the theme will be, whether the recipient can read or not.

Fill-in invitations...

Lego birthday party supplies.

Look for Lego themed plates, cups, and napkins to add a fun touch to the party.  And with the wide variety of Lego colors available, it is easy to match the party supplies to your child's favorite colors or create a rainbow of vibrant hues...

Personalized Lego themed birthday party ideas.

Adding personalization to the party supplies can help the birthday boy or girl feel even more excited and celebrated on their special day.  Additionally, some designs offer the option of transferring the same design and text to other needed party supplies to create a customized look.  Edible treats, labels, stickers, favor tags, and more...

Zazzle Lego Birthday Party Ideas Building Blocks
Zazzle Lego Birthday Party Ideas Blue Blocks
Zazzle Lego Birthday Party Ideas Blocks

Lego Birthday Party Decorations

From balloons and banners to centerpieces and photo opts, have fun bringing the theme to life with the party decor.  There are all sorts of Lego birthday party ideas here to help you decorate, starting with balloons...

Lego birthday balloons.

To create Lego themed balloon decorations, you will need a variety of colored balloons, preferably in the bright primary colors associated with Lego.  Arrange standard latex balloons and foil balloons of all shapes and sizes to create a festive party atmosphere.

Number balloons always count...

Make a Lego balloon arch by arranging red, blue, green, and yellow balloons in an arch shape.  You can use a balloon arch kit or create your own.

Lego themed birthday centerpieces.

Decorating the tables with fun centerpieces is a great way to incorporate the theme.  Take a look at these centerpiece ideas that are easy to use and ready to impress...

Lego birthday banner or backdrop.

Set up a photo booth to give children a chance to let loose and express themselves.  Here's your chance to get creative!  Hang a Lego inspired backdrop to captures everyone's attention and add fun props, such as hats, glasses, and blocks.  It's a source of entertainment for the guests and you get silly photos to share.  

Lego storage containers.

Make recycling part of your Lego birthday party ideas.  These Lego storage containers could be used in many ways to decorate the party space.  And after your child has received more Lego birthday gifts, you can repurpose them for storage.

Sipping from a building block cup would be fun...

More ways to add decorative details to party time...

Lego birthday shirt.

A special birthday t-shirt is a great solution for helping the birthday child stand out among their friends.  Yet another way to celebrate the party theme, there's a sense of pride in being the center of attention.

Lego birthday family shirts...

Lego Birthday Party Games

Birthday party games should be tailored to suit the age group and interests of the children, ensuring that everyone has a good time.  Familiar games and activities often work best to modify in some way to make it fair for all ages...

Guess how many.

This guessing game is low key and is a good way to break the ice as guests arrive.  It's simple, how many Legos are in the jar?  Closest to the correct amount wins a prize.

A pinata is always a popular choice.

Who's the master builder?

Lego enthusiasts like to build things, so why not turn it into a competition.  It not only provides entertainment, but also encourages teamwork and sportsmanship.  Take a look at these challenges...

Building challenge #1

Divide guests into teams with a big supply of building blocks.
Challenge each team to build the tallest tower in a set amount of time.

Building challenge #2

Divide guests into teams and provide the same small Lego set.
Whoever builds the set first wins a prize.

Jumbo building blocks.

Go big or go home with these jumbo building blocks.  It's a great way to encourage younger children to work together in a non-competitive environment.

Lego and spoon race.

Divide into teams and give each team a spoon and a bucket with 10 Legos in it.  Place an additional empty bucket at the finish line.  On the command of go, each player carries their Lego on a spoon to the empty bucket and drops it in.  The first team to get all 10 Legos to the finish line bucket wins.

Building block hunt.

This game is played just like an Easter egg hunt.  Instead of hunting eggs, the kids are trying to find Legos.  Take a look at these creative ways to make the search worthwhile...

Race for the win.

If you're looking for winning Lego birthday party ideas, organize a race.  Allow guests to build their own race cars with Legos and then race them to the finish line.  Make it as authentic as possible with a green flag for go and a checkered flag for the finish.  If your track allows 2 cars to race at a time, the winner proceeds to compete against the next player until everyone has raced.  You may choose to run one big race and award a trophy, and then leave it out for the kids to continue racing on their own.

Lego Birthday Party Ideas Racing Cars

Lego birthday party activities.

Children love to make things, so allow guests to construct and design a variety of different objects and structures.  Whether it's cups, trucks, or silly glasses, building blocks provide endless possibilities for creativity and imagination...

Get your Lego birthday party ideas
in shape with themed molds...

Lego birthday cupcakes.

Decorating your own cupcakes is fun, inexpensive, and a wonderful outlet for creativity.  Accessorize your cupcakes with themed toppers and picks that take full advantage of the theme...

Cupcakes that are stacked for style...

Another above and beyond serving idea...

Lego Birthday Party Ideas Sandwiches

You'll need:
Cordless Knife
Decorating Tip

Bread & Sandwich Fillers

Start with bread.

Lego Birthday Party Ideas Bread

Trim off bread crusts.

Lego Birthday Party Ideas Bread Trimmed

Slice bread in half.

Lego Birthday Party Ideas Bread Cuts

Cut circles with decorating tip..

Lego Birthday Party Ideas Bread Circle Cuts

Add your favorite sandwich fillings.
Voila...a Lego sandwich..

Lego Birthday Party Ideas Bread Idea

Serving ideas.

Disposable serving containers are a practical and convenient way to serve food and snacks.  They allow hosts to easily transport and serve food, while also making clean up a breeze.  Take a look at these serving ideas that are perfect for a building block themed birthday party...  

Make a wish for unique birthday candles...

Drink in the theme with
personalized water bottle labels...

Looking for juice pouch labels?
No problem...

Lego favors for birthday party.

Party favors have become a big part of kid's birthday parties.  Kids look forward to them with great expectation and you do not want to disappoint.  From what goes inside to a festive bag or box, here are some fine examples of how to make the party favors an absolute hit...

Candy works in your favor...

Start building momentum as to what's inside on the outside.
Themed boxes and bags...

It's a wrap...

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