Superhero For Birthday Party

Superhero for birthday party can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different kids.  Who is the greatest superhero?  Well, it depends upon who you ask.  Sometimes it's difficult to choose just one and your child's favorite changes from week to week.  So, pick one or celebrate them all and we will jump off tall buildings to help you achieve a successful birthday party.

Superhero Birthday Party Ideas

Superhero For Birthday Party

With great power comes great responsibility!
Spider-Man's catchphrase is good advice when planning a superhero birthday party.   With Mom in charge, it's a sure bet that the party will be filled with birthday decorations, games and party favors that only a caped crusader would love.  Take a look at these powerful superhero party ideas that will make the kids feel like superheroes for one glorious birthday.

Superhero Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Avengers Assemble!
Call together all your child's friends with a compelling party invitation.  Once the kids see what is coming to them, they will rush right over with lightning speed.

Boy Superhero Birthday Party Invitations
Superhero Comic Book Any Age Birthday Invitations
Flying Super Hero Boys Birthday Invitation

Superhero Photo Invitations

I'm The Best There Is At What I Do!
Just like Wolverine, make your superhero photo invitations the best they can be.  Shine a spotlight on the superhero being celebrated with photographs and personal details.  Click on the pictures below to see all the creative ways to customize superhero for birthday party invitations.  

Comic Book Superhero Birthday Party Photo Card
Newspaper Superhero Birthday Party photo Invite
Superhero Birthday Invitation Superhero Party

Superhero Boy Birthday Party Ideas

Party supply packs are just what you need to take the stress out of planning.  Find the one that best fits in with the rest of your superhero birthday ideas and get it all done with one purchase...BAM! 





Superhero Girl Birthday Party Supplies

These cute superhero girl birthday party supplies will have you ready to celebrate in a flash.  Whether you're looking for superhero party pack ideas or want to select just what you need, they all feature the superhero theme in powerful girl colors.

More superhero birthday party girl supplies...

Cute Pink Superhero Girl Birthday Party Paper Plate
Super Girl Plate
Comic Book Superhero Birthday Party Pink Paper Plate

Personalized superhero party supplies...

Let's party with supplies that mean something.  By adding your child's name, age, photograph or other personal details, you can make a noticeable difference in ordinary party supplies.  

Click on the photos below to see all the products available.

SuperHero Party plate Customize it!
Custom Pop Superhero Comic Paper Plates
Super Boy Any Age Birthday Party Plate
Super Hero Pow Custom Color Personalized Paper Plate
Superhero Birthday Fantastic Flying Kid Budget Paper Plate
Superhero Custom Name Plate
Batman | Chalkboard Happy Birthday Paper Plate
DC Comics | Superman - Birthday Paper Plate
DC Comics | Wonder Woman Birthday Paper Plate

Superhero birthday party capes.
Every superhero needs a cape.  Something changes inside a kid when that cape goes around their neck...they believe they are the strongest, fastest and bravest of them all.  And when all their friends are caped crusaders too, they can fight crime together, if only in their mind.

Personalized superhero cape...

Superhero Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Save the day with superhero party decorations that add some BAM to the birthday party.  From festive balloon arches to brightly colored paper lanterns, be sure your party decorations are action packed.

Superhero paper lanterns...

Superhero welcome sign...

Superhero Comic Book Any Age Birthday Welcome Banner
Superhero Comic Birthday Party Welcome Banner
Superhero Puppy Dog Birthday Party Banner

Superhero Party Favors

WHAM, BAM!  It's time to say thank you to guests for coming to your child's birthday party.  But with these superhero favor boxes, bags and goodies, the guests will be thanking you.

Personalized superhero favor boxes...

Superhero Comic Book Any Age Birthday Favor Box
Custom Pop Superhero Comic Birthday Favor Box
Comic Book Superhero Blue Birthday Party Favor Box

Superhero party loot bags...

Superhero party bag fillers...

Superhero Birthday Entertainment

There's no better way to make a kid feel more like they can conquer the world than with a superhero themed birthday party game.  Power up the party entertainment with an exciting prize punch game or super fun crafts.  Award superhero winners with awesome prizes.  Still need more?  Check out these entertainment ideas for kids birthday parties.

It's Clobberin' Time!
Allow guests to take a swing at a superhero themed pinata to vent their frustration as crime fighters.  Only this time, the reward couldn't be sweeter.

Superhero punch board.
POW!  Kids love to show off how strong they are and that's why superhero party games are such a big hit.  Punch through the tissue paper to win the prize's just that simple.  

Superhero for birthday party tattoos.

KAPOW!  Temporary tattoos are always fun and kids can't get enough of them.  They are a great way to reinforce the theme, so choose a variety of tattoos and allow the kids to pick their favorites. 

Superhero arts and craft ideas.

Who is that masked crusader?  Allow guests to become a master of disguise by making their own masks.  Provide crayons, markers, sequins, stickers or any other superhero for birthday party pizazz that POPS in your head.  Take a look at the kits below.

DIY picture frame ideas.

Personalized superhero book.

Bring superhero adventures to life with a personalized superhero book.  Personalize with your child's name, birthday, skin tone, hair color and that's not all.  Include a photo of your child to become the face of the character and you can also personalize the book with the names of up to three additional family members.  A superhero for birthday party gift doesn't get more unique than this! 

Superhero Cake and Cupcakes.

Flame On!
One of the biggest moments at a kids birthday party is the birthday cake.  Whether you're celebrating with a cake or cupcakes, it should match the grand scale of the rest of the party. 

Make a production of serving
superhero cake and cupcakes.

What do you do when superheroes get thirsty? 

Superhero Photo Frame Booth

Memories in the making.
Provide a special place for photographs to be made with plenty of props.  Masks of all shapes and sizes are obvious choices, but mustaches, funny glasses and lips are fun too.  It's super easy with selfie frames, banners and personalized backdrops. 

Superhero Photo Ops
Click the pictures below for details.

Superhero Photo Back Drop

Superhero Birthday Boy Banner Backdrop
Comic Book Superhero Birthday Party Photo Backdrop
Superhero Birthday Banner

Superhero Cardboard Cutouts
Standing in the presence of greatness...

Personalized Superhero Shirt

Show off your super powers by providing the birthday boy or girl a personalized shirt.  Choose a design that incorporates the theme and most importantly focuses on the occasion.  These superhero for birthday party shirts are a work of art and the choices are endless.  

Personalized Birthday Kid Superhero Boy Silhouette T-Shirt
BIRTHDAY BOY Superhero Logo Gift T-Shirt
Superman | Birthday Boy - Name & Age T-Shirt

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