Cookie Bar Wedding Favors

Cookie bar wedding favors are a trendy, new way to sweeten up your wedding reception.  For centuries, a meaningful tradition in Italy is to prepare a cookie table for all to enjoy.  Women on both sides of the bride and groom's families bake and freeze cookies for months leading up to the big day. Finally on the wedding day, the wedding cookie table is complete with thousands of Italian wedding cookies creating a delicious favor wedding gift for each guest.  Today, many American brides are adopting this same tradition.

If you are looking for a unique, fun tradition to have at your wedding reception, a cookie table just might be the answer.  Make sure to include some of the traditional wedding cookies such as Mexican wedding cookies, lady locks, biscotti, and thumbprints.  

Cookie bar wedding favors are sweet enough, so make the presentation special too.

Stylish and unusual presentation is key to impressive cookie bar wedding favors.  You not only want decorated wedding cookies to taste delicious, but you also want the cookie table to be an exquisite part of the reception décor.  Strive to make everything look as good as it tastes by doing everything possible to set the stage for fun.  Many choose to design their cookie bar with one color while mixing different types of cookies.  Others prefer to infuse complimentary colorful treats together to offer a host of reasons to bring people together.  Here you will find well designed groupings of cookies surrounded by dazzling decorative elements to capture the mood and spirit of the reception.

Romantic with a touch of rustic.
The overall feeling is relaxed, but elegant.  With cookies arranged neatly in rows, guests can easily serve themselves and discuss the sweetness at hand.     

Rustic Cookie Bar Wedding Favors

Mix rustic and cookies.
Here, the milk and cookies simply adds to the overall fun factor.  From crates to washtubs, virtually every detail is featuring the key design element.  

Rustic Wedding Cookie Bar Presentation

Naturally sweet.
Cookies tend to be neutral in color.  Use the quiet splendor of neutral as your source of inspiration when pulling together your cookie bar. 

Naturally Sweet Cookie Bar Wedding Favors

We go together like milk and cookies.
Reinvent the concept of the cookie bar by looking at the unusual space in a different light.  These enduring cookie jars mix and match beautifully with the rustic style.     

Wedding Favor Cookie Bar

Photo courtesy of More Than Just A Farm

Love is sweet.
The final stop should include a little something sweet for guests to take home.  The pretty bags make it special, but of course the real treat is the cookie.

Sweet Cookie Bar Wedding Favor Idea

Photo courtesy of Ampersand Wedding Photography

Artfully presented.
We love the combination of using different geometric shapes to present cookies.  Round cookies on a square display keeps the presentation interesting while the ribbon and flowers add detail.

Cookie Bar Wedding Favor Presentation

Outdoor elegance.
Glass lends grace and elegance to this outdoor setting.  There are as many choices of stemware sizes and shapes as there are cookies to fill them.

Outdoor Cookie Bar Wedding Favor Display

When the groom loves cookies.
A cookie bar created especially because the groom loves cookies makes all the extra time and attention well worth the effort.  Everything included echoes the rustic theme.

Cookie Bar Wedding Favors For The Groom

Yummy cookies.
Aside from being a table full of yummy cookies, this buffet is also a beautiful decorative statement.  It's not only a wonderful way to serve cookies, it's a fabulous excuse to show off your creativity. 

Creative Cookie Bar Wedding Favor Idea

Sweet love.
The relaxed atmosphere and casual serving style of this cookie presentation is tastefully simple.  The flowers and rustic sign add perfectly to the simplicity.

Casual Cookie Bar Wedding Favors

A rustic affair.
Dream cookie bar wedding favors don't just happen, they're planned.  Filled with unique and thoughtful touches that are not only special, but also quite stylish.

Impressive Cookie Bar Wedding Favor Display

Cookies for the road.
This unique sign lets guests know that these cookies are meant to be enjoyed immediately.  Set the cookie bar wedding favors near the exit with various bags or boxes for guests to grab for the ride home.

Cookie Bar Wedding Favor Presentation

Photo courtesy of  One Love Photo

Playing favorites.
Offering guests a taste of the Groom's favorite cookie will make a big impression.  Labeling it will let everyone know of a special sweet tooth weakness. 

Groom Favorite Cookie Bar Wedding Favors

Sweetness in the bag.
Cookies displayed in glass containers is clearly a good idea.  Of course the cookies look enticing, but the personalized bags are fabulous.

Cookie Bar Wedding Favors Packaging

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