Oreo Cookie Favors

You might not think of Oreo cookie favors when choosing a wedding favor, but now you can.  They can be dipped in dark milk or white chocolate and have sprinkles on the edges creating a picture frame for an edible wedding image.  You may choose a classic wedding scene such as a bride and groom, a dove, or a single heart.  This best selling cookie of all time would be a fun wedding favor to share with your friends and family.

Oreo cookie favors can also be personalized with a favorite picture or text.  Any full color image can be transformed into an edible one.  Completing with personal touches such as names or the wedding date are another big opportunity for creativity to shine. 

Looking for unique ideas for sharing
Oreo cookie favors?

Creating a memorable presentation of your wedding favors guarantees that the thank you message is conveyed in a special way.  Complimenting the ambiance of the wedding is key here, and as always it is the tiny details that make the difference.  Make every crumb of your favor presentation beautiful with one of these simple ideas that says thank you ever so sweetly.

Golden opportunity.
A beautiful gold container filled with monogrammed Oreos makes an impressive cookie bouquet.  What could be easier than this?  Secure cookies into Styrofoam, top with shredded filler, and tie on a pretty ribbon.

Monogrammed Oreo Cookie Favors

Photo courtesy of Craig Photography

Click on the photos below to check out these Oreo ideas.

Bride and Groom monogram name Wedding Chocolate Covered Oreo
faux gold foil heart wedding bride and groom chocolate covered oreo
Black White Marble Monogram Gold Elegant Wedding Chocolate Covered Oreo

Have your cake and eat it too with this Oreo wedding cake.
The ingredients?  A decorative cake plate piled high with cookies and frills.  This table is a perfect example of how sophisticated Oreo cookie favors can look.

Oreo Cookie Favor Wedding Cake

Photo courtesy of Jane Johnson Photography

Photo wedding Oreos.
Add a photo to create the sweetest Oreo cookie favor for your wedding.  Just click below for details.

Bride Groom monogram name photo wedding Chocolate Covered Oreo
Modern Minimalist Photo Custom Text Wedding Chocolate Covered Oreo
Custom Wedding Photo Dipped Oreos

Pretty rustic.
This cookie presentation strikes the perfect balance between pretty and rustic.  Stacks of Oreos and shot glasses filled with milk give a nostalgic nod to comfort food - perfect for a vintage wedding.

Rustic Themed Oreo Cookie Favors

Photo courtesy of Anna K. Photography

Easy on the eye elegance.
If your decorative scheme is pale and plain, it is a good idea to add subtle patterns wherever you can. Adding decorative details to these chocolate covered Oreo cookie favors brings visual texture and understated elegance.

Elegant Oreo Cookie Favor Idea

Photo courtesy of Seriously Daisies

Personalized Milk Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies

Foil Wrapped Chocolate Covered Oreos

Grand gesture.
Just because your having milk and cookies doesn't mean you can't make an occasion of it.  How you present cookie treats is up to you, but the more creative you are, the more impact the favor presentation will have.

Grand Oreo Cookie Favor Idea

Photo courtesy of Nicole Ann Photography

Wood you like some cookies?
Nothing will do more to liven up your Oreo cookie favors than a noticeable presentation.  The key is to make your presentation as inviting and adaptable as the occasion itself, with plenty of serve yourself elements.

Unique Oreo Cookie Favor Presentation

Photo courtesy of White Box Photo

Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies

Metallic glamour.
When the occasion provides the perfect excuse for indulgence, think whites, creams and ornate glamorous gold.  The sparkling glass accents to the vintage serving piece take the luxurious effect one step further.

Glamorous Oreo Cookie Favor Idea

Photo courtesy of Jewel Photo

Picture perfect.
Getting the foundation right makes all the difference.  The trick is to start in the middle and build out until you have built yourself a good base.  Each time you add a layer, start in the center and check the cake for stability.  Once all the layers are looking cake like, adorn until it's pretty as a picture. 

Perfect Oreo Cookie Favor Cake

Photo courtesy of Andi Mans Weddings

Here come the cookies.
Wedding guests love edible favors, and you can never go wrong celebrating the happy couple.  Oreos dressed up to resemble the bride and groom is the simplest and quickest way to get the message across, and fit in with almost any decor.  

Bride And Groom Chocolate covered Oreo Cookie Favors

Favor flip flops.
Successful favor ideas are all about making the most of the theme.  Delicious Oreo flips flops are a popular choice for beach themed wedding favors.  You can customize the chocolate and flowers to match your own personal taste.

Flip Flop Oreo Cookie Favors

Oreo cookie pops.
Prettily packaged Oreo pops bring a welcoming decorative element to the table.  Choose a special design and sprinkles in your choice of color to make a perfect cookie favor.

Oreo Cookie Favors Lollipops

Personalized Oreo Cookie Pops

Zazzle Oreo Cookie Favors Photo
Zazzle Oreo Cookie Favors Custom
Zazzle Oreo Cookie Favors Monogram

Mini Oreo cookie cakes.
These beautifully hand decorated mini Oreo cookie cakes are the ultimate in edible favors.  They are a delicious way to say thank you and a smart alternative to the tradition of sending guests home with a slice of wedding cake.

Mini Oreo Cookie Favors

Oreo Cookie Favor Boxes

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