Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Looking for dinosaur birthday party ideas?  Having a theme makes party planning easier, so when your kid is obsessed with dinosaurs...looks like a rip-roaring good time is headed your way.  From party decorations to a personalized t-shirt for the birthday boy or girl, as long as there are kids, dinosaur birthday party ideas will never be extinct.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Have you ever left a birthday party and felt like you needed to hire a professional for your kid's party?  Believe us when we tell you, you can do it.  While some party ideas may look lavish and complicated, it's more about advance planning.  Our tip?  Start early.  When time is on your side, it's easier to pick your favorite ideas and then shop for the best price.  Take a look at the dinosaur birthday party ideas here that are meant to inspire you...no pressure.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Photo dinosaur themed birthday party invitations.

Put a name and a face on the invites.  It's the personal touches that get the most attention, so take advantage of every opportunity.  Start browsing below to get the party started...

Zazzle Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas Girl Phot Invitation
Zazzle Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas Photo Invitation

Personalized details get little guests ready
to party like it's one million B.C.

Make some noise with fill-in invitations...

Pink dinosaur birthday party.

Throwing a pink dinosaur birthday party?  If you thought it was going to be hard to find dinosaur themed party supplies for girls, you must see these.  Everything you need in girl colors all assembled in one convenient kit...

Dinosaur birthday party supplies.

What kid wouldn't love these dinosaur birthday party ideas?  And you'll love these kits that include everything you need, saving you time and money.  Choose your favorite and let the fun begin.  

First birthday dinosaur theme.
One Asaurus...

2 year old dinosaur birthday.
Two Rex...

Dinosaur 3rd birthday.
Three Rex...

Dinosaur 4th birthday.
Dino Four...

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas Four

Donuts & Dinos.

Take a look at these personalized party supplies that combine two kid favorites...donuts and dinos.  The theme is clearly represented along with where, when, and most importantly who the birthday boy or girl is.

Zazzle Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas Dinosaur Donuts
Zazzle Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas Girl Donuts
Zazzle Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas Dinos Donuts

These donut displays are a sight for saur eyes...

Dinosaur masks and tails.

Kids love to play dress-up and pretend.  Put together an assortment of dinosaur masks and tails and let the good times roar.

Party hats.

Amp up the fun with dinosaur themed party hats.  Kids love silly hats and are always looking for an excuse to wear one...

Dinosaur centerpieces for birthday party.

Welcome kids to a party table that excites them when they see it.  Keep the tablescape colorful and fun by mixing and matching dino themed centerpieces.  Here's some of our favorites...

Table sign decor.

Add interest to your tablescape by adding decorative table signs.  Whether you use them as the main focus of the table or to fill in any blank areas you may have, it's an easy way to connect to the theme.

Botanical effects.

Use faux botanical leaves of different textures, shapes, and sizes to bring a touch realism to your party decor.  Consider making a scene behind the food table, scattering fake leaves on the table, decorating a special place to take photos, etc.

Palm leaf inspired serving ideas
that are perfect for a kids birthday party...

Dinosaur Happy Birthday banners.

A birthday banner is easily one of the quickest ways to decorate with the most punch.  Drape a dinosaur themed banner in a strategic location to define the party space or simply use it to heighten the party atmosphere.

Dinosaur footprints.

Dinosaur footprints add to the fun wherever they're placed.  Whether used as a greeting to guide children to the party area or randomly used in multiples, the kids will love them.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas Sign

Dinosaur birthday sign.

Whether kids can read or not, they can spot fun a mile away.  Welcome little party goers with a festive yard sign that is colorful and full of the theme.

Dino-mite idea!
Personalized dinosaur themed signs that can go
from the party to decorating your child's room...

Confetti that roars...

Selfie frame.

Birthday parties may come and go, but the one thing that lasts from each is the pictures.  Kids are no stranger to having their picture taken, so liven up the experience with selfie frames and props.  Assign someone to picture duty to make sure that each child gets the opportunity to ham it up.


Escape the ordinary with inflatable dinosaurs.  Hang from the ceiling, sit on the floor or table, use as a photo prop, the options are endless.  Without a doubt, this versatile decorating idea will be a kid favorite...

Dinosaur birthday outfit.

Calling attention to the birthday boy or girl is always a good idea when it's their turn to celebrate.  Take a look at these ideas that are trending...

Dinosaur birthday t-shirt...

Personalized dinosaur birthday shirt...

Zazzle Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas First Shirt
Zazzle Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas Girl Shirt
Zazzle Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas Dino-Mite Shirt

Little girls love dressing up...

Games for dinosaur birthday party.

Keep the party moving with kid friendly games and activities.  Plan several games and don't worry if there isn't enough time for all of them, it's better to be over prepared.  Take a look at some our favorites...  

Dinosaur Birthday

Dino Dig.

Playing in the sand and hide and seek...now that's something to get excited about if you're a kid.  Fill a sandbox, kiddie pool, or bucket with dinosaur fossils and eggs and allow the kids to dig until they find them.  Set a number as to how many each player can find, so that everyone has a successful dig.

Pinata dinosaur birthday party ideas...

Adopt a dinosaur.

This activity is best suited for younger children who would be delighted to adopt a dinosaur.  Gather together an assortment of stuffed dinosaurs and allow participants to select their favorite.  Complete the adoption certificate and send it all home...it's an activity and a party favor.

Pin the tail on the dinosaur...

Toss birthday dinosaur game.

There's a whole lot of fun to be had with a toss/corn hole game.  The dinosaur theme makes all the difference here...what could more fun than tossing a bean bag into a dinosaur's mouth?  

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas Cake

Activity table.

Set up a table covered with a plastic tablecloth or paper and lay out an array of art supplies.  Themed coloring books and shaped crayons are sure to be noticed by dinosaur fanatics.  As kids arrive, send them to the activity table as quiet entertainment until everyone arrives.

Dinosaur themed craft kits, puzzles,
and paint sets for budding artists...

Story time.

Right before the birthday cake presentation, plan a quieter activity.  This will help calm the kids down and give the host a few minutes to be sure everything is ready before seating the children for the big event.

Stage your own puppet show...

What's your dinosaur name?

Dinosaur egg stomp.

Divide children into two teams and give each team the same amount of white inflated balloons.  The first team to stomp (pop) all their dinosaur eggs wins.

Dinosaur inspired egg hunt...

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas Cake Four

Dinosaur birthday favors.

A party favor bag filled with loot is a sight to behold for children.  And Moms know that there are plenty of inexpensive fillers that fit the dinosaur theme perfectly.  Take a look...

More sweet goodbyes...

Say thanks for stomping by...

Favor boxes.

When the outside of the party favor is as exciting to the kid as what's inside, you know you're on to something.  These dinosaur favor boxes are too cute...

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas Cupcakes

Cupcake ideas.

Serving cupcakes is a thoughtful way to prepare for extra guests or parents who are staying at the party with their child.  Take a look at these dinosaur themed cupcake ideas that will make you look like a pro...

Dino-rific cupcake toppers and wrappers...

Roarsome cupcake serving ideas...

Customized cupcake picks are hard to beat..

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas Table

Lure kids in with not-so-ordinary snack trays.
Clean up is a breeze...

Kids love to drink from silly cups...

Fun serving ideas that will make you look twice...

Time to eat...what's on the menu?

Dinosaur toenails  -  Bugles corn chips

Dino eggs - Deviled eggs

Pterodactyl wings  -  chicken wings

Dinosaur bones  -  White chocolate covered pretzels

Use dinosaur themed tent cards to label dino-licious food...

Wood risers and wood slices.

Keeping everything on the food table at the same level is boring, so make it more interesting with different heights.  For example, placing the birthday cake on a riser gives it more presence and importance than the other items on the table.

Personalized water bottle labels...

Fun party favors and supplies @ Beau-coup.com

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