Halloween Snacks

Halloween snacks can be a challenge for working Moms who don't have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen.  Never fear!  Lurking in your grocery store are packaged cookies that can quickly be transformed into terror-ific tasty treats.  From cookies to sandwiches, It only takes minutes--but no one has to know.  

Let the kids help.  Nothing makes Halloween party snacks more exciting to a kid than being involved in the haunting.  You can expect new hair-raising ideas and a whole lot of fun.

We supply the ideas, you supply the goons with an appetite for frightfully delicious Halloween snacks.

Halloween Treats On A Stick

Nutter Butter Cookies

It is almost Halloween and even the Nutter Butter cookies are getting ready for fright night.  So many different disguises, but the same great tasting cookie.

Bats aren't often sweet, but these are an exception.  Be careful to have enough because bats tend to fly off the plate.

Halloween Nutter Butter Bats

Photo courtesy of Sweet Simple Stuff

These friendly ghosts will disappear right before your eyes as guests have another Nutter Butter peanut butter sandwich cookie.  These eerie spirits are as easy to make as 1-2-3.

Halloween Nutter Butter Ghosts

Photo courtesy of When the Dinner Bell Rings

No need to be afraid of the dark.  These vampires will all be gone in the morning.

Halloween Nutter Butter Vampires

Photo courtesy of bhg

Trick or treat, goblin feet, give me something good to eat.  Step up to the plate with these simple goblin feet.  Just dip cookies in melted candy and apply cashew halves.

Halloween Nutter Butter Goblin Feet

Photo courtesy of Kitchen Concoctions


Looking for easy Halloween snacks?  Get into the spirit this Halloween with lollipops in costume.  Here are some kid-friendly ideas to get your favorite ghouls and goblins excited if you dare.

These vampires are so real looking, you might want to cover your neck. 

Halloween Vampire Suckers

Photo courtesy of Kaboose

It becomes quite unsettling when the spiders start crawling.  These eight legged hairy creatures are bound to creep you out.

Halloween Spider Lollipops

Photo courtesy of My Sister's Cottage

These ghosts would rather hang out with you that rattle any chains.  Begin a new tradition by trimming this spooky tree with treats.  You can make the tree yourself or buy one ready to decorate with Halloween snacks.

Halloween Ghost Lollipops

Photo courtesy of Wood You Like To Craft

No carving required for these jack-o-lanterns.  Give your guests a happy greeting with the many faces of Halloween.

Halloween Pumpkin Lollipops

Photo courtesy of Housewives of Frederick County

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Oreo Cookies

There is no trick to these easy Halloween treats. These quick and foolproof treats will leave your guests howling for more. So, get ready for the big fright night with America's favorite cookie.

Cookies are so much more fun to eat when presented on a stick.  How sweet it is and how easy too. Simply insert sticks, dip, and decorate. 

Halloween Oreos On A Stick

Photo courtesy of mommy GAGA

No one would run away from these sweet spiders.  Since no cooking is required, these creepy crawlies are easily assembled by younger children.

Halloween Spider Oreos

Photo courtesy of My Honeys Place

Hard shoes to fill?  Not at all when stuffed with Halloween themed Oreo cookies.  A witch's shoe full of cookies makes a spellbinding snack.

Oreo Halloween Snacks

Photo courtesy of Home is Where the Boat Is


Get the goodies ready to share with all your favorite goblins.  When guests come knocking, surprise them with pretzels spooked out in true Halloween style. 

The colors of Halloween come shining through with these pretzel rods.  The spider rings provide the final scare.

Pretzel Rod Halloween Snacks

Photo courtesy of Aunt Nubby's Kitchen

Park your broom here, all other vehicles will be toad.  You can transform these pretzels into broomsticks in the blink of a cat's eye.

Witch Broom Halloween Snacks

Add an unexpected touch to your pretzels with playful bats and a pack-of-pumpkins.  You can eat these treats until you know you shouldn't.

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Halloween Snacks

These quick-fix finger pretzels will have everyone biting their nails.  You will be dying to show off this frightfully fun finger food.

Halloween Pretzel Fingers

Photo courtesy of Pinterest


Halloween just wouldn't be the same without the presence of pumpkins.  These happy jack-o-lanterns will inspire your guests to smile for more Halloween snacks.

Jack-O-Lantern Sandwiches

Photo courtesy of Our Best Bites

Experimentation in the kitchen can yield some deliciously different presentations.  These tubes of tomato soup make a ghastly ghost sandwich look like the perfect pair.

Halloween Soup And Sandwich

Photo courtesy of Hickory Farms

Spellbinding Halloween party snacks.  Double, double, toil and trouble...well, it is really no trouble to create this bewitching sandwich trick.

Spellbinding Halloween Sandwiches

Photo courtesy of Food Chics

People will be dying to get to these tombstone peanut butter sandwiches with RIP written in chocolate.

R.I.P. Halloween Sandwiches

Photo courtesy of 7 Layer Studio

Ham and cheese ghost sandwiches.
Cut bread, ham and provolone cheese into ghost shapes. Assemble sandwiches with cheese on top. Pop in the oven and melt cheese if desired. Top with eye balls cut from black olives to complete your sandwich.

Green slime sandwiches.
Mix peanut butter & apple jelly together. Add green food coloring. Spread mixture onto bread and cut into Halloween shapes with cookie cutters.

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More Ideas for Halloween Snacks

Sugarcoat it.
These marshmallows dipped and covered in colored sprinkles are sweet bites of delight. Good idea for a party station with creative dips and toppings.

Marshmallow Halloween Snacks

Photo courtesy of Saw Dust Girl

Popping good Halloween snacks.
A handful of popcorn is a classic harvestime treat.
Popping Good Halloween Snacks

Here's looking at you.
Bewitch your ghosts and goblins with tempting Halloween snacks. What could be more fun than eating a cookie that looks like an eyeball.

Place vanilla wafers flat side up on a cookie sheet.  Completely cover the wafer with white icing or dip in white chocolate.

Time saver:   Use store bought white chocolate covered cookie.

Pipe blue mound onto each cookie, placing a chocolate chip in the middle. With a toothpick dipped in red food coloring, draw veins to complete the cookie.

Eyeball Halloween Snacks

The witch is in.
Fill a sugar ice cream cone with any type of candies. Secure cone to cookie with piped decorator icing. Place on flat surface to allow the cookie to bond to the cone. Decorate to your liking. To make a band and buckle for the witches hat, cut from fruit by the foot.

Witch Hat Halloween Snacks

Photo courtesy of Mum's Grapevine

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