Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Halloween pumpkin carving ideas inspire the sculptor in all of us.  Many master pumpkin carvers feel that every pumpkin has a soul and you just release that soul.  We prefer to think of it as personality.  If the pumpkin is lopsided, has huge ridges, or an achkward stem, it just gives it more character.  You bring it all to life whether it be frightful or friendly.  

If carving a Halloween pumpkin is really not for you, consider paints, markers or black electric tape for clever, one-of-a-kind pumpkin creations. This method works on real pumpkins or plastic ones.  It is a safe way to keep the kids totally involved.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

We hope you find the Halloween pumpkin 
carving ideas you crave here.

Carve a scene.
Haunt your home with a variety of Halloween pumpkin carving ideas. Different expressions, shapes, and sizes only adds to the eerie welcome.

Welcome Home Pumpkin Scene

Photo courtesy of We Heart It

Carve a natural beauty.
Give a stylish twist to this beauty from the pumpkin patch. Perfect mood lighting for peaceful reflecting.

Stylish Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Carve a chevron pumpkin.
Trendy pumpkin. The ever so popular chevron design has made it all the way to the pumpkin patch.

Photo courtesy of wit & whistle

Carve a style.
Small holes lend a contemporary flair to these Halloween pumpkin carvings. Different patterns add interest to the grouping.

Contemporary Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Photo courtesy of Witch Blog

Carve a good witch.
Who says witches have to be mean and ugly? The happy expression on this pumpkin's face says this witch is having a Happy Halloween.

Happy Witch Halloween Pumpkin Carving Idea

Carve a gruesome grin.
Say cheese and show those pearly whites. This toothsome guy with the piercing eyes makes a smile inducing jack-o-lantern.

Gruesome Grinning Halloween Pumpkin Carvings

Photo courtesy of The Addictive Blog

Carve your team spirit.
Carve a fan-tas-tic pumpkin to show your love of the game. The whole neighborhood know who you are rooting for this season.

Team Spirited Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Photo courtesy of Philadelphia Phillies

Carve sophistication.
You will shriek with delight when you find out how easy Halloween pumpkin carvings are with the help of a stencil. The result is dreadfully sophisticated and shockingly fun.

Stenciled Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas
Sophisticated Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Photo courtesy of Steven Randazzo Photography

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Carve a Halloween greeting.
Grinning jack-o-lanterns and beady-eyed blackbirds keep a watch out for guests. Lighting the lanterns and pumpkins after dark will make an eerie greeting.

Eerie Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Photo courtesy of Matthew Benson Photographer

Carve a disguise.
This partying, masked clan will get the party off to a mysterious start. Simple and easy to do, this unexpected Halloween pumpkin carving idea will be the topic of conversation.

Disguised Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Carve an escape.
When the witches cat is away the mice will play. Halloween pumpkin carving ideas even make mice look cute.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas Inspiration

Carve a hag-o-lantern.
There is character in the stem. Using the stem as the nose, carving facial features, and adding bewitching touches gets this witch ready for a little magic.

Witch Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Photo courtesy of One Good Thing By Jillee

Carve wisely.
Whooooooooo dares to carve this pumpkin. Design your pumpkin to resemble the creature who rules the night.

Owl Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Photo courtesy of Mom Finds

Carve a name for yourself.
Monogrammed pumpkins are stylish haunters unique to you. One initial makes a personal statement, but several Halloween pumpkin carvings grouped together can spell out a greeting to welcome visitors.

Monogrammed Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Photo courtesy of Attempts At Domestication

Carve up an appetite.
Yes, that is a pumpkin. The seeded bun is actually a pumpkin with pumpkin seeds glued on top. However, the lettuce, tomato, cheese, and meat are real.

Hamburger Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Photo courtesy of The Optical Vision Site

Carve a head above the rest.
Brains matter, but it doesn't take a brainiac to create this cool pumpkin carving. Right brain, left brain, brain stem. This nerdy pumpkin has lots of brain power. Let your carvings be a head above the rest.

Brainy Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Photo courtesy of Fine Dining Lovers

Carve a magical transformation.
Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo. Bring magic to your Halloween pumpkin carving ideas. Be sure to be home by midnight.

Carriage Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Photo courtesy of Saxton Studio

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More Halloween pumpkin carving ideas. . .

Cookie Cutter Pumpkins
All you need is a pumpkin, cookie cutter, rubber mallet, and a sharp paring knife.  Clean out your pumpkin and select your favorite cookie cutter.  Position the cookie cutter on the pumpkin and tap with a rubber mallet.  Once the cutter is all the way through the pumpkin, insert a knife and cut through the pumpkin skin.  Light up your pumpkin with a candle or glow stick.

Cookie Cutter Halloween Pumpkin Carvings

Let it glow.
Place a glow stick in your carved pumpkin to create an eerie glow.  This is much safer than a candle especially for small children.

Glowing Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

How to carve a pumpkin.
Put your Halloween pumpkin carving ideas to the test with these quick and easy steps.  Part of a great plan is proper equipment. While you may have just what you need at home, consider pumpkin carving kits.  For the kids, consider tools with plastic handles and dull, serrated edges to keep the fun safe.

Get your work area protected and ready to cut.  Then decide which side of the pumpkin will display the front of the design you have chosen. 

Cut out the top of the pumpkin at an inward angle with a sharp knife so it won't fall in.  Cutting at an angle forms a ledge to hold the lid in place.  And rather than a perfect circle, carve a point at one end to orient the top.  Cut a small triangular vent, or you will cook the lid and it may fall in.

Scoop out the insides with a large spoon or pull the innards out by hand.

Trace or sketch design directly onto pumpkin.  However if that scares you, trace the design on a paper and cut it out.  Attach Halloween patterns to the pumpkin with tacks or push pins.  Cut around the pattern to take out all the guesswork.

Carve design carefully.  Broken pieces can be reattached with toothpicks or shish kabob skewers.  Patience is the key.

Insert a candle to let the flickering candlelight shine through.  Add more candlelight for bigger pumpkins.  Make sure to keep candles out of the reach of small children.  Battery operated tealights are also a safe option for young children.

Once you have carved your pumpkin, it will last no longer than three days.

Painted Halloween Pumpkins

The scoop on seeds. . .

Try making a delicious snack using the seeds inside the pumpkin.  There are many flavors to choose from, but here is one of the easiest.

No-Bake Salted Pumpkin Seeds

1 cup fresh pumpkin seeds

1/4 teaspoon salt

In a small bowl, toss the pumpkin seeds with salt.  Spread half of the seeds in a single layer on a microwave-safe plate.  Microwave, uncovered, on high for 1 minute; stir.  Microwave 1-2 minutes longer or until seeds are crunchy and lightly browned, stirring after each minute.  Repeat with remaining pumpkin seeds.  Store in an airtight container.  Yield:  1 cup.

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