John Deere Birthday Party

A John Deere birthday party is perfect for kids obsessed with tractors and farming.  Here, you can plow through fun filled ideas bursting with the theme that any little farmhand will love.  These party ideas all share one common trait:  John Deere.  From the decorations to the party favors there are only two rules, celebrate the theme and spread the fun.  We hope that the many pictures found here will provide plenty of inspiration to create something brand new.   

Nothing runs like a well-planned John Deere birthday party.  We believe you can throw a celebration that creates an experience for the child and their guests--with carefully thought out details all dressed up in John Deere green. 

Plan your party with inspiration from
these cotton pickin' good
John Deere birthday party ideas.

In John Deere green.
Get creative and bring the John Deere theme to life with color.  Here, the tabletop appears customized by mixing and matching John Deere green and yellow from top to bottom.  Adding a little red wagon to the table is a brilliant idea that will impress the kids, too.

John Deere Birthday Party Tabletop

Photo courtesy of Creativebella Photography

In the pink.
A splash of pink is an appealing solution for a girls John Deere birthday party.  Dress up the expected theme with feminine details that lets everyone know that this one is for the girls.  Incorporating colorful farmers handkerchiefs, photographs, flowers, and the initial of the birthday girl provide the perfect finishing touches. 

In the best light.
It's the theme that takes center stage here.  Go to town with delicious treats that look as good as they taste, with a John Deere tractor plowing right down the middle.  This idea shows ready made party accessories best used to reinforce the theme.

In the seating.
Creating a birthday partyscape that takes farming as its inspiration gives you the chance to play around with natural elements.  Using hay bales for seating is a brilliant idea that kids will love.  Here, the seating was made colorful and more comfortable by spreading a cover over each hay bale.

A gift that is sure
to delight.  Give the gift
of a tractor, detachable
trailer, and even a FM radio.

In the most natural way.
Going back to the land will allow you to come up with an idea that's as productive as the farm itself. These pieces of wood make effective risers for the cake, as well as drilling holes in the top of some for easy serving of individual treats.

In the sweet.
To create an inviting candy buffet for kids, let the candy do the talking.  Rows of sweet treats are planted in hay bales and crates, and accented with a burlap banner.

John Deere Birthday Invitations

The invitations not only invite your guests, but also announce the theme.  Adorable invitations customized with a favorite photo of the birthday child are always a big hit.  Selecting the photo is the biggest challenge of the process.  If you prefer a handwritten invitation, spread the word with blank birthday invitations.  Simply fill in the needed information and mail.

Personalized Tractor Party Invitations

John Deere Birthday Party Supplies

Green with envy.
Set the scene for your celebration that will leave guests green with envy.  The cups, napkins, plates, and refreshments are all in one place, with some festive decorative details introduced throughout. 

Simply John Deere.
This John Deere inspired table keeps things simple with the most important detail, the cake, taking center stage.  The table is covered with a green gingham tablecloth piled high with black napkins that reflect the bottom tractor tire layer of the cake.  

John Deere Birthday Party Decorations

Hello John Deere.
A wreath can make a welcoming first impression when hung on a front door or prominent place. Simply stick to the John Deere colors and add an eye catching detail to draw attention to the theme.

1st Birthday Party Ideas

The tractor that can.
Recycle aluminum cans into an unique work of John Deere art.  All that's needed is patience and a thirst for creativity.

2nd Birthday Party Ideas

Sign of celebration.
Hang a sign at your John Deere birthday party that celebrates a Happy Birthday and tractors.  Place in a prominent location so that it can easily be seen.

Everywhere the theme.
It's particularly nice to make the effort to include the theme wherever you can.  A tractor adds fun to this setting, while the cans of greenery provide an outdoorsy feel.

Photo courtesy of Rikki Snyder

John Deere photo station.
With a little help from a themed photo prop, you can create a photo setting just for kids.   Scatter loose hay or hay bales to complete that down on the farm look.  It's a great addition to a birthday party and a fun activity for the kids as well as the parents.  Such a great way to look back on a fun birthday with all the gang having a blast.     

Fresh centerpiece idea.
Assemble everyday containers and fill them with fresh flowers to instantly transform a space.  The bold color of the flowers really pops against the natural box.  

Photo courtesy of DIY On The Cheap

John Deere Birthday Cakes

Sow delicious.
Both of these cakes are homemade, so stir up your child's favorite.  It makes your John Deere birthday sweeter when you have all the bragging rights. 

Only John Deere used here. . .

Cupcakes that will make you smile. . .

Cake pops that will make you smile. . .

Photo courtesy of Then I Got To Thinking

Fenced in.
The farm is the natural focus of this party theme, so make it part of everything.  Here, a fence made from Popsicle sticks keeps the grass cupcakes and John Deere equipment down on the farm.

John Deere Birthday Clothing

Born to farm.
Work hard and play hard in John Deere green.  Dress your little one for the occasion and create birthday memories that will last forever.  T-shirts, hats, onesies, and bibs are available in a variety of styles and sizes.  Make little guests part of the excitement too, with a take home John Deere cap. 

Photo courtesy of Piccadilly Photography

John Deere Birthday Party Favors

Every child enjoys receiving a take-home favor.  They can be as simple as a lollipop or as extravagant as a candy buffet.  The key to a successful favor is keeping your theme in mind and playing it up.  After you have decided on a favor, create a unique way to display it.  Your favors deserve a spot where they can be appreciated for both beauty and function.  

Farmers, fill your baskets.
Add a little farm goodness to your candy buffet with these baskets.  Each berry basket proudly displays the name of each guest and is ready to be filled.

Pump up the tractor theme.
Take a more customized approach and give his & hers party favors.  The best favor ideas are those that have been well thought out with fillers that fit the theme, age group, and gender.

Photo courtesy of The Vaught Blog

Tractor wheels.
We love these tractor wheels (moon pies) placed in clear plastic bags with ribbons attached.  Since this John Deere birthday party was held in the fall season, pumpkins grew into great party ideas.  The pumpkin sign let every child know to please take a tractor wheel on the way out.

Tractor Coloring Book Favors

Chocolaty goodness.
If you have decided on a simple lollipop, play it up to a tractor lollipop.  Kids favorite treats used in new ways will help you take your party routine to the next level.

Green tractor lollipops stuck in a hay bale that has been wrapped with tractor ribbon and tied into a bow.

Welcome wagon.
A John Deere wagon filled with party favor bags into which children can dive right in.  Personalize with stickers or labels to avoid confusion and make sure everyone gets one.

Gum that pops.
Choosing a birthday party favor and pushing it to the limit creatively is all part of the excitement. These simple gum balls take on a look of importance when placed in a Mason jar accessorized to the limit.

Crafty John Deere favor.
This is a wonderful way to inject the theme into handmade burlap favor bags.  Sew on a fabric John Deere tractor, tie on a green ribbon, and fill with thankfulness.

Natural farm favor.
Natural burlap bags are ideal for a farm themed party favor.  Embellished with a green deer stamp that echoes the theme and adds to the casual, country feel.

Farm themed Rice Krispies treats.
Here, tractor shaped Rice Krispie treats are made more authentic by dipping the corner in tinted chocolate to resemble the cab of a tractor.

Individually wrap each treat and add your choice of ribbon.  The kids will eat up these treats and you will eat up the praise.   

Plant a seed.
Seed packets totally relate to the theme of a John Deere birthday party making them a great favor choice.  Pick seeds that are farming related, easy to grow, or in season.  We love the idea of attaching this poem to the individual seed packets.

Plow on over.
A clear bag plus a few well-chosen decorative elements can provide a basis for almost any party favor. Here, the John Deere birthday party theme is well represented.

Tractor stickers for favors.
Stick on goodie bags, party favors, boxes, or even large individually wrapped lollipops for an awesome tractor take home gift.

John Deere Party Food

Dig right in.
The John Deere birthday party featured here boasted a menu of hot dogs, chili, corn on the cob, and pigs in a blanket.  There were also snacks for the smallest guest that included cheese puffs, goldfish, animal crackers, and applesauce.

It's all good.
Here, there is no doubt it's a 5th birthday filled with sweetness.  Personalized Hershey Kisses, yummy cupcakes, and chocolate dipped marshmallows popped into a simple hay bale all work together for the greater good.

Ears of corn.
Little John Deere birthday party guests will need something to graze on.  These ears of corn will satisfy a snack craving while staying true to the theme.  

Photo courtesy of Delightful Learning

Yummy corn shaped cereal treats recipe originally published in the November 2011 issue of Parents magazine.

What you'll need
4 tbs. butter
4 cups mini marshmallows
6 cups Kix cereal
Ribbon or raffia
Popsicle sticks

Make it
1. In a large saucepan, melt the butter and marshmallows over low heat, stirring frequently. When the mixture is fully melted, stir in the cereal until completely coated. 
2. Scoop out large handfuls of the coated cereal and shape into corn cobs.
3. Tie a ribbon or piece of raffia around the end of the Popsicle stick, and insert the opposite end into the treat. Let cool and harden before serving.

Hay bales.
Simple, inexpensive pleasure.  Lucky for those who aren't creative or just don't have the time, you can buy Rice Krispie treats ready made.

Photo courtesy of Kara Curlin Photography

Fuel your engines.
If you choose to differentiate between adults and kids beverage choices, make sure they are clearly marked.  Here, it is crystal clear that the fuel for the engines is different, refreshingly displayed in John Deere colors.

Tractor Party Cups

Nobody shines like a John Deere fan drinking lemonade down on the farm.

Keep guests hydrated with water.

Farm fresh.
A carved watermelon filled with fresh fruit will be appealing to all ages.  Consider the ages of your guests and choose accordingly, but remember the big kids (the parents) are hungry too. 

John Deere Party Activities 

Run like a deere.
Racing tractors is a fun activity party goers will enjoy.  Little farmers peddle their big green tractors across the finish line and collect their prize.

Pin the tires on the tractor. 
Draw a picture of a tractor on a poster board with the wheels missing.  Guests attempt to pin cut out  tires on the tractor while blindfolded or wearing an oversized John Deere hat to cover their eyes.

Photo courtesy of The Carr Family

Finders keepers.
This barnyard egg hunt is a perfect activity for your farm party any time of the year.  Simply hide surprise-filled eggs and allow guests to find them.

Tractor piñata.
Plow into this tractor piñata and reap the prizes inside.  Prizes may consist of candy or small toys for the kids to share.  Have treat bags available for easy take home.

Visit a farm.
Take a tour of a farm to optimize the John Deere birthday party theme.  A hay ride is not only fun, but also very educational.  Children can learn all about real life on the farm.

Photo courtesy of Mom Designer

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