1st Birthday Photoshoot

A 1st birthday photoshoot is the perfect way to document a very special moment in time.  And while it's easy to get caught up in the excitement surrounding a first birthday, keep the picture taking as calm as possible.  With advance planning, you'll get the photographs you want with a happy baby. 

1st Birthday Photoshoot

Since the guest of honor is 12 months old, it's important to be prepared.  Make a list of must-have photos, (you know the ones that show up later in the senior yearbook).  Stage first birthday decorations and props so that everything is ready.  Take a look at these photoshoot ideas at home that will make you look like a professional.

Smash Cake Photography

Cake smash ideas for photoshoot.

Giving a one-year-old a small cake with the freedom to smear and taste sounds crazy, right?  Well when you see the photos, you'll understand.  Start with an area that can easily be cleaned and decorate with balloons, banners, streamers, etc.  Step back and survey to be sure it is free of any clutter that you may not want in the pictures.  How to dress baby for a cake smash?  There are so many girl and boy outfits available that it will be hard to choose.

1st birthday cake photoshoot.

The cake is typically a mini of the big birthday cake, but large cupcakes work well also.  White cakes and lighter colored frostings work best, since darker colors may look like dirt or red could look like blood in the pictures.

Smash cake toppers.

This once in a lifetime occasion deserves a smash cake topper that is perfectly in tune with the theme.  Make a big impression with one of these cake toppers that says Happy 1st Birthday ever so sweetly.

Cake plates.

For safety's sake, use wooden or metal cake stands and don't stress over whether it's holding a homemade or store-bought cake...no one will know when it's smashed to pieces.  Take a look at these cake plate options that are delicate and as sweet as can be.

1st birthday photoshoot girl.

Sugar and spice and everything nice is what a girl's 1st birthday photo should be.  Keep the scene soft and delicate with various shades of the same color.  Incorporating a basket as a nest will help keep the little princess in one place while you try to capture those angelic expressions.

Party hats.

Take your 1st birthday photoshoot to the next level with an adorable party hat.  Embellished with the theme, these party hats are sure to delight.

1st birthday photoshoot ideas boy.

Baby may not flash that million dollar smile without a little encouragement.  Use stuffed animals to grab baby's attention and the priceless reactions may surprise you.

Keep baby smiling with personalized Teddy Bears...

Personalized photoshoot backdrops.

These personalized backdrops say it all.  With the creative freedom to fill in your own information, change the fonts, and size of letters, it's easy to see how special these backdrops can become.

First Birthday Photo Shoot Backdrop, Pink and Gold
ONE Balloon Blue & Gold Party Photo Backdrop
First Birthday Photo Shoot Backdrop, Blue and Gold

First Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

Chalkboard signs.

Photos of a child holding a chalkboard sign disclosing the reason for celebration has become a popular trend.  Whether you choose a simple design or one that's filled with details of baby's first year, it's a great addition to your 1st birthday photoshoot. 

My, how you have grown...

1st birthday photoshoot outdoor.

Babies love to be outside, so let that work to your advantage while you snap away.  Start with a neutral blanket or sheet and add in decorative elements that are all about ONE.

Brick wall with wood floor backdrop...

1st Birthday Photoshoot Theme

Nautical first birthday photo shoot.

Set sail with a nautical themed photo session.  Make it spectacular with anchors, toy boats, banners, buoys, nautical flags, and white rope.  Coordinating stripes and solids adds interest and two or three colors used throughout the area ties it all together.  And of course, a photo with the little one wearing a sailor hat is a must.

1st birthday photoshoot ideas.

A rocking horse is a sweet ride for baby.  Any prop that keeps baby entertained gives you a better chance of capturing unforgettable photos.  And remember, any time your little one is sitting independently, parental supervision is a must.

Perfectly sweet rocking horses...

Number 1 props.

Strike a pose with number "one" and you'll have a photo worth keeping.  These wooden photo props keep the theme front and center.  They're inexpensive and make a big statement.

Teepee photoshoot.

Pick a theme that fits your baby.  When kids think that they are playing as usual, they are more relaxed and cooperative.  Stage your tent any way you like and snap away.  After you've finished taking pictures, use it as a play area at the birthday party.

Birthday number 1 balloons.

Displaying a number 1 balloon that is 40 inches tall will command a lot of attention.  Remember to fly balloons out of the reach of small children as they are considered a choking hazard.

Balloons 1st birthday photoshoot.

Being the center of attention never looked better.  This 1st birthday picture is the perfect demonstration of layering different textures and colors and keeping the baby the focus.  The wide bottom chair serves as the perfect anchor for the balloon background and the bear tucked in on each side helps keep the little one secure.

Balloon boxes.

Keep your 1st birthday photoshoot looking professional with balloon boxes.  Filled with balloons or lights, these boxes are easy to stack and are available in different colors and designs. 

1st birthday beach photoshoot.

A photoshoot at the beach can be easy and fun.  Mother Nature provides the backdrop, so all you need to do is dress the baby for fun in the sun.  Floppy hats, sailor caps, beachballs, sand pails, pool floats, and bare feet are all good ideas for a photoshoot on the beach.

Twins first birthday photo ideas.

It's twice as nice when you have the opportunity to photograph two.  It's best to let them do whatever comes natural, and something will click that works for both of them.

Photoshoot with bubbles.

Capture the wonder of being one with the wonder of bubbles.  Expect photograph worthy expressions as the child responds to the bubble action.  Start the bubble machine before the camera comes out, so that you are ready for those moments that can't be planned.

Photoshoot color.

A splash of color can be impactful in photos.  Begin by selecting one or two colors as the primary focus.  That makes adding the other elements easier.  As you can see here, from the balloons to the icing on his nose, every detail is in sync.

Photo with string lights.

Lights, camera, action.  Nothing beats the ambience created with twinkling lights.  Easy to diy or make it easy with ready to hang curtain string lights.  

Curtain string lights or
vinyl backdrop featuring lights...

1st birthday family photoshoot.

Memories run in the family.  Including family members is a great way to document a first birthday and how the family looked at the time.  These photos are sure to make it to the photo album.

First birthday hot air balloon theme.

Incorporating hot air balloons into your 1st birthday photoshoot is a classic photo option.  Whether you choose inflatables or a themed backdrop, take a look at these options...

Baby boy 1st birthday photo album.

Treasured photographs are meant to be shown off.  Take a look at these photo albums that tell the story of this milestone birthday, while keeping your 1st birthday photos protected.

CUPCAKES Birthday Personalize ANY age Binder
1st Birthday Bears Memory Album 1.5 Inch Binder
First Birthday Photo Album / Binder

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