1st Birthday Outfit Boy

1st birthday outfit boy?  You want your little boy to look his best for this milestone birthday, so it's important to be thoughtful when choosing his outfit.  There are many things to consider, the time of year, the theme of the party, the colors and just how casual or dressed up you want him to be.  With those decisions made, you can begin looking for the perfect 1st birthday outfit for your little man.

The search for 1st Birthday Outfit Boy starts here.

Boys will be boys, so consider more than one outfit for his first birthday.  One for pictures, one for the smash cake and one that is comfortable enough to wear all day.   It goes without saying, Mom always finds a way to save the day and early planning definitely helps.


First birthday t shirt designs.

Add Photo and Name 1st Birthday T-shirt
Truck Construction 1st Birthday Party Baby T-Shirt
1st Birthday Boy One Year Custom Name Blue V01D Baby T-Shirt

First birthday family shirts.
Make this a family occasion.  Get family members involved with a personalized 1st birthday shirt that keeps the theme focused and family special.  Designing your own may seem a little overwhelming, but it has never been easier to create a one-of-a-kind birthday shirt.

1st birsthday boy Shark Baby T-Shirt
1st birsthday boy Shark Baby T-Shirt
1st birsthday boy Shark Baby T-Shirt
Sesame Street Pals Chalkboard Rainbow 1st Birthday Toddler T-shirt
Sesame Street Rainbow 1st Birthday | Mom T-Shirt
Sesame Street Rainbow 1st Birthday | Dad T-Shirt

1st birthday outfit long sleeve.
1st birthday outfit boy.  It's important to remember the weather when selecting this important outfit.  A first birthday long sleeve shirt may be just what you need.  If you can find a way to embrace the theme, that's all the better.


Best dressed for first birthday boy.
Your little man will know he is looking good when you bring out a special outfit with elements that look a lot like Dad.  It's pretty simple...handsome little guys make the very best pictures. 


Casual 1st birthday outfit boy.
If you are planning a casual celebration, it's best to keep your son's 1st birthday outfit in line with your vision.    An outfit that is comfortable and compatible with the weather and the birthday activities planned will be appreciated by the birthday boy. 


Cake smash outfit.
Looking for a way to avoid the hot mess that comes with the 1st birthday cake smash?  Consider changing him into a cake smash outfit that is uncomplicated and cute enough for pictures.  This allows you're little ONE to be have as much fun as they would like and preserve their 1st birthday outfit boy. 

1st Birthday Outfit Boy

Accessories are an easy and inexpensive way to add style to your first birthday attire.  Carefully chosen accessories such as a vintage hat or suspender and matching bowtie sets will draw attention without a lot of effort.  It's the little things that sometimes get noticed most.  


Vintage 1st birthday party hats boy.

I Dig Being 1 Trucker Hat
Birthday Boy Hat
Silly Numbers 1 blue Hat

More crowns and party hats for boys.

1st birthday boy tie.

Bowties and suspenders.

Personalized 1st birthday bibs.
Design your own bib!  These fully customizable bibs allow you to pick the color, theme and of course, add your child's name.  It's the perfect way to keep Mr. One-derful picture perfect.

1st Birthday Dinosaur Custom Baby Bib
Mr. ONE-derful Baby Bib, Mr. Onederful Bib
First Birthday Boy's Blue Personalized Big Bib

Happy 1st Birthday Outfit

When the 1st birthday theme is carried seamlessly throughout the party, great things start happening.  And if that theme is based on a beloved cartoon character, there are many happy 1st birthday outfits from which to choose.  Take a look at these themed outfits that are super impressive.

1st birthday outfit Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse Icon Chalkboard Toddler T-shirt
Mickey Mouse | Personalized First Birthday Baby T-Shirt
Mickey Mouse | First Birthday Baby Bib

1st birthday Elmo outfit.

Sesame Street Pals Chalkboard Rainbow 1st Birthday Toddler T-shirt
Sesame Street | Elmo - Rainbow 1st Birthday Baby Bodysuit
Sesame Street | Elmo - Birthday Boy Baby T-Shirt

1st Birthday Photography

Something to smile about.  Every party element should serve a purpose or heighten the experience of a first birthday celebration.  Creating a photo opt is a good way to do both.  It doesn't need to be complicated, simple decorations that complement the theme will make your little one the star of the party.  Plan 1st birthday photography near the beginning of the party to catch little party goers at their best.

1st birthday photo opt with white bench and a background of balloons

Outdoor 1st birthday pictures.
Taking 1st birthday photos outside is a stroke of genius.  Not only is the clean up a snap, but the beauty of nature makes the perfect prop.  From the 1st birthday outfit boy to the smash cake, build your photography spot around colors that compliment each other in a cohesive almost muted way without overpowering.  Pops of color should be limited, as you want your baby to be the focus.


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