First Boy Birthday

A first boy birthday using the color blue as the focus is a classic approach.  Blue doesn't have to be boring, updating with stripes or dots heightens the fun.  Layering details that look good together will keep things interesting and true to the theme.  There will be plenty of time to celebrate with cartoon characters, but only once can you keep the party this sweet.  The possibilities are endless and delightful.  

Celebrate the theme with first boy birthday party ideas.

A first birthday certainly deserves a good party. As much for the kid as the parents, you can throw a birthday party that honors with simplicity and ease.  At this age, less is more and practicality plays an important role.  Focus on what the little ones and the parents may find fun and relaxing.  Here are some compelling ideas to host the premier of a lifetime of birthdays.

Happy birthday.
Make this special day unforgettable one letter at a time.  Birthday yard signs are a hot new trend that spells out the reason for all the excitement.  

Striking vintage look.
This impressive balloon display only adds to the softness of this vintage display.  Each element of the design contributes in a sweet way.

First Boy Birthday Vintage Display

Custom balloons.
Love these balloons for that special first birthday.  Click on the photos below to get started.

Happy Birthday Simple Modern Custom Photo Balloon
Personalized Custom Balloon
Mister ONEderful Balloon

Balloon glam.
Deck each balloon out to heighten the theme.  Bursts of unexpected color and texture will dress the room up right.  
For extra pop, add one to the highchair.

First Boy Birthday Balloon Decoration

True blue.
Decorate the party area with birthday balloons to continue the blue theme.  Used alone or as part of a bouquet, balloons bring color and festivity to the party atmosphere.  

First Boy Birthday Tablescape

Nothing but blue skies.
Floating balloons on the ceiling will add excitement to the decorations.  Suffice it to say, the more the merrier. 

First Boy Birthday Ceiling Decoration

Photo courtesy of Chic Parisian

Out of the blue.
There is no question, this little guy is flying high.  We think using this as a first boy birthday photo opt would be a runaway success.  

First Boy Birthday Hot Air Balloon

More balloon party ideas...

Use balloons to make the Guest of Honor's highchair the best seat in the house.
Place a few balloons on your mailbox to identify the party site.
Use balloon weights for easy balloon table decorations.
As your little guests are leaving, snip a balloon from each bouquet as a take home gift.
Remember balloons are a choking hazard.  Keep out of reach of small children.

First Boy Birthday Highchair Decoration

Photo courtesy of Choosing to be Colorful

Custom birthday supplies.
Love these one-of-a-kind party supplies.  Click on the photos below to see how easy it is and the options available.

Custom 1st Year Birthday Custom Color V16 Paper Plate
Paper Napkin
Favor Bags

One proud moment.
Using burlap is a smart idea for a stylish party.  This banner sends the message, "I'm one." 

First Boy Birthday Burlap Banner

Future party animals.
Say happy birthday with the cutest little baby face.  With this in mind, show off your baby's progress in pictures.  Take it to the limit with colorful party hats.  

First Boy Birthday Banner
First Birthday Blue | 12 Month Photo Bunting Flags
Retro Rainbow Baby's First Year 1st Birthday Bunting Flags

Remember this amazing day for years to come.

It only happens once in a lifetime, but a special keepsake can capture the memories forever.

My First Birthday Photo Album Binder
First Birthday Boy, I'm One, Big Blue Number 1 Binder
First Birthday Boy Bear 3 Ring Binder

First Boy Birthday Suggestions

All smiles.
No first birthday is complete without tons of pictures, so c
apture this special event with a photo booth.  The perfect photo booth starts with fabulous backdrops, selfie frames, and props.  All you do is furnish the smiles.

Photo party hats.
Put on your party hats.  These party hats feature a photo of the star of the party...the birthday boy.  Click on the photos below to get started.

Happy Birthday Pattern Blue Party Kids Photo Cute Party Hat
Photo Template Birthday Paper Party Hat

Year of firsts.
We love this clever addition to the first boy birthday party.  Everyone will enjoy reflecting on just how much your little one has grown.

First Boy Birthday Chalkboard

Photo courtesy of Popsugar

Time capsule.
Express your love, dreams, hopes, and wishes to the little celebrant.  Wouldn't it be great if you were the one who predicted the career path at such a young age? 

First Boy Birthday Time Capsule

Banners that make ONE big statement.

Mr Onederful Birthday Banner Boy Baby Blue
ONE Balloon Blue & Gold Party Photo Backdrop

The big one in pictures.
With a little ingenuity, this first boy birthday photo display could easily become a topic of conversation. What a great way to share all the firsts.     

First Boy Birthday Picture Suggestion

My how you have grown.
First of all, the celebrating should start at the front door.  Round up your little one into a crafty photo wreath that captures the highlights of the birthday boy's first year.  

First Boy Birthday Picture Wreath

Please sign.
Do something different to record memories of your little one's big day.  Guest books come in all shapes and sizes, so consider using the child's initial or a big number one.  

First Boy Birthday Autograph Initial
First Birthday Party Ideas Polka Dot

Check out these popular

1st Birthday Themes for Boys.

Shop Party Favors @

First Boy Birthday Party Favors

Memory like an elephant.
This presentation of animal crackers will not be soon forgotten.  It is true to the first boy birthday theme and the perfect treat for a one year old.  

First Boy Birthday Cookie Party Favor

Sweet on you.
Choosing a treat for a one year old can be a challenge, but this idea fits the 1st boy birthday theme perfectly.  With a little help from Mom and Dad, the little party guests were suckers for this sweet treat.  This is the party favor display that we made for our little Eason's 1st birthday party.  We chose green pails and then lined the inside with a dotted tablecloth.  Next, we placed a Styrofoam ball inside the pail and secured with tape.  Shredded paper was glued to the Styrofoam ball.  Then, we stuck the lollipops into the Styrofoam ball.  These pails were placed on all the tables to serve as centerpieces.

First Boy Birthday Centerpiece

These lollipops were spot on and exactly what we had in mind, one of the highlights of the party. Whether using as party favors or in a centerpiece, you will not be disappointed.  Each lollipop is individually wrapped and ready to personalize with a name or message.  When your receive your lollipops, just peel the stickers from the sheet and apply to the lollipops.  We added some curly ribbon for extra pizazz.  Any treat can be made sweeter with the presentation.

First Boy Birthday Lollipop Decoration

One for the road.
These take home treats will make the trip home a little more enjoyable.  The brown bag works beautifully with the blue color scheme.

First Boy Birthday Treat Bags

Powered by oats.
Buzz the Bee believes that every day should be as sweet as can be.  We believe that Cheerios makes a great first birthday favor.

First Boy Birthday Favor

Bubble Favors

Cupfuls of favors.
If you truly want to impress a little boy, give him what he really wants.  A sippy cup filled with treats fit for a toddler.

Throw in a surprise.
Sippy cups make a perfect  age appropriate party favor.  These sippy cups are filled with cotton candy but could be filled with any snack.  The details make the presentation extra sweet. 

1st Boy Birthday Sippy Cup Favors

Design your own.
Sippy cups are great for little ones at party time and everyday use after the party.  Choose the style and color that best fits the theme.  Personalize with each child's name or label to your liking.  Keep an extra on hand for someone you may have overlooked.

First Boy Birthday Personalized Sippy Cups

Fun by the bucket.
Having a good time is really what it is all about.  These buckets contain everything needed to get your party on.  

First Boy Birthday Party Favor Pails
First Birthday Cupcake

Check out more

First Birthday Party Favors.

Fun party favors and supplies @

First Boy Birthday Cake Ideas

The feature of this table is the first birthday cake and the smash cake.  Our cake was ordered customized to fit the dot theme and then presented in a unique way.  Dropping off a birthday plate to the cake decorator proved to be a good idea.  All the colors were spot on.  Attention to small details makes a big difference in the presentation of first birthday cakes.

Polka Dot First Boy Birthday Party

A smash cake is a four to six inch cake typically decorated to coordinate with the larger birthday cake. The child is allowed to play, eat, and destroy the cake while Mommy and Daddy take pictures.  It's fun and messy, but most importantly a memory you will never forget.

First Boy Birthday Smash Cake

Elevate your first birthday cake for maximum impact.  We covered a sturdy box with a polka dot tablecloth and placed the cake on top.  Be sure to order an extra tablecloth for this purpose.

The smash cake also received special attention.  A styrofoam plate was turned upside down and shredded paper glued around the edges.  The smash cake was then placed on the plate making sure no glue or paper came in contact with cake.

First Boy Birthday Cake And Smash Cake

One to remember.
Make this birthday cake one to remember.  Serve a cake like never before with four tiers of dots and stripes.  Carry the dot theme element of your party décor into the cupcake.

It's your little red wagon.
If you decide to fix your little one's red wagon, here is a great cake idea.  This cake stays true to the blue theme, with a striking contrast of red for the best possible result.  The individually wrapped cookies take it to the next level.

First Boy Birthday Wagon Cake

Photo courtesy of Heather's Cakes and Confections

Baby bear.
Teddy bears make all things better.  The soft, whimsical look of this cake fits perfectly with the first boy birthday theme.

First Boy Birthday Teddy Bear Cake

Photo courtesy of Events by Elisa

Little boy blue.
Once in a blue moon, everything works together perfectly.  This cake commemorates baby's first birthday so sweetly.

First Boy Birthday Cake And Cupcake

Fun to be one.
A cake shaped like a number one is a great idea.  Decorating like a favorite character is a touch of brilliance.

Number One Thomas The Train Birthday Cake

Photo courtesy of Cake Central

Sweet baby blue.
This cupcake inspires the color scheme as well.  It strikes the perfect balance between keeping it small and celebrating big. 

Baby Blue First Boy Birthday Cupcake

Highchair of Honor

The guest of honor always gets a special place to sit at their birthday party, and a one year old is no exception.  Little ones are happier and safer in their own highchair.  Moms and Dads are happy with the special effects.

First Boy Birthday Highchair Decoration

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

First Boy Birthday Activities

Slide into fun.
What could be more fun for toddlers than sliding into a pool of balls?  The older children will enjoy the slide, while the younger ones will be content just to sit outside and play.

First Boy Birthday Pool Pit Game

Tiny bubbles.
Blowing bubbles is a favorite activity for kids of all ages.  For those that are too young to blow the bubbles themselves, consider a bubble blowing machine or help from an adult.  

First Boy Birthday Bubble Game
1st Boy Birthday Bubble Station Sign

Easy Homemade
Bubble Recipe

1 cup water
1 tablespoon
dishwashing liquid

Make ahead of time, some bubbles get better with age.  Store in an airtight container that is clearly labeled.

Just ducky.
The duck pond game is a simple game to play and organize.  There really is no skill involved, simply pick up a duck and win a prize.  The prize corresponds with the number on the bottom of the ducky. However with a group this young and provided you have enough ducks, skip the numbers and make the duck itself be the prize.

Ducky First Boy Birthday Game

First Birthday Party Food

Fruit of your labors.
Plan a menu with foods suitable for a one year old while remembering that many adult friends and family will also be attending.  This beautiful fruity snack should make everybody happy.

First Boy Birthday Fruit Treats

Smart snacks.
The party snacks at a first boy birthday can be quite simple.  You will feel good about serving these familiar pint-sized treats that toddlers can feed themselves.  

First Boy Birthday Party Snacks

Photo courtesy of Smashed Peas and Carrots

One smart cookie.
Choose cookies that circle the theme with polka dots and the number 1 shape.  Order from the bakery or try it on your own.  These cookies are sure to be a big hit in curbing the appetites of little ones.  So, let cookies be your number 1 treat.  Consider using this same idea in other party foods such as sandwiches.

First Boy Birthday Cookies

Fruit favorite.
Blueberries are an easy, healthy addition to your party menu.  Just rinse and they are ready to go into cups designed for little hands.

First Boy Birthday Blueberry Treats

Mix up some birthday fun.
What kid doesn't love Rice Krispy treats?  We served our first boy birthday these treats atop white cupcake stands to make the presentation noticeably sweet.  Each cupcake stand is made of thick paper cardstock and was sturdy enough to support the weight of the treats.  With that thought in mind, we prepared this marshmallow mixture in the usual way, and cut into round cakes with a biscuit cutter. Before you cut, make sure the size of your cutter is the appropriate size to fit the top of the stand. Decorate with icing and sprinkles. Top with a birthday candle.  A different way to serve a kid favorite.

First Boy Birthday Rice Krispy Treats

Scream for ice cream.
A party is not all about the cake.  Every party needs a little ice cream.  Several hours before the party, scoop the ice cream into cups and place into muffin pans.  Pop into the freezer until time for serving.

First Boy Birthday Ice Cream Cupcakes

Something for the adults.
Have fun with your menu choices.  Don't limit yourself to just a cheese ball.  Instead take a simple recipe and think outside the box.   

First Boy Birthday Cheeseball

More party ideas all about turning one.

Oh, boy.
Even though your baby's first birthday party supplies are an essential part of your celebration, they do not have to be plain and boring.  Polka dot 1st boy birthday plates, cups, napkins, and tablecloths will bring color and excitement to your party table.

One hit wonder.
Bake your own first birthday cake with a cake pan shaped like the number one or use this Betty Crocker template as a guide.

First Boy Birthday Number One Cake

Blue ribbon punch display.
Beverages may be served from a beverage dispenser or beverage stand.  Keeping with the first boy birthday theme, serve blue punch or decorate an ordinary dispenser or stand for easy spotting.

First Boy Birthday Beverage Dispenser

One Stop Party Ideas Tip

First Boy Birthday Toy Box

Give your little one a toy box for his birthday.  It makes an impressive place to put the gifts at the party and you will be thankful when you have a place to put all the gifts later.  The large wooden toy box shown here was purchased unfinished.  It was then painted black and personalized with a large letter E.  This is a first boy birthday gift that will become a treasured keepsake.

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