First Girl Birthday

First girl birthday party ideas are sweet on any scale.  The more imagination you put into the planning, the more meaningful the party will be.  Plan for a mix of people since this is easily one of the most important family birthdays of all.  Keep the food fairly simple that, with luck, appeals to all.  A baby girl first birthday theme offers the perfect opportunity to indulge yourself in pink from the decorations to the birthday cake.  We hope you find the party ideas here full of sugar and spice and everything nice.

First girl birthday party ideas that
will have you tickled pink.

A first birthday is always a reason to celebrate, and here it is taken to the extreme.  Everyone is most relaxed and has the best time when the setting is creative yet comfortable.  Pink, the official color of girls, is the sweet side of red.  It is tulle, cotton candy, and babies, especially little girls.  

One sweet hello.
High in creativity and low on fuss, guests won't miss these eye-catching yard signs.  They also work beautifully as photo props...two party ideas for one.

Pretty in pink.
This beautiful tulle wreath is a pretty in pink way to celebrate the imminent arrival of guests.  A pink crown and a silver 1 carefully tied with a satin ribbon make it perfectly clear the reason for the celebration.

First Girl Birthday Wreath

We love this easy idea that makes such a bold statement.  Instantly create a focal point by hanging a backdrop behind the food table.  With the wide range of design options, it's so easy to find the perfect size and colors.  Click on the backdrop photos below to get started.

Princess Birthday Backdrop Banner (Pink & Gold)
Gold Crown Princess Birthday Backdrop Photo Booth

Little princess theme.
This royal themed birthday party is every little girl's fantasy.  Chair sashes are an inspired idea for the chairs, soft pink decorations enhance the theme, and white child sized tables and chairs stand ready for little royals.  The faux castle wall made from foam poster boards and paper was a brilliant idea.

First Girl Birthday Princess Themed

Photo courtesy of Make Bake Celebrate

Picture this.
A first girl birthday party is a very special occasion among friends and family, and is a wonderful excuse for showing off pictures.  The large polka dot balloons add a big pop to this display as guests discover just how much your little one has grown.    

First Girl Birthday Picture Garland

Photo courtesy of U-Gro

Ballerinas & babies.
This lovely setting carries the ballerina theme throughout in a soft, girlish way.  The combination of the airy tulle table skirt and pom poms floating through the air give an overall delicate and feminine feel.

First Girl Birthday Ballerina Theme

Photo courtesy of Any Given Party

Pearls of joy.
This plastic flatware looks extra special with a baby pink ribbon and pearl bracelet napkin ring.  While the softness of pink with little girl frills is a natural decorating choice, the key to a feeling of joy is to use a mix of textures.

First Girl Birthday Pearl Napkin Ring

Photo courtesy of CupKate's & Parties

Think bright and cheery.
Keep your little celebrants happy and occupied with strategically placed balloons safely out of baby's reach.  This balloon garland livens up the table and surrounding areas.

First Girl Birthday Balloon Garland

Hot air balloons.
Hanging a few vintage hot air balloons will blast your party inspiration into gear.  While the occasion looks as important as it is, the little ones will love being outside and the parents will love the easy cleanup.

First Girl Birthday Hot Air Balloons

Photo courtesy of Craftaholics Anonymous

Little star.
This twinkle, twinkle little star theme owes much of its charm to soft pastels and the glitter of gold. Allowing favorite photographs to play a starring role pulls it all together with a touch of nostalgia.

First Girl Birthday Theme

Photo courtesy of Three Peas Photography

Tulle wrapped balloons.
Balloons are ideal for parties.  Extend your pretty pink color scheme around the room and beyond with tulle wrapped balloons.  Attaching a bright white flower is an ideal adornment   

First Girl Birthday Tulle Balloons

Photo courtesy of Sweet Society

Dreams do come true.
Bibbidy-bobbidy-boo!  Make your little princess' dreams come true with the wonder of Disney.  From the chandelier to the Cinderella carriage favor boxes, this 1st birthday display embodies the theme in a magical way.

Cinderella First Girl Birthday Party

Photo courtesy of Alan Phillip Photography

Ready To Paint Chandeliers

First Girl Birthday Suggestions

You're number 1.
A number one collage is a fun way to share happy memories.  With a little reflection and a minimum of fuss, you can ensure happy guests and encourage good conversation.    

First Girl Birthday Picture Collage

Photo courtesy of The Baker Family: The Good, the Bad and the Unexpected

1st girl birthday time capsule.
In addition to a few expected things like a picture or newspaper, allow guests to write a personal note. It can be about their hopes and dreams, about them, about her, or about the year of her birth.  Seal the time capsule tightly to be opened on her 18th birthday.

First Girl Birthday Time Capsule

Photo courtesy of Wendy Updegraff Photography

Keepsake gifts.
A first birthday is a perfect opportunity to give a keepsake gift that will be treasured for years to come.  Explore these ideas for making your child's birthday a meaningful, lasting memory. 

Kiddie puppet show.
Staging your own puppet show is great entertainment for tiny celebrants.  Soft familiar hand puppets will capture their attention and happy songs will make them giggle with delight.

First Girl Birthday Puppet Show

Photo courtesy of Kidoinfo

Autographs please.
Providing a book for guests to sign or send messages to your little one is a delightful idea.  Writing an original rhyme complete with pictures puts this idea over the top.  This simple gesture by a thoughtful hostess if sure to become a treasured keepsake.

First Girl Birthday Suggestion

Photo courtesy of The Rhea Family

More guest book ideas.

First Girl Birthday Party Favors

Glitz and glam.
This party favor casts a sparkle that is uniquely royal.  Crowns and wands are inherently beautiful and one only needs to look to the presentation itself for decorative inspiration.  This is definitely the time for satin ribbons and tiny rhinestone embellishments.

First Girl Birthday Princess Favors

A pink elephant.
A clear box filled with animal crackers reminds us of life's simple pleasures.  The personalized card and tiny pink elephant adds decorative splashes that all fit well together.

First Girl Birthday Cookie Favors

Photo courtesy of Lyndsey Fagerlund Photography
Photo courtesy of
Kara's Party Ideas

Pink perfection.
This party favor makes a lovely gift suitable for a first girl birthday.  The personalized thank you tag takes front and center and gives you a chance to show off your thankfulness.

First Girl Birthday Favor Idea

Photo courtesy of Tweedle Dee Designs

In the pink.
The importance of a party favor is often signaled by the overall presentation.  This sweet idea was well thought out from the tiny ballerina on top to the pink cotton candy inside.   

First Girl Birthday Ballerina Favors

Photo courtesy of Oh Sugar Events

Sitting pretty.
These swirled lollipops are sitting pretty in a tray filled to the rim with jelly beans.  It is these little extras that give your favor presentation a unique edge, which guests will appreciate and remember.

First Girl Birthday Lollipop Party Favors

Photo courtesy of Creative Push

Crowning glory.
No expert crafting needed here to create party favors fit for a princess.  The crowing glory is that reusing baby food jars uses your imagination, and not necessarily your wallet.

First Girl Birthday Candy Favors

Photo courtesy of Crafty Morning

One with pastels.
These personalized, pastel colored stickers transform these basic baby food jars into tempting party favors.  As you can see, the creative effect of decorative details is well worth the effort.

Creative First Girl Birthday Party Favors

Photo courtesy of Pillow Thought

Pinkalicious party favor.
The perfect ending to a pinkalicious birthday party is made from ice cream cones and cotton candy. Placed in clear bags tied with ribbon, these treats won't last.

Pinkalicious First Girl Birthday Party Favors

Photo courtesy of Sowen Photography

Sippy cup tutu.
It is hard to imagine a party favor that will be noticed more by a one-year-old girl than a sippy cup in a tutu.  Tulle is a first girl birthday staple, easy to use and easy on the wallet.

First Girl Birthday Sippy Cups

Photo courtesy of Kristy Makes

Pink Thank You

Check out more

First Birthday Party Favors.

Sugar and spice and everything nice.
To keep the party atmosphere happy, put some consideration into the time that the party will be held.  Avoid nap times, little girls need their beauty rest to keep their sweet princess spirit alive.

First Girl Birthday Cake Ideas

Baby cakes.
The way a cupcake looks is just as important as the way it tastes.  And since tulle is a favorite first girl birthday decoration, stick it to everything-even the cupcakes.

First Girl Birthday Cupcake Idea

Photo courtesy of Silk Truffle Photography

Wish upon a star.
Small stars are the perfect accessory here.  This precious birthday cake is covered in girly elements from top to bottom.

Photo courtesy of Sweet Grace Cake Designs

Vintage cake stand.
This vintage candelabra is as terrific looking as it is functional when repurposed as a cake stand.  It just goes to show that good design can make use of the most unlikely object. 

Vintage First Girl Birthday Display

Fairy tale beginnings.
The first birthday cake is always a reason to celebrate, and here it is taken to the extreme.  This cake is its own representation of fantasy, from the tutu skirt to the princess crown on top.

Fairy Tale First Girl Birthday Cake Idea

Cupcake magnificence.
The design goal here was to create an amazing cupcake display that was functional and beautiful.  The result is a magnificent sight featuring soft tulle, dainty ribbons, little bows, and delicious cupcakes.

First Girl Birthday Cupcake Tower

Highchair of Honor

Reserved seating.
A fresh approach to decorating the highchair that looks like it was meant to be.  Overflowing with sweetness, it's so pretty it demands to be the center of attention.

First Girl Birthday Highchair Idea

Photo courtesy of The Chickabug Blog

Birthday girl.
This is what happens when parents want to infuse girl power into the high chair decor.  The pink tulle, ribbon, and mat are very smart choices that soften the look of the wooden highchair. 

First Girl Birthday Highchair

One sparkly idea.
Mixing baby pink and metallic gold gives a sense of grandeur to this seat of honor.  Lots of photographs will ensue as the smash cake is devoured.

Sparkly First Girl Birthday Display

Photo courtesy of Simply Mars

First Girl Birthday Activities

Bubble station.
Creating a great guest experience is part of a successful party.  Little guests love things that are fun, and blowing bubbles is a kid favorite.  We love this kid friendly bubble station, same bubbles with a party flair.

First Girl Birthday Bubble Station

Lucky ducks.
Amuse and delight your little guests with a duck pond.  At this age they won't even notice the size of the pond.  Prizes befitting a first girl birthday will lend a festive feel and adult supervision will keep the activity safe.

First Girl Birthday Activity

Fun recycling.
There is something about boxes and small children-they just go together.  Here, an old washer box is transformed into an enchanting castle equipped with its very own drawbridge.  

First Girl Birthday Castle Idea

Photo courtesy of Cornerstone Confessions

First Girl Birthday Party Food

A fruitful venture.
The perfect example of food as a centerpiece, a watermelon artfully carved and filled to the rim with colorful fruit.  What makes this fruit display unique is that it stays true to the first girl birthday theme with Tinkerbell and a number 1.  

First Girl Birthday Fruit Display

Photo courtesy of Carving Fruit Into Edible Arrangements

Decorated cookie favors.
The perfect ending to a wonderful first girl birthday.  Be a part of the joy by giving little guests one of the most popular treats for this age group-cookies.  They look so pretty and taste divine. 

First Girl Birthday Cookie Idea

Berry good idea.
We love the idea of using cookies to form a fruit cup.  Tying on a pink ribbon adds a decorative quality to these berry cups.  This berry appealing way of getting a healthy snack in just makes sense.

First Girl Birthday Food Idea

Marshmallow ballerinas.
Anything that seemingly sparkles is basically code for party.  Charm little girls with these ballerina themed marshmallow treats.  A delicious make ahead snack that is so easy to do that you'll look for reasons to make them. 

First Girl Birthday Marshmallow Ballerinas

Photo courtesy of DIY Tag

Ice cream please.
Ice cream is a little like the birthday cake-it is expected and everyone loves it.  Up the festivity by serving ice cream in brightly colored cups, adding sprinkles and a cherry on top and voila!-instant upgrade.

First Girl Birthday Ice Cream Idea

More party ideas all about turning one.

The power of pink.
Transform a basic punch bowl into a first girl birthday extravaganza.  Simply surround a punch bowl with soft layers of tulle to ensure that your favorite pink punch takes full advantage of the occasion.

First Girl Birthday Punch Bowl Idea

Photo courtesy of HWTM

Subtle pastels.
This tablescape is tailored precisely to the occasion and the little one being honored.  Starting with the basics and then adding personal touches and family treasures, allows a centerpiece to assume an even richer meaning.

First Girl Birthday Centerpiece Idea

Photo courtesy of Adam Frazier Photography

First birthday chalkboard.
Showcase your toddler's attributes with a chalkboard all about her.  Include all the little details that make her so special in an artful way.

First Girl Birthday Chalkboard

Photo courtesy of Keeping Up With The Morgans

Baby pictures.
This is a fun way to create an instant memory of a first girl birthday.  Moms will love this creative idea and the only prop you really need is a picture frame. 

First Girl Birthday Photo Idea

Photo courtesy of Photos by Natalie

One Stop Party Ideas Tip

A cake takes shape.
Honor your favorite birthday girl with a homemade birthday cake.  Start with a standard sheet cake, and after a few simple cuts, end up with a number 1 cake that you never dreamed you could make. Use creative decorating to make it all one with your party theme.

DIY First Girl Birthday Cake Idea

Photo courtesy of One Little Project

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